Breaking/Exclusive: Vegas, a Staged “AI” Op?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Is Vegas part of an “AI” game theory scenario?  Let us take a look.  We begin.

I’ve followed Kevin’s assertions, “crowds on demand” actors at the shooting sight in Las Vegas, staged photos, timing to obscure many odd things, including a Supreme Court that plans to gut constitutional protections this term.  Those who aren’t afraid, angry, who are unaware of the hideous threat from the illegal Supreme Court owned by the mob are too stupid to live.

Let’s look at Vegas and other oddities.  Shooter has no experience shooting.  I am a gun guy, own an arsenal that makes his a joke, hell at VT we own a custom shop for AK’s and ARs.  Our real experts don’t buy the audio nor the lack of a cohesive report on shots fired, guns found, victims conditions and locations, we find the smell from Vegas is right out of Sandy Hook.

Remember Sandy Hook?  We do.  The Bushmaster assault rifle, when held by police turned out to be a Benelli style shotgun, maybe a Linberta, possibly a Beretta, but looked nothing like an assault rifle.

Remember the school counselor?  She said she saw the shooter, recognized him and said his mother “was a loving teacher” at the school.  A day later, she said she saw his shoes and his mother wasn’t a teacher at all.

Remember the arrests at the school?  Men chased down in the woods then forgotten?

Remember Robbie Parker, the grieving parent who giggled in front of the camera, then on demand went tearful, the whole thing was one red herring after another and for a reason.  The Parker video is one of the most important in history where we are taken behind the veil, openly mocked, played for total fools and then told we never saw what all of us saw so clearly.  Sandy Hook was a hoax.

Remember the van with the nuns?  Remember the FBI agents speaking Hebrew?  Remember the Honda, driven supposedly by the shooter, hauled away from the scene at later shown to be owned by a local petty criminal that was never questioned by the FBI.

Gun owners shoot at ranges, all insured, all with video surveillance.  That is required.  Sandy Hook, no video, no gun purchase records, no traffic cam records, no school records, no records on the shooter and no records on many or perhaps most of the victims.

We are doing it all again.

Who hates country music fans?  Why target them?  All are white, typically underachievers but also pleasant and normal people.  They are the least educated audience possible, worse than a rap concert, too often typified as drunken, violent and racist.  This is how the elite look on them, untrue of course, but why someone might target such an audience.

To a Skull and Bones type, they would be a subhuman as, well, the rest of us, no “bloodline” families or such.  When brings us to the point, was the shooter a CIA asset?  Can we see his passport, or passports, his history of foreign travel or his alternate identities?  Nothing about him makes sense.  His own family can’t explain it, and to me this means something fishy is going on.

Is it so simple that gun manufacturers, looking at the worst sales in history under Trump, paid for this?  Have they done it before?  My guess is yes to the “before” and “maybe” to this.  It could be that simple, 59 lives are nothing to a corporation or the real backers of the National Rifle Association, a neo-nazi front.

Nothing to this has made sense, nothing will.  So much of this “epic event” as Trump wanted so desperately to call it if allowed to go “off script” is staged.  It is all just too obvious, too many guns, the perfect “comped” big gambler suite which normally gets tons of cleaning and waiting on but not this time.

Then there is the response.  SWAT actually said, and this is backed up, that they began on the first floor and worked their way up and this was why it took 72 minuties.

The hotel has armed security.  Anyone at the scene, and hundreds of security and armed police where there.  One photo showed the two broken windows, identified the room, the floor, all of it.  Response from the hotel with armed police backup could have been 12 minutes, as long as 15, no longer.  Any armed group, two men only, with a room key, would have quickly disrupted the shooter.

Based on the size and set up of the suite, they could have entered without him knowing, found him and quickly taken him out.  All are trained for this but none took on the task.  Instead, they did it Israeli style, big guns, armor and a ton of men with explosives after dozens were killed, playing it by the book.

Why was no one in the crowd armed?  I carry a gun in Las Vegas, one of my Glocks or a Steyr, where I am license to do so.  Did the event disallow weapons?  Almost anyone can go armed in Vegas and most do.  It is a hell hole of crime.

The police response reminds me of Columbine when police waited while children were killed, waiting for the shooting to stop before entering.  No wonder we have some many shootings because police are “frightened.”  I would like to see comments from cops, and I am an ex cop, about why so many frightened police shoot people holding phones, combs or simply looking “scary.”

It is time we began look at crisis actor and “crowds on demand” companies, began looking at groups that stage atrocity events, like the phony Syrian gas attacks, events, the snipers at Maidan, the downing of MH17 and other theatrical events.

What is clear is this, events staged as “false flag” are always accompanied by “red herring” clues, fully controlled and orchestrated conspiracy groups, selected and paid, and a cast of phony everything from planted wreckage to a media narrative given out in seconds always confirmed by a phony investigation.

It happens every  couple of months, the Paris shootings where AK rounds can’t scratch concrete to “headshots” with no blood.  We are sick of it, and “homey” isn’t playing along anymore.

Who is behind it all?  Catch my new NEO article and learn about Google Jigsaw.  We have found a group of tech companies owned, controlled and part of Israel’s security services who control over 3 trillion in wealth, control the internet, our mobile phones, penetrate all media and have lots of guns and thugs at their behest.  Their trail is everywhere.

Their agenda?  War, terrorism, entropy, orchestrated economic wars and “they” are now more powerful than any government.

You mean those “tech dudes,” which TV tells us are all liberal “dumbf#$ks are doing it?  We checked out the takeovers of dozens of companies and found intel agency hacks with paper thin CVs as “finance guys” run key companies that totally control not only every aspect of our lives but have bilked investors out of hundreds of billions.

First look at Google and Facebook.  Quick notice here, how could companies that claim most of their revenue comes from popups and malware, truth be told, be worth a trillion bucks?  Years ago when we found Google running a clandestine op outfit, with Blackwater and Dyncorp trained thugs doing dirt deeds across Africa and the Middle East, we began to dig deeper.

When Bush 43’s White House clandestine operations planner, Jared Cohen,  went to Google and began setting up shop from Turkey to Morocco and back to Azerbaijan and even Kashmir, we began to get suspicious.  When hundreds of tier one operators went to work for “Google” and then “went dark” Google became more than a blip on our radar.

Was Google building a military force under “Idea Groups” and later “Jigsaw,” publicly to support “the spread of democracy” through encouraging “dissent” really putting the tentacles behind the octopus that their AI would need?  Are we talking a world domination scenario at the hands of tech giants and security agencies?

Analysis says this explains so much, the rigged elections, Trump, so much more.

Where we have gotten is this, Google Corporation may actually be ISIS.  I can make the case, how they can move jihadists around the world helped by Israeli ICTS, who runs the world’ airports.  How do thousands of terrorists move through airports, though passport queues, never a visa, never even a ticket.

We say the Jigsaw/Google tech group is larger than the CIA and far more dangerous.  Then again, what if we are looking at an AI, as claimed, working like Big Blue on steroids, planning a dark future for all but the selected elites.

I think we are watching this play out.  Comments?



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  1. Thanks Gordon. “Remember Robbie Parker, the grieving parent who giggled in front of the camera, then on demand went tearful,”

    I do. In fact I just watched this video again today, to show my mom that people can be hired to say anything on camera. She’s convinced that the whole Las Vegas narrative stinks, but she couldn’t imagine people lying to the public about loved ones dying. So I showed her the Robbie Parker video and she was disgusted. Understandably so.

    • I think we need to monitor Crowds On Demand advertisements in real time and see how their advertisements correspond with events like this. If it turns out that we can predict events and locations based on their advertisements, we can say with certainty that they are responsible.

  2. The day after Vegas a video appeared at Rense which focused on a shooter on about the 15th floor. The muzzle flash was vivid, not clouded with smoke or glare. I didn’t save it, and when I went back to watch again ( 24 hours later) it was gone.
    This whole deal is debatable.

  3. About the FEMA NEP 2017-2018 series of drills mentioned above.There are 49 slides in a slideshow titled National Exercise Program Introduction to the 2017-2018 Cycle. Fascinating summary, and I suggest saving all 49 slides while they are still up. Slides 8 and 44 list the Principal Objectives, and Development Timeline.

    Copy of Slide 8 (Vegas op. may fit 1-4 objectives): “2017–2018 Principal Objectives 1. Intelligence and Information Sharing 2. Non-Stafford Act Incidents 3. Complex Terrorist Attacks 4. Cybersecurity 5. Recovery Coordination 6. Infectious Disease and Biological Incidents 7. Catastrophic Incidents”

    • Nuts, I did it again. The FEMA link and comments were meant to be added to my first comment about FEMA at the bottom, as I had not included a link at that time. I’m going back to bed while I’m ahead.

  4. It pays to get news in your inbox directly from the computer industry, rather than from MSM. Here’s a good example, an article about a guy who was found unconscious at his 2nd home on Sunday night, and died on Monday at the hospital, and you won’t find this in MSM, so read the quote carefully. Oct 4, “Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini dies in sleep” by independent journalist Tom Foremski.
    “…Intel’s $7.68 billion acquisition of McAfee security software firm in 2010 was spun out earlier this year in a joint venture with private investment fund TPG. He was also a current member of Google’s Board of Directors. From Intel: Paul and his wife, Sandy, were married for 30 years…” Wiki page also has interesting line at the moment: “Paul Stevens Otellini (October 12, 1950 – October 2, 2017) was an American businessman and onetime president and CEO of Intel. He was also on the board of directors of Google.” I will add this: A former COO, Chairman and CEO of Intel, Andrew Grove, wrote a book with the title Only the Paranoid Survive. But even he wasn’t paranoid enough, imo. He died on the vernal equinox last year.

  5. A musical concert is the most peaceful of most human activities.
    Trapped like that without knowing where the live-fire is coming from, I bet that is how a Somalian or a Yemeni feels when is hunted down by a drone.

  6. Probably all these events “claimed by ISIS” could be analyzed (not just US-based events, but Paris, France, St.Petersburg, Russia etc), and compared as to where was the immediate imaginative patsy frenzy most executable and where it was impossible to create a patsy without consulting ongoing local official investigation, and the timing of all event/info circulation. And if there is an informational distinction between the localities (police enforcement, government affiliations and security organizations) then it would be obvious where the domicile “terrorism virus” algorithm/clandestine guy sleeps, otherwise these alleged AIs could invent someone slipping on a banana peel has been targeted by US-hating anti-semitic, head chopping mythical creatures and expose itself as. Fake attacks are not possible without controlling large global news networks, the AIs could probably quickly target largest newspapers, media and its journalists e-mailing lists like those folks shouting at the local grocery market.

  7. Sooo… Let’s go get these punks! All you gotta do is accept Christ and go to war with the devil. be willing to deliberately die for others out of love for people. Let’s do it!!!

  8. You want comments, G? Here are 3. 1. A member of the Google board of directors, a big fish, died in his sleep Monday, too young. Perhaps he asked too many questions? Timing is suspicious to me. 2. Also, I have taken a good look at the FEMA NEP 2017-2018 series of drills, and the 7 objectives. The Vegas op. fulfills at least 2 of the objectives for drills in this cycle: Non-Stafford Act event, and Terrorism. Vegas might also fulfill 2 other objectives relating to Sharing of Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. Somewhere I saw that NV has had a year-long series of drills, so that could explain staged photos and video. 3. Looking at FEMA objectives led to the rabbit hole of looking at the Stafford Act about major disasters. I do believe that one purpose reason for Vegas is to change the Stafford Act in several areas, towards more federal control, more federal money, and more of this lovely money and control going to selected people and businesses. Again in Vegas, guns and mental health have popped up as issues; both issues are mentioned in the 2017-2018 plan, as well as in the Stafford Act law that some think needs to be “improved”. National Security Council picks the Objectives every 2 years, and they choose the final list of drills a few months later, from those that the states and groups had proposed to FEMA.

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