Israel Giving the Kurds an Air Force to Fight Baghdad (updated)


By Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini

Minutes ago, 30 Hezbollah fighters were killed inside Syria.  The US claims none of its planes were involved.  

Up to 200 Kurdish pilots are being trained in both Israel and South Africa for war against Baghdad, according to sources on the ground.  As we speak, Kurdistan, within Iraq, is becoming an Israeli armed camp.  Air defense weapons, long range artillery, helicopters and combat aircraft moving to Erbil for a wider war against Iraq and Iran.

Moreover, sources say Israeli pilots flying US aircraft, are operating well outside authorized and agreed upon operational zones, hitting Iranian and Hezbollah forces inside Syria.

Sources say that Netanyahu has become a regular visitor to Erbil, meeting with Barzani on at least three different occasions, assuring Kurdistan of Israeli backing when war begins.

We are also told that Iraq’s renewed fighting against ISIS in and near Kirkuk is really the beginning of the war against the Kurds, that ISIS is, in fact, a Kurdish force inside some regions of Iraq.  Israel, we are told, trained Kurds to move into key oil regions of Iraq, begin transporting out oil as early as late 2014, pretending to be ISIS forces while Israel assisted ISIS, with US help, in taking Mosul and Anbar province.

Inside Syria today, Israeli forces with ISIS near Deir Ezzor are coordinating a “re-flagging” operation claimed as the US backed advance into key oil regions of Syria, areas that have no history of Kurdish population.

Kurds moving into Deir Ezzor backed by  the US and Israel, really backed by ISIS itself, plan to occupy much of Syria and choke off oil revenue, weakening Syria and relieving the threat a free and independent Middle East would represent to Israel.

Israel, aided by Saudi Arabia, has played “divide and conquer,” the “Great Game” learned from the British in the 19th century, Turk against Kurd, Kurds against Arabs, Shiite against Sunni, tribe against tribe, arming both sides at times, picking wounds and sitting back, enjoying the slaughter.




  1. Try all they like, denying Syria its oil fields ain’t gonna happens and if the Turds think they can also split Syria up, well that’ll be suicidal. Russia has already warned the US if their Terrorist SDF attack her advisers, SAA and Co, then they won’t hesitate to retaliate. And if Israhell thinks it can enter this war by openly supporting the Terrorist Kurd’s without major attacks on it’s little country then they are deluded.

  2. Indeed ! despite all it’s might and radar/interception capabilities, I wait to see ANY interceptions of ANY intrusion into Syrian space by Russia. This inaction worries me a lot ! They couldn’t intercept israeli jet planes one or two years ago; they couldn’t intercept Trumps cruise missile attack at a syrian air base…

    Is Russia afraid or… incapable ?

  3. But thisd Barzani is a dirty dog. As was his Farher. Still the Kurds when following him have shown to be the people who are not Muslims. They should openly admiy they are noe Jews and move out to USA. It was during the early Islamic period they were allowed to move into Arabia whic they now call Kurdistan.

  4. Thanks Gordon.

    More war and death to serve as a blood sacrifice to satan, the god of fake Israel. We knew this was coming when Israel was the only nation to support Kurdish independence, because Israel does not support anything that won’t benefit them directly. Giving the Kurds even one inch of Syria would be a catastrophic mistake. Cut the head off the snake, before they set the next decade of war in motion. Sure, it’s a multi-headed hydra, but cutting its most precious head off would at least send a stern message.

    • The most precious snake’s head is on Downing st. and it’s tooo big. Russia is fighting that hydra. As to American people: they are silent .
      Would be nice if Gordon Duff will try to explain, why ?

    • You mustn´t cut off the heads you must kill the heart which in Babylonian financial sector. Only then you can kill that beast, because the heads will grow much faster than you can cut them off.

  5. About all this, Russia remains inexplicably silent. If Israel’s military base in Kurdish-Iraq is allowed to substantially mature, it will be too late to “save Iraq” and everything accomplished in Syria will unravel as it will become under persistent attack.

  6. My first thought exactly. But then again radars and satellites don’t show colors or flags. The planes could be used maybe as a wreckage “evidence” in a potential false flag or a simulated conflict with a third party (like Turkey Russian-plane incident) but every day there are less and less third parties in Syria or Iraq willing to go against Russian and Syrian army. Iraq of course is still open for necromancer games of Pentagon and Tel Aviv. We could have NATO (and within NATO), Kurdish, Israeli and Iraqi planes all fighting each other over Kirkuk soon.

  7. Now it’s going to get really hot. When those F-16s get shot down, then what?
    Oh, I forgot, the U.S. will provide israel with more, at great cost to the American taxpayer.
    Israel needs to get stomped…good and hard.

  8. One of the leaders is Al-Jolani. Which, as the names implies, means “from the Jolan(Golan)”. The Golan is a Kurdish name and the people are mostly Kurds, albeit Arabized. (“Golan” means “land of Flowers”. “Gol” means “flower” in Kurdish, Farsi and the Iranian languages). If Barzani is appointed as authority over the Golan Heights, all of Israel’s plans for the off-shore resources will be approved by him.

  9. Legal issues for Bibzi spells a potential scenario for a much wider conflict with Kurds for cannon fodder. Social media used by isis fighters recruited from around the world was a beta test for the wretchedness to come.

  10. We will see what yhe Turkish Air Force have to say about a Kurdish Air Force. This Barzani moron does not know he is being used like a dirty rag.

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