Russia: Britain’s Efforts Against ISIS “Worthless” and “Laughable”

‘Not invaluable, but worthless’: Moscow laughs off UK claims of ‘major’ contribution to ISIS defeat
If you consider these strong words, then also consider we are simply sick of cozying up to the political hacks in London and Washington who have miserably failed in their attempts to install an Israeli controlled terror regime from Golan to the border of Iran.  Millions would be enslaved under the plan we know was well in motion, the phony Israeli designed and manufactured “Islamic State.”
While the US, Britain and Israel are involved in a last ditch attempt to pass off their efforts as counter terrorism, a new plan is in motion, to build a terror state in the Kurdish regions of Iraq, steal one of the world’s largest oil fields and build a staging area for attacks on Iran.  The KRG has been Israeli controlled since 2003, dedicated to wiping not just Islam but Christianity from the region.
Those ignorant of real history need to review the real roots of Bolshevism and finally accept Israel not a nation but an idea, not a homeland for Jews but rather a homeland for the Rothschilds and their mafia rule.
We have watched the cabal power and arm ISIS, including supply trained western operations officers, including one American general stationed in al Mayadan in Syria, to plan ISIS operations.  Time for the US, Britain and the coalition to get the hell out of Syria.
Strong words?   Not strong enough.g


  1. Israel’s cut out in Britain, Theresa May, has proven to be no better than her previous predecessors. They are all toadies for israel. She will lead the U.K. into failure and collapse. Selling out your own people appears to be the only thing those elected to office can now do.
    So how many times during the day does dear little Theresa receive phone calls from the Rothchilds?

  2. What Britain gets away with, noone can. Although abundantly evil in foreign politics (world and encyclopedia champions of exporting evil), they are not completely silly to outsource both of their prime suspect colonies, all to American war machine and just sit along the cinematic production with minor additions while USA and Israel go bloodthirsty rogue against everyone in the world.

  3. When America is ready for true independence, I’m not sure Israel and Britain will be considered friends.
    It seems like, the independence we strived for, was never really achieved. Or at least, not for very long. We are like some mentally twisted beaten wife who sends her children to steal for the lazy husbands drinking problem and never really sees a way out. Meanwhile the landlord stops by once in a while and takes a trade for part of the rent. That’s why I always say we are led by Tantalus.

  4. as a Brit, I am strongly offended by this article….why?…..because your words are not strong enough Mr Duff……my country has bought shame upon us Brits whilst the BBC portray the Russkies as murderers and hospital bombers……and funded the White Helmets to the tune of £32,000,000 this year alone….whilst a large number of our citizens require food banks to survive…..all for the RKM and HRH to continue their reign of usury and snatch back of tax money for a Queen that does f**k all in comparison to the hourly rate she charges, if indeed it is calculable

    • Have to agree totally with your comments Paedo hunter. As a subject of the Pom’s crown in the colony I can not see any change in the “glorified history” of the real slavers of the world. God bless the Rothschild’s and save the Queen – yeah right!
      Time is overdue for a huge clean up in all the cesspools of the world. How about you Brits start with kicking out your “German Jews” who run your rocky island and then start to bring some British sense into the kingdom? Of cause after the food stamps become invalid I mean.

    • Same here and couldn`t agree more with you . The MPs both tory and labour who voted to bomb Syria want stringing up as they are all ” friends of Israel ” , traitors. We are facing horrible cuts for disabled people etc. but we can afford to F around in Syria doing evil, Fallon is the biggest idiot liar ever. Loved the Russian response….lol…

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