TradcatKnight Radio, “Current State of the Catholic Church”


TradcatKnight Radio, “Current State of the Catholic Church”
Talk given 10-6-17 (aprx 2 hrs 30 mins)

Please join me for the next few hours wherein I discuss various topics within the Catholic Church and the latest news as it relates to earth changes, New World Order and other side topics. I specifically cover all the divisions and contentions within the Church and world. I cover the latest NFL Masonic agenda, mainstream censorship, the filial correction of Antipope Francis, the conservative vs liberal division in the Church is similar to politics, the latest scandals and much more….

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  1. The current state of the Catholic Church is that of Enron two months before charges were announced. This is the story of an ill conceived plot to create a gay paradise for men complete with female slaves who swear to abstain from sex and serve the masters with money , power, and spiritual obedience. Meanwhile, the church offers very little for a spiritual development, even neglecting basic teachings such as meditation and spiritual knowledge of the very basic kind. The corner stone is false, and it is hardly something to rely on when the truth becomes available. The financial irresponsibility and fraud involved in “charity” is hardly passable as divine , much less authority in spiritual matters. The truths withheld, count as crimes against the spirit of man. It is death, in it’s final throws. Finally.

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