What mass shooting in Las Vegas should teach American politicians and warmongers


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Look around you. Turn on your television. Turn on your computer and go to the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and any media outlet in America. What do they all place on the front page of their news outlets? 

Well, they are all reporting about the incident that happened in Las Vegas. It has been reported that the incident has taken the lives of more than fifty people. The New York Times itself called the incident “one of the worst U.S. mass shootings.”[1] The Washington Post called it “the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.”[2]

Sudden death is indeed a frightening thing, and mass shootings, in particular, always bring pain and suffering. Our heart goes out to the families of those who find themselves in the middle of the Las Vegas debacle.

But we need to hold our breath for a moment and start asking basic fundamental questions. Have warmongers, the Neoconservatives, and the Zionist media been fair to the thousands upon thousands of civilians in the Middle East, people who have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism? You see, less than one hundred people died in Las Vegas and the entire world has to know about it and sympathize for us.

But do you know how many civilians died in Iraq last month due to perpetual wars? Have the New York Times and other outlets been talking about this? Did you know that more than three thousand people died in Iraq last month alone?[3] Did you know that the Trump administration is trying “to lift restrictions on military drone strikes”?[4]

Did you know that more than 200 civilians die every month in places like Iraq and Afghanistan? Did you know that more than 1.4 million Iraqis have lost their precious lives due to the Israeli wars in the Middle East? Listen to this:

“The number of civilian deaths in the Afghan war has reached a record high, continuing an almost unbroken trend of nearly a decade of rising casualties.

“The number of deaths of women and children grew especially fast, primarily due to the Taliban’s use of homemade bombs, which caused 40% of civilian casualties in the first six months of 2017, according to UN figures released on Monday.

“Child casualties increased by 9% to 436, compared with the same period last year, and 1,141 children were wounded. Female deaths rose by 23%, with 174 women killed and 462 injured. US and Afghan airstrikes also contributed to the surge in civilian victims, with a 43% increase in casualties from the air.”[5]

Did you know that the United States has supported Saudi Arabia in starving at least 542,000 Yemenis to death?[6] Did you know that Israel and the United States have been playing video games in the Middle East for decades? Did you know that the United States has a history of doing the same thing in places like Vietnam?[7]

The estimate of lives lost in the war in Iraq alone is between 100,000 to 600,000, including thousands of civilians. In 2003, at least 12,000 civilians lost their lives. The first three years of the war produced between 104,000 and 223,000 civilian deaths.

When it was over, 2.3 million Iraqis had been forced to flee their homes and towns; by 2008, another 2.7 million Iraqis were displaced, and nearly half a million civilians ended up losing their lives.[8] Thousands upon thousands of other people went missing by 2008.[9] This is out of a total Iraqi population of about 30 million people![10]

When the war was over, sectarian violence and car bombings were rampant—almost every day. When Mark Kukis went to Iraq to report on what happened, he said he heard two to five car bombs every day.[11] The Iraq war, says Kukis, shook the entire nation and created havoc even by 2006.[12] Factions of society that once coexisted were dismantled.

In a nutshell, Iraq was in exponential decay. Buildings and farmlands were destroyed.[13] And the fringe benefits of the war? Between 300,000 and 360,000 veterans returned home with brain injuries,[14] some of which went untreated.[15] In 2005, more than 6,000 suicides took place among our soldiers serving in Iraq.[16]

By 2012, more soldiers committed suicide than died in combat,[17] making it the year with the highest suicide rate since 2001.[18] Do you see why precious lives matter in the Middle East as well? Do you see why politicians need to stop fooling themselves? Do you see why these people need to stop listening to the Israeli regime, which now wants the United States to get into a bloody war with Iran? Do you see why every decent American has to resent perpetual wars in the Middle East?

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  1. Hey Freunde der Wahrheit, ich lese jeden Tag VT und muß sagen Sie heben ein hervorragenden Journalismus
    und versuchen uns die Wahrheit zu zeigen. Was ist nur aus Amerika geworden ?? Ich wollte 1946 nach Amerika auswandern, hatte schon alle Papiere vom Konsulat erhalten, aber durch meine Freundin bin ich nicht gegangen. Heute sage ich ” Gott sei Dank ” Wenn Amerika so weiter macht wird es sein ” Armageddon ” bekommen mit den Untergang unseres Planeten. da bin ich sehr sicher. Grüsse an alle aus Hamburg
    Werner Kämtner

  2. To Ron Chandler´s video comment above in facebook.
    The Zio Media will make sure the Las Vegas thing will go around the world, “America is being attacked”. The video Ron linked SHOULD go around the world.
    Syria / Iraq, are hardly mentioned on German media, instead, the other day, a German main radio station brought their viewers on the hourly news that the authorities could prevent a cat from being killed on the highway. The guys who organize such news must be laughing their heads off. Worse, in such an invironment, try to find a person you can have a sane conversation with.

  3. I love the photo used. Two people in tee-shirts are standing, not only in the line of fire (Is this the Mandalay Bay which I see before me?) but the CHiPs/Keystone Cops crew seem to be posing for their photo op. Why are the police so posed (not to mention the direct line of fire as well) and not telling these two walk-ups “GET DOWN” Those two people had to have walked into the frame, no?!? Why aren’t the police breaking their mannequin “Vogue” shot and protecting these two? This picture speaks 1,000 words, or 666 if you’re an occultist. This is a CLASSIC PHOTO BOMB if I ever saw one! Great pic!! Makes me laugh my f’ing goy ass off! (LMGAO)

  4. A very good article, thank you, Jonas.
    It´s an old Jewish spiel. The world is supposed to believe that the US is attacked ALL the time, in their country, in their cities, by Moslems and Arabs, and therefore they are entitled to defend themselves. Just like Israel is entitled to defend itself against those for ever attacking Palestinians. Israel is always the victim (gets paid for it in the end), and the Jews in Washington want the world to see that the Americans are the victims, that they are not fighting wars in the Middle East, but are merely defending their country. Soon the US will send invoices to all the countries they have destroyed so far, and ask them to pay for the damage to US was forced to cause them. A typical Jewish spiel. Crazy? Name me one that isn´t.

  5. In a nutshell Jones, you are right. Death count has nothing to do in terms of whether a story will or will not be covered in the US News. 9-11 brought in “The Patriotic Act”. Las Vegas will be a beginning of “something”. Lets just watch and see what they have in mind but we can be certain that it will be something to help control the population.

    • It will be more scanners . . . more 1st Amendment obfuscations and they are continually gunning for the 2nd. Las Vegas is a cesspool of money laundering, booze, etc. for the “eat, drink and be merry” crowds. The Zionist lobby wants the goyim cattle branded and tagged . . . now go through that metal detector and STFU.

    • Have you really not studied how “Justice” works in the USA? I got a book on “Leadership” at the end of High School. The book was about JFK, written by Theodor Sorrenson, his speech writer. Have you read JFK’s “Pervasive Conspiracy” speech before he was murdered or studied his and Bobby’s actions such as printing silver certificates or prosecuting criminals? The Warren COmmission was a total lie, as was the “investigation” into 9/11. Are you living in a Parellel Universe?

    • Another book on how justice works in America is one by Harvey Silverglate called Three Felonies A Day. According to his investigations Americans commit three felonies everyday without knowing it.

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