Kurdistan: President Barzani claims victory in independence referendum


President Barzani claims victory in independence referendum

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – President Masoud Barzani has claimed the victory for ‘yes’ vote in the independence referendum as he delivered a televised speech to the nation. He called on Baghdad and neighboring countries to respect the will of millions of people who voted yes on Monday.

In his first speech after the referendum, the Kurdistan president reiterated what he had said in rallies across the Region in the days leading up to the vote – stressing the broken relationship with Baghdad claiming the central government had violated the constitution and their partnership, while maintaining that the only way forward is through dialogue.

Addressing Baghdad, he said, “There is no need to be angry and issue threats.”

He said the central government must respect the will of the Kurdistani nation, remember their long history that has seen ups and downs, and “Instead of issuing threats and punishment, come in a friendly way to start a serious dialogue and give enough time to dialogue so that we become two good neighbors to each other. We think that dialogue in every case is the only way to reach a better future for both of us.”

As Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered Erbil hand over control of airports and oil revenues, Barzani said sanctions and threats will not affect Kurdistan.

“Any sanction imposed on the Kurdistani nation cannot be more effective than the Anfal, chemical attacks, mass murder, and budget cut,” he said.

Addressing neighbouring countries, Barzani asked them to assist in resolving issues between Erbil and Baghdad rather than issuing threats. He stressed that Kurdistan has been a factor for stability and security for 25 years and will remain so.

Addressing the international community, he reaffirmed Kurdistan’s commitment to the war against terror and willingness to help refugees and persons displaced by war.

Addressing the people of Kurdistan, he thanked voters for their resilience in voting yes, passing a “big milestone” for the nation.

“You, the people of Kurdistan, you did not allow your will to be broken, and now, after your yes-vote that was a yes for independence and no to Anfal, chemical attacks and another genocide, we have entered a new stage,” Barzani said.

“What day is more pleasant, greater and more sacred than the day in which one declares the victory of the will of one’s nation to determine their fate freely?” he asked.

He reiterated the Kurdistan state seeks to be “a parliamentary, federal, democratic and civil system” that is “an example in justice, equality, transparency and democracy on the basis of trust and benefitting from past experiences – a governance worthy of the trust and approval of our nation.”

“Although some difficulties might lie ahead, I am sure there is a bright horizon ahead of us, which is the most important,” he concluded.


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  1. “There is no need to be angry and issue threats”

    Iraq just had to deal with ISIS for years, and now they have a new sectarian division in their country. Not to mention the barzani Kurds were caught working hand in hand with ISIS to steal Iraq’s oil, were they not? There’s no need to be angry? We’re just going to sever off a good chunk of your land, claim the resources as our own and not pay the country a shekel for it, but don’t be angry…[email protected] that. Isn’t Israel they only $h!t hole that backed this partition? If so, maybe Iraq should hammer the Kurds now, before they have a chance to cause too much trouble?

  2. This is exactly what Abraham Lincoln should have said to the Confederacy when they peacefully voted to leave the Union after being treated unfairly repeatedly by the bully North finally with a 40% sales tax imposed on them to pay mostly the costs of the North and bully New York which was built by black slave labor. This simple act would have prevented the deaths of about 1 million and destruction and plunder of over half the country and gang rape of the Constitution which envisioned limited federal government while the illegal acts of Dishonest Abe led to more powerful federal government than ever envisioned and no one ever looked back. There was zero legal authority to use military armed force for the stated purpose of keeping the Union together, not one word in the Constitution authorized it. The Union was a voluntary compact to join and voluntary to leave. Dishonest Abe, Drunk slave owner Grant and psychopath Sherman are and were all unindicted war criminals not to mention the suffering of the South for over a century later at the hands of criminals in the North. I applaud Barzani but he should have given the details of the vote count.

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