ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to Islam a few months prior


[Editor’s note:  Listening to this, we are hearing a machine gun, not an assault rifle, firing what sounds so be .30 cal, typically .308 or 7.62/54r.  We counted a single 10-second, 60 round burst.  We are going to follow this but nothing reported thus far as “found” in the room of the “lone gunman” is capable of this range, the sound, the rate of fire.  We are awaiting a day of BS and deception. With a maniac in the White House and virtually no reporting on the ongoing criminal investigations, we will be watching Mr. Trump very closely. g]

[Editor’s note: There is now no doubt at all that this is a false flag, a completely fabricated narrative and Stephen Paddock is the Lee Harvey Oswald of this farce.

Paddock and his conversion to Islam, his supposed affiliation to ISIS, this is exactly analogous to Oswald’s conversion to and back from Communism and affiliation to the Fair Play for Cuba movement – in short, a BS cover story. 

Just as Oswald didn’t riddle JFK and his limo with a bolt-action Carcano that had a wobbly scope and a broken magazine, Paddock didn’t kill over 50 concert goers and injure another 400-odd more, regardless of how many rifles he had in his hotel room.

I’m pretty sure that at least 500 rounds were fired in order to cause that number of casualties and they were fired in a short space of time; fully automatic fire in sustained bursts. I am pretty sure that a belt fed machine gun was what was really responsible, or rather, two or three of them, firing from far closer than the 600 or so yards and 300 foot elevation of Paddock’s room in the Mandalay Bay, mostly likely nearby rooftops and they were skilled, experienced shooters, men who knew how to handle a machine gun and lay down a ‘beaten zone’ of fire.

However, what we need to focus on is not the how, but the why – why has this atrocity been carried out? 

Only a person who has been in a coma for the last year or so or the dumbfuckiest of Trump supporters does not realise that Donald Trump’s presidency is in deep, deep trouble, beset from the start by investigations into both his criminality and the nefarious activities of the various hidden hands that inserted the bloviating orange windbag into the White House; further troubles have dogged the Trump presidency on a continual basis, many of them self-inflicted. Both sides of the political divide, Republican and Democrat have turned on Trump, international leaders have barely concealed contempt for him, in short, Trump is about as popular as a fart in church or a bacon sandwich at a bar mitzvah.

The last time a POTUS was so unpopular, someone dreamed up a scheme to blow up the WTC and put a large hole in the Pentagon, a scheme that both resurrected the Dubya presidency and provided the cassus belli for a series of wars for profit that lined the pockets of the US elite with the unfortunate side-effect of killing a few million dark skinned people in countries most trump supporters couldn’t find on a map with both hands if you pointed it out to them first.

So, is the ‘Las Vegas Machine Gun Massacre‘ (as I am terming it) an attempt to do for the Trump presidency what 9-11 did for that of Bush Jr .?

We shall see, but I expect the rhetoric that spews out of Trump in the coming days will provide us with a lot of clues as to where this is leading, and rest assured, it will be nowhere good. Ian]

ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas attack, says shooter converted to Islam a few months prior

The shooter, who killed 50 people and injured hundreds, converted to Islam “few months ago” and conducted the attack on behalf of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Reuters reports, citing terrorist group’s web site.

“The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State and he carried it out in response to calls to target states of the coalition,” Reuters cited the Amaq, IS-affiliated website. “The Las Vegas attacker converted to Islam a few months ago.”

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However, no proof was provided to back the terrorists’ claims.

Two unnamed senior US officials told Reuters that no evidence suggested a connection between the shooter and any international militant group.




  1. Islamic State spokeswoman,, Rita Katz, an Israeli citizen, who’s been mooching many million$ off the US taxpayers making up news-to-order – paid by Bush; paid by Obama and now Trump.

  2. So “ISIS claims responsibility”. These days does that mean anything to any sentient being other than “US/Israel covert operatives claims responsbility”?

  3. It was all staged, orchestrated and carried out It’s so easy to dupe the masses.
    Speaking of machine guns . . . “Bullets are very small and they go where they are aimed unless they are affected by wind or gravity. At a hundred yards a man sized target is not that big and bullets do not get bigger. The smallest miscalculation in aiming can insure a miss.” The venue was roughly 400 yards out.
    Q: which came first? The “alleged” shooters scope, or the muzzle flash?
    See, here’s the thing with shooting at night, into a crowd “Another problem with automatic weapons is their lack of accuracy. Firearms usually have a ‘kick’ when they are fired. This recoil affects accuracy, accuracy is what kills the enemy, not volume of fire or the sound of bullets. A machine gun is inherently inaccurate when fired. The recoil of the first round affects the aiming point of the second round. The more rounds that are fired the more off target the shooter gets.”

    • So . . . if the “alleged” shooter wanted to have a high kill count, did he use a scope? If he did, then the muzzle flash at night would have made it ineffective to actually aim. Night scopes are affected by muzzle flash. An “untrained” (alleged) shooter would not know how to aim accurately, and with the distances involved I doubt there could have been a direct kill of 59, plus all the injuries. That is a high death count for someone untrained. I’m sure all the real sharp-shooters/snipers out there are just fit to be tied right about now, due to the MSM’s asinine account of events.
      The term used when firing a machine gun from any type of height is “plunging fire” and toss into this equation “oblique fire” (the gunner is shooting at an angle relevant to the long axis of the target). Yeah, it was all “pure coincidence” that the “alleged” shooter actually could have hit anything from his height, angle, and distance if he was untrained.
      The event was staged. Psy ops

    • Glenn Canady from the Facebook section, WTF are you doing commenting on other people’s articles, when you don’t have the nuggets to open the comment sections of your own articles on other sites? Trump 2020? GFYS. The painted orange Israeli stooge has already caused more than enough trouble. If you haven’t figured out by now that Trump is a total judas goat, you must be blind.

    • I just don’t understand these zionist, they treat the ISIS wonded then they start a rumor blaming their friends for something they did not do. These zionists have no friends. 🙂

    • IMO, it seems they support ISIS in the ME to facilitate sectarian division amongst their neighbouring Arab states, making those states easier to subjugate in accordance with the greater israel project. Whereas by blaming their ISIS allies for crimes in the West which they didn’t commit, Israel figures it will serve as a pretext for the West to increase their efforts in this bogus “war on terror”, which also serves to divide and conquer Israel’s Arab neighbours. Either way Israel wins, at everyone else’s expense, as usual.

  4. If the so called shooter wanted to really do what he did, he surely wouldn’t have brought 16 (we are told) firearms with him. From the security of his hotel room, only one firearm (the proper one) would be needed… This really smells the false flag !

  5. A video on clearly shows fire coming from a room well below the 32nd floor.
    But so far the story follows the standard FF script.

    • That’s the problem. They know none personally and nothing real about them. All they know is what Israel wants them to know.

  6. So, the cops take over 70 mins to find his hotel room? Right, because with all that firing from inside a hotel room, it’s normal for no one to hear anything in the hallway, rooms adjoining above and below, nothing. Considering where this happened there should enough video of the so called shooter going back and fourth to his car collecting all those weapons and ammo to his room with footage right up to his door, but we won’t see any of it. Most likely we’ll get a 5 frame grainy video, just like the pentagon.

  7. What we have come to exspect from VT. A rapid concise evaluation of an obvious false flag. More to come, but the obvious truths help deflate the upcoming lies. Thank you, Mr. Duff

  8. Ah yes, the old tried and true method of problem, reaction, and solution. Shall also the ME expect ‘Kurdistan’ forever as they prop up the CEO. Perhaps an opportunity was missed by not claiming the patsy was N. Korean, but that was sowed up last week when the Sec Tilly announced a direct channel of communication with lil Kim.

  9. I’m still looking for pictures of the ambulances, people taken out, where are they? Nothing but heavy weapon swat teams. Where are the injured? No bodies. No crime.

    • it doesn´t matter if there are bodies of victims or remains. if your master say that this crime has happend than you have to believe it or go to jail

  10. I tried to imagine the shooting from that distance with handheld AR’s and AK’s, and I just can’t. So that does suggest the closer locations as noted above. This seems to me like a helluva escalation of the Active Shooter genre.

  11. And awaaaay we go!
    Actually I expected something like this. The attack in Canada the…Muslim, the San Bernardino attack….Muslims, so now they roll out the newly converted Muslim b.s. And in france the attacker always leaves behind his wallet, ID. passport, etc.Detectives commit suicide in the middle of the night. In america the patsies are always killed.
    Another false flag.
    The CMMM will have another field day.
    Trump will be slobbering and red faced.
    Pence will be on his knees praying to some invisible deity that doesn’t exist for the permission to bomb the hell out of all those dirty Muslims!
    Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

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