Jews do NOT control the media!

This image is just a baseless conspiracy theory. It has now been totally debunked.

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Don’t say “Jews control the media.” Don’t say “Jews dominate the media.” Don’t even say “Jews are disproportionately represented, to say the least, in the upper and middle echelons of the media.” If you say that, you are an anti-Semite.

Even if it were true, you shouldn’t say it. Why not? Well…it is just not nice to notice such things. Only very, very naughty people like Philip Weiss and Joel Stein say things like that.

Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do? by Philip Weiss

Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon! by Joel Stein

But fortunately, we no longer have to worry that it might be true. Absolute proof has emerged: Jews do NOT control the media!

Here is how we know.

This week, Valerie Plame retweeted Philip Giraldi’s article “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” IMMEDIATELY the entire media erupted in a vicious anti-Plame, anti-Giraldi witch hunt.

Think about it: If Jews really did dominate American media, would they give the game away so shamelessly? Of course not! Nobody has THAT much chutzpah.

And if the media were controlled by Jews with various degrees of passionate attachment to Israel, do you really think they would openly and nakedly provide such ridiculously pro-Israel “coverage” of the Middle East?  Unthinkable! It would be way, way too obvious.

So we can now rest assured that Jews have a less than 2% share in the media, just as they make up less than 2% of the population.

Joel Stein and Philip Weiss are hallucinating.

End of discussion.

Don’t even think about disagreeing. If we catch you even arching a quizzical eyebrow or muttering something under your breath, rest assured that you — like Valerie Plame — will never work in this town again.

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Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. Dr. Barrett, guter Artikel. Ich bin Deutscher somit darf ich mich nicht äussern. Denn ich werde dann gleich als Antisemit bezeichnet. Aber Wahrheit ist nun mal Wahrheit. Grüße an alle Freunde der Wahrheit.

  2. Dr James, so the ‘fake race’ is impersonating Torah Jews of the Bible? Can you say the closest we will come to that differentiation is here?:

    It is in all probability that these coarse soulless creatures are the ones also doing all the ISIS atrocities. One was seen on tv eating the liver straight out of the abdomen of a newly killed Syrian soldier.

    Please also clarify how they were created centuries ago — genetically in a lab?

    Throwing further light on all this will really help the unraveling of what is co-inhabiting the Planet with us–for it is not a benevolent strain at all–quite hostile to the Human race.

    • Just look for earlier posts on the topic “Khazarians” from Preston James here on VT and in YouTube “Short end of the stick” w Mike Harris.

  3. Giraldi’s article was featured at Veterans News Now, part of the VT network. It can be found here for anyone who hasn’t read it:

    Giraldi began his article noting that anyone, group or individual, who delves into this territory does so knowing they will not come out unscathed. Loss of job is common, and Giraldi was fired from his job at The American Conservative on Sept 21, because of this article. The news is up at Unz dot com where the article was originally published. Today, Unz has an article by the Saker about the causes of anti-semitism. It’s likely to cause as much of a firestorm as Giraldi’s article. Interesting times…

    • Remember how they manipulated the Romans to kill Jesus Christ ? Let others do their bloody work to keep their hands clean and also pilatus washed his hand in innocence.

  4. Excellent dark humor Kevin. You have made your point well and the actions of the Khazarians who run the media speak for themselves. The folks that call themselves “the Tribe” or “the Jews” are a synthetically created fake race (Revelation 2:9, 3:9) race that is actually from Khazaria which was run by King Bulan before Russia and Persia (now Iran) destroyed it for their endemic murders of travelers and road warrior behaviors. Valery Plame and Phil Giraldi’s comments were admittedly anti-Khazarian because the Khazarians run most of the central banking and most central governments and they have a secret script to put down Goyim and establish world supremacy after they destroy every single nation-state’s borders language and culture and create Hell on Earth. Yes, that is a satanic agenda and deserves full exposure and to be stopped.If you are anti-Khazarian you are also anti-Zionist because this fake Tribe was created by the World Zionists, also known as the Synagogue of Satan.

  5. Fine, Dr. Barrett, that you finally understand how it works in courts. “I now revoke and say the exact contrary” but I shout out anywhere

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