‘Iran, Turkey to stop new Israeli scenario’


[Editor’s note: If this story is taken at face value then it is tremendously good news for the people of the Middle East – the two remaining strong, independent, sovereign nations uniting to stop the nefarious plans of Israel & their US supporters to further destabilise and Balkanise the region.

Minister Hatami was being open and honest when he stated that the strategy of disintegrating the regional countries is the new plan to replace the failed ISIS project, VT has known this for some time.

However, there are many in Syria and Iraq, including many in positions of power who simply do not fully trust Iran, and they do not trust Turkey at all; they know Erdogan is a ‘slippery customer’ who changes sides as it suits him and is little more than a gangster, the head of a mafia which rules Turkey with an iron fist.

So while, on the face of it, this Turkey-Iran alliance against the Israeli-US agenda is a good thing, few in the Middle East will view it without strong suspicions, especially about Turkey’s role. Ian]

Tehran Times
‘Iran, Turkey to stop new Israeli scenario’

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Tuesday that Iran and Turkey, as two influential countries in the Mideast region, will stop new scenario of the Zionist regime of Israel.

“The U.S. and Israel have put strategy of disintegrating the regional countries on agenda after failure of Daesh scenario, but Iran and Turkey, as two important and influential regional countries, will not let them enact the new scenario,” he said during a meeting with Turkish Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar in Tehran.

Hatami noted, “Developments in the region during the past years have served the interests of the Zionist regime and harmed the world of Islam and have marginalized the issue of Palestine.”

He also said that protecting the regional countries’ territorial integrity is Iran’s principled policy.

“Cooperation among Iran, Turkey and Iraq can be effective and helpful in establishing stability and security in the region and countering division seeking actions,” he added.

Elsewhere, Hatami said that Iran attaches great importance to Turkey in its foreign policy.

Akar said that Iran-Turkey cooperation helps the regional peace and stability.

He also said that Turkey supports territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria and is against any move to change borders.

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  1. Pick a Part(ner). In the end Iran, and Iraq will either live together or die together. Turkey faces a serious Kurdish problem which will cause the Turks to accept an alliance with Iran, and Iraq. How long it will last is a question for London odds makers.

  2. Belave it or not:

    I don|t buy the crypto jewish turks, they are never human and muslims, but merely a kind of alien homo capensis hot headed and chengiz khanoglu. Turks did destroy islam in ww1 and now as well christianity in russia and armenia. Turkey to dismantel iranian Foreign policy to make a loop back to Kurdistan, trying to fool Iranian for a while. yet we know all that Iran is only strong in heavenly aspect. That is what turks ar affraid of, a heavenly power which will set an end to ottoman turks by the muslim army which defeated the syrian field and now headed the Turkey. There is no Cooperation between Turkey and Iran. never turks are otooman and have plans for the region, not for cooperation but for suppermacy chengiz khan empire ! Not knowing that the time is over and the turks will recieve multilayer wars and conflicts as well Gladi B Coup planed by own master USrael !

  3. PEACE IN…
    Let’s pray that Turkey and Iran can unite with all countries in the region to give Talmudic zionazis regime total defeat.

    Even more necessary for our world community, all nations must truthfully know about this Babylonian Talmud mindset menace THAT THREATEN US ALL and unite to form a worldwide offense to shut it completely down. Samson Option be damned.

    In Abrahamic faith communities of Judaism, Christianity, and lastly, Al-Islam, there is sacred obligation to live by Divine Moral Guidance for human life as revealed by Scripture’s universal moral rules as found in Ten Commandments.

    Historically, there has been an ugly, ung-dly rebellion within the Judaic community caused by habitual refusal to live by Divine Guidance rather than by man’s perverted, fallible, arrogant, deceitful, deadly and destructive understanding. By consistent, persistent, insistent rebellion, rebels brought curse upon themselves to become the human embodiment of Satan. These rebels are Satan’s earth agent devils working to spread filth, corruption, sin, and death wherever they wander in their evil intent to disconnect human beings from salvation of living by Divine Moral Rules.

    The regime in Tel Aviv, Apartheid Occupied Palestine must be defeated by ALL TRIBES IN A UNITED ONE HUMAN FAMILY because they truly are WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE – PERIOD!

  4. Turkey is set under 7 layers of jewish Hypnoses . Turks are non muslims Attajews turned and coverted them into jewdaism. Turks remain operative of international cartels are Gladio B was installed inside their Land for Coups and Assasination if needed . Incerlik was sold to USrael for trainig the ISIS and that was the plan to pull the carpet under the turks. Stupid criminal gang bang heoin mafia politician did not recognises the infilteration of the jewish mafia inside the Turkish Organs , at the same time EU trained and mobilised the Kurds as thez are now mobilising the fleeing ISIS ( wellcomed refugees).

    Turkey fallen in her EU sickness . diabolic now to counter Iranian and Russian developement in the region by siding herself as the Muslim brother and ISIS fighter . In fact targeting the corruption of Islam in iran and Christianity in Russia . Be a friend and stab in the back again and again in the riht time. That is the homo Capensis mind of turks ! To serve the Mafia in ISISrael better by siding Iran over alleged Kurdistan ( yet turks knows well ) kurds have no diffrences with Iran and seperatism is targeting the Turkey and maybe Iraq. As Kurds are the ancient Aryan Iranian ! How fool the turks to fool themself and beleave all mankind is the same fools and rubbish as are turks !

  5. I am sure that you this that “the head of a mafia which rules Turkey with an iron fist”, is from the Laz people. The very same that form the bulk of the Turkish Armed forces. The Laz are a Georgian people. The Laz, in turn, are considered a kindred people by the Kurds, along with the Luri and Lashari. Moreover, one of the ancient Armenian groupings was also called Laz.

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