Another Ukraine weapons depot blows up

"There goes another one."

Situation Around Burning Munition Depot ‘Under Control’ – Ukrainian PM

… by  Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s NoteThis is the second one in a year. Claims of sabotage usually accompany these events, but with empty and looted maintenance budgets, incompetent management should also be a main suspect, as the whole government exhibits that from the top down.

That said, it is mere child’s play for any competent Intel agency to blow one of these things up, and even easier to do it in Ukraine. The good news is that no deaths or injuries have been reported.

Expect Ukraine to blame the Russians. They never miss an opportunity to do so and make a request for more NATO military support to defend themselves from Russian aggression – this after the country was overthrown in a violent Western-backed coup, which makes all those personally involved responsible for all the deaths that resulted…  Jim W. Dean ]

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–  First published  …  September 27,  2017  –

The local media reported that after an ammunition depot in Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region detonated at nearly 10 p.m. local time (19:00 p.m. GMT) on Tuesday Ukrainian authorities had to close the aerospace in the radius of 31 miles from the fire.

“There goes another one.”

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said Wednesday that the situation around burning ammunition depot in Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region was under control, adding that Ukraine’s Emergencies Service, the National Police and the Defense Ministry were working at the scene.

According to the Ukrainian police, the munition detonated at nearly 10 p.m. local time (19:00 p.m. GMT) on Tuesday. The local media reported that rockets of Uragan, Smerch and Grad multiple rocket launchers were stockpiled in the depot. Early on Wednesday, the Ukrainian aviation authority closed the aerospace in the radius of 31 miles from the burning buildings.

“All the services are mobilized, the situation is under control, measures are taken to extinguish the fire, equipment and personnel are mobilized. At the moment everyone is doing everything possible. Every department fulfills its duties — the Emergencies Service, the National Police and the Defense Ministry,” Groysman said during his visit to the scene, as quoted by his office.

The prime minister noted that the situation was serious, but the Ukrainian government has the experience in addressing such issues. He noted that the authorities were considering several reasons behind the accident. The official noted that most likely the accident had been caused by external factors.

Groysman later wrote on Facebook that all of neighboring settlements had been evacuated to the areas which could not be affected by explosions. He added that the authorities had set up special temporary accommodation centers in the city of Vinnytsia for the evacuated people.

Earlier in the day, the Ukrainian Emergency service said that a total of 1,255 people and 47 units of special equipment were involved in extinguishing the fire.


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  1. And soon, all too soon the Ukrainians will be asking for a plebiscite to rejoin the motherland or any-other-land than the pig-sty run by Porky and his ham-fisted money-grubbing Oligarchs ran out of Russia by Putin. McCain no doubt will be happy to have Raytheon fill the gap created by the destruction of Ukrainian munitions. Somebody is on the take and it sure ain’t your average or any Ukrainian. Those in power aren’t restrained by borders or committed to national sovereignty. They will never be held to account for anything as they solely live and die managing their bank accounts.

  2. Common practice to hide the stealing. It was in Russia during 1990s, too. When the criminal military persons steal the arsenals, sell it – after that they set the weapons depot on fire and the ends of the rope are automatically in the water. Official version – (!!!) smoking. Thus we may really believe: smoking kills. Seems some kind of the British Tobacco Company plot against military 🙂
    In Ukraine it is still 1990s…. They never stopped stealing everything that was possible. The scale of the stealing the military ammunition, parts for vehicles, arms during Donbas conflict increased enormously in Ukraine. Also, many readers here know well that after the USSR collapse, Ukraine got oceans of mil.arms., arsenals and storage of old wars weapons like PPSh, Mosin riffles and etc. And Ukraine even was selling the weapons to everyone who could pay money: chechens, georgians, regimes, ME, ISIS. The proverb says: money have no smell. Even now they have arsenals that can supply the criminal war against Donbas for 10-20 years long. In this case there are 2 interesting things:
    1. All arsenals and weapons depots are set on fire, where mostly rockets for Grad and Tornado MLRS systems are on safe. And wide-spread 152mm cannon shells, the Ukies use it to shell Donbas everyday. Thus: someone wants to hide the real number of absent ammo.
    2. Immediately starts old Ukie cheap trick – hysterical yelling about Russian hand. Hey, guys – give-up smoking: it is expensive and harmful! 🙂

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