UN Must Address America’s Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan


To the Honorable Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

United Nations

New York, New York 10017

RE: The United States is Terrorizing the Afghan Villagers and Looting Their Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Such as Lithium and Other Natural Resources

Dear Secretary -General Guterres:

After the tragic events of 9/11 the United States and NATO invaded and occupied Afghanistan, which is the Heart of “Central” Asia. As history has shown, the United States and NATO cannot win the war in Afghanistan. The British and the former Soviet Union have learned that lesson. After 16 years, the Pentagon especially the U.S. generals need to accept that the U.S. cannot win the war in Afghanistan.

The United States and NATO cannot kill its way to a win. From the start of the invasion to the present, the United States and NATO with their puppets and thugs, have killed and terrorized hundred thousands of innocent Afghan villagers committing many war crimes. I ask you, who are the terrorists?

Soon after the invasion, the United Nations asked the Afghan soldiers to surrender to the U.N. The Afghans did. In November 2001, at Dasht-e-Leili and Qala-i-Jangithe, the United States, NATO and Dostum CIA thugs cowardly massacred thousands of Taliban prisoners of war. The United States and the United Nations watched and covered up these war crimes. See the attached video.

Presently, with the Trump Administration’s conditions-based and 4R plus 1 S approach, the U.S. is savagely killing Afghan villagers with bombers: The escalation of the war in Afghanistan against the Afghan/Pashtun villagers with bombers is a war crime. These clearance operations of Afghan/Pashtun villages in areas with Rare Earth Elements (REEs) is ethnic cleansing.

On September 12th and 13th of this year, the United States bombed the Afghan/Pashtun villagers, mostly women, children and the elderly, in Gershk District in Helmand Province (See the attached photos). Threatening the Afghan people with an escalation of the war if they do not accept the terms of the U.S. government’s peace plan, as recently presented in Qatar, is not diplomacy. Killing innocent villagers because they will not accept the terms of the foreign occupier is a war crime. The Pashtun tribe, which is the native ethnic group of Afghanistan, is the largest native tribe in the world.

The Pashtun Tribe will prosecute those countries and leaders responsible for these war crimes in international tribunals. The evidence of these war crimes is being documented and preserved.. As a Pashtun, I strongly believe it is time to take legal action against the savage western war criminals, who are terrorizing the Afghan/Pashtun villagers.

If the United Nations will not or cannot prosecute the war criminals then the United Nations needs to close its doors. October 7th is a black day for Afghanistan and the world. Sixteen years ago on that date the United States invaded Afghanistan. Even though there is no evidence that Afghanistan is responsible for the tragic events of 9/11, the United States has used Afghanistan as a scape goat. It has waged its illegal and ugly war against the Afghan/Pashtun people.

It has occupied Afghanistan and selected Afghan puppet administrations to control Afghanistan’s Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in order to establish the United States’ new REE supply chain and stockpiles of vital elements such as lithium It has occupied Afghanistan to establish its new outer defense perimeter in Central Asia. It has committed war crimes against the Afghans especially the Pashtun, who reside in areas with vast deposits of REEs.

It has used communist war criminals like First Vice President, Rashid Dostum, to commit these war crimes against the Afghans. It has used private mercenaries to commit these war crimes. These war crimes are still happening on a daily basis. Recently, they are escalating. These Afghan/Pashtun villagers do not have a voice. They are human beings with rights protected by international law.

Yet the world, the United Nations do not seem to care about these war crimes being committed against the Afghan villagers. Even the perpetrators of documented war crimes like those committed by Rashid Dostum and his militia, the killing of Afghan women and children with U.S. armed drones, and the U.S. bombing of the Doctors without Borders Hospital in Kunduz last year have not been prosecuted in lawful tribunals.

There has been no justice for these Afghan victims of war crimes. When is the United Nations going to do its job and wake up? When are Americans going to wake up and stop its government, its Pentagon and its agents, the war profiteers, from committing these crimes?

The United Stats uses the worst Afghan criminals like Rashid Dostum, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Northern Alliance to do its dirty work. On September 29, 2016, the United States’ government signed an agreement with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the ”Butcher of Kabul” who is on the terrorist or black list.. It is widely known that he has been living in a VIP suite at Bagram U.S. military base and secretly working with the United States.

It is also widely known that his militia forces work with the CIA controlled mercenaries. Now, the United States is bringing this war criminal into the Afghan U.S. selected administration. This corrupt puppet Afghan government will now have three heads. It will be a three headed snake. The United States will be using this war criminal to terrorize the Afghan villagers. How shameful.

Everyday all over Afghanistan the U.S. with its drones and weaponry kill Afghan civilians especially Pashtun tribal leaders, religious scholars and students. Afghan Pashtun lives matter. Afghan civilian lives matter. Muslim lives matter. I strongly believe the United States and NATO must seek a peace policy and strategy, end this ugly, illegal war and leave Afghanistan. The preservation of human life and human rights matters more than the war mongers’ misplaced scape goating and revenge, and the war profiteers’ bank accounts. Justice matters.

The genocide, massacring, torturing, raping, bombing of hospitals, schools mosques, and the slaughtering of several hundred thousand innocent Afghan villagers are war crimes and human rights violations and terrorist Act. The United States, NATO, the U.S. selected Afghan Karzai and Ghani administrations and others have committed war crimes in Afghanistan during these past sixteen years. It includesthe leaders, policy makers and decision makers such as former President George W. Bush, President Trump, Vice President Cheney, President Obama, John Kerry, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and other top officials and military leaders in their administrations.

If you look at the definition of terrorism, I believe these are the real terrorists, who have and are terrorizing the Afghan civilians especially in the villages. I believe the United Nations needs to stop blaming the victims and protecting the superpowers and their puppets and agents, and the war profiteers and start prosecuting those individuals and government officials, who have perpetrated or are responsible for the war crimes committed against the Afghan civilians.

In 2015, the U.S. Bombing and killing of innocent civilians at the Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz was a War Crime and a Terrorist Act.The U.S. bombed the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which was filled with civilian patients and physicians from Doctors Without Borders. This bombing was intentional and not accidental “collateral” damage” as claimed by the U.S., because staff from that hospital reported that the Afghan resistance did not harm anyone inside the hospital, which denied and countered the United States and Afghan administration claims. This bombing was retaliation. I believe this hospital was targeted by the United States with its precision weapons. It definitely is a war crime.

These past sixteen years almost every day, Afghans have been the victims of war crimes. A few examples are:

(1) On September 28, 2016 in Achin district in Nangarhar province the U.S. military used drones to strike and kill 27 Afghan civilians.

(2) Presently CIA mercenaries, and Rashid Dostum’s militia from helicopters are terrorizing and killing civilians illagers in Kunduz Province.and other areas The United States is using its agent to do its dirty work.

(3) On August 12, 2016, in Minari Village of the Khoshamand District in Paktia Province, the U.S. military used drones to strike the house of the Afghan civilian, Dr. Wrekhman, killing him and 13 family members. 

(4) On February 1, 2015 in Qisar district of northern Faryab Province about 200 Afghan homes were bulldozed and destroyed by the the puppets and mercenaries of the United States. . Some civilians were killed including women and children.

(5) On February 1, 2015 in Qisar district of northern Faryab province about 200 Aghan homes were bulldozed destroyed by the puppet Ghani’s Afghan army. Some civilians were killed including women and children. These war crimes need to be investigated and prosecuted.

(6) On January 1, 2015, more than fifty Afghan/Pashtun civilians, many women and children, were targeted and killed, while attending a wedding in Sangin District in Helmand Province. and

(7) On December 10, 2014, a U.S. led drone strike killed five students in the Ghorband Seyagard District of Parwan Province, Local villagers said the students, who were between 12 and 16 years old, were preparing for their yearly exams outside in the field. These victims of war crimes matter.

Muslims around the world are watching the United Nations to see if it brings justice for the Muslim victims in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. It is time that the United Nations takes action and moves to have those responsible for these war crimes and human rights violations prosecuted and held responsible. For the past fifteen years, the Afghan villagers have suffered and not received any justice. Please stop blaming the victims, the Afghan villagers.

I believe the United Nations must have the courage to investigate, document and prosecute these crimes and not bow down to the super powers, which are responsible for these war crimes, and cover up these crimes. At the end of the Soviet Union’s war in and occupation of Afghanistan in 1989, the United Nations did not convene and prosecute the Soviet communist and Afghan communist war criminals, who committed war crimes against the Afghan civilians.

They did not receive justice then. Shame on the United Nations. Now, it is happening again. Another super power, the United States and the corrupt selected Afghan administration are committing war crimes against the Afghan villagers. Thus far, there has been no international tribunals to prosecute these war criminals such as Vice President Rashid Dostum. Again, the United Nations is covering up these crimes for the superpowers.

There can be no peace in Afghanistan without justice. The Afghan people and other Muslim war crimes victims deserve justice just as much as the Bosnians, the Rwandans, the Jewish victims in World War II, etc, who received justice through international tribunals. Please show me that as an individual dedicated to human rights you will see that the Afghan villagers and other Muslims, who are victims of war crimes and human rights violations, receive justice. Please work with your United Nations’ colleagues to help these Afghan villagers and Muslims receive justice.

It is time that the war and occupation must end and all U.S. and foreign troops must leave including the special operation forces and other U.S. hired mercenaries. I believe that the United States sets the example in the world and must always follow the rule of law and go above and beyond it. However, based on much documentation of scholars, journalists, lawyers, human rights groups, forensic specialists, other professionals and those on the ground, that has not occurred during the past sixteen years when it comes to the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan.

As many opine and as I believe, the facts show that the United States has been operating like a rogue nation above the law in Afghanistan with its full scale invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (which was not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11) with its use of carpet bombs, experimental weapons, with its remote drone assassination strikes, with its destruction of Afghan villages around the vast REE deposits in the Pashtun areas, with its use of JSOC command of special operations forces in cooperation with CIA operators and Blackwater CIA mercenaries, who raid villages, terrorize and kill civilians, snatch, grab, render, and torture those Afghans, who oppose and who have opposed the war/occupation, and the corrupt selected Afghan administration .

The Afghanistan Freedom Fighters are the majority of ordinary Afghan/Pashtun villagers, who have been the victims of this U.S. led war and corrupt puppet government. These Afghans, who resist, are not war profiteers, war lords, war criminals, corrupt government officials, and/or drug traffickers. I believe it is time that U.S government stop the propaganda. I believe many in our government, especially top officials, know who is “really” profiting from the drug trafficking and this war, and why our country “really” invaded, occupies and wants to continue to have nine permanent military bases in Afghanistan and to have another Afghan puppet elected president.

It is not really about counter terrorism or true democracy (that is just the propaganda needed to justify our country’s actions to the T. V.watching American people). Rather, it is about establishing and maintaining our military presence in Afghanistan, the heart of Central Asia, to control the flow of gas, oil and REEs in the Caspian Sea Region, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is about having a military staging ground to launch small attacks and drone attacks in the area against those who oppose the war/ occupation, and military-based U.S. foreign policy.

It is about, after the end of the Cold War, (the defeat of the Soviet Union by the Afghan Freedom Fighters) the United States’ rebuilding its defenses and establishing its bases away from Europe and now in Central Asia- the new buffer or outer security perimeter. It is about allowing the CIA- sponsored restoration of the drug trafficking, which makes a few Afghans and Americans, government officials, defense contractors and others wealthier and also funds the secret operations of the CIAs and JSOC’s dirty war. I believe the good citizens in America and the world are beginning to awaken and realize that the real terrorizing of the Afghan people is being committed by the bullying superpower, the United States, NATO and their agents and puppets.

In addition, the Afghan majority is awakening and realizing that this bilateral security agreement that the United States government forced puppet Ghani’s government to execute is in reality a way to allow JSOC through its special operations forces in cooperation with the private, now wealthy mercenaries such as Blackwater and CIA operatives, to continue to terrorize the Afghan villagers. I strongly believe the Bilateral Security Agreement allows the continuation of the flow of drug trafficking and the control of the Afghan people’s REEs, and the oil and gas rich Caspian and greater region.

The Afghan villagers are continuing to be terrorized and subjected to suffering. Let’s be honest the U.S. Government really does not care about the ordinary Afghan people. It cares about attaining its national interests in Afghanistan at whatever cost. It cares about the Afghan war lords, drug traffickers, Afghan communists, war profiteers, and Afghan government puppets, which will help it, achieve these national goals and implement its militaristic foreign policy in that region at any cost and by any means. I do believe the United Sates can achieve its goals in the region by following the law and doing it the right way.

It is a fact that since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan the opium drug trade has soared. The United States has restored such drug trafficking. The United States’ foreign policy in Afghanistan, which is driven by the decision making of the CIA, Pentagon, and military think tanks such as RAND, supports the thriving drug trafficking. What is even better in their eyes, our government and the drug trafficking U.S. selected Afghan administration and Northern Alliance can blame the soaring drug trade on the Afghan resistance.

The U.S. government has managed through propaganda in the media to blame, scapegoat and collectively punish the Afghan people for the tragic events of 9/11 even though they are not responsible for the tragedy. It is a fact that under the Taliban government rule the drug trafficking and poppy production was almost completely eradicated. Even the United Nations General Assembly in October 2001 acknowledged this fact when it referenced the Taliban’s 2000 Opium Eradication Program.

Every Afghan knows that historically the Northern Alliance has always been the drug traffickers in Afghanistan. Every Afghan knows that it is top officials in the Afghan puppet governments and provincial governors and warlords Gul Agha Sherzai are the drug traffickers. It is also common knowledge that the CIA and JSOC fund their dirty, secret operations through dirty money that comes from laundering that drug money through CIA shell companies and banks in the Middle East and off-shore.

It is common knowledge that JSOC does not report to Congress. The CIA started this type of funding for its operations back in the 1980s. As many have discovered, unfortunately heroin has become part of the war agenda. I believe the United States is responsible for making Afghanistan a narco-state with a corrupt puppet Afghan government with many top officials involved in this drug trafficking. The war profiteers are becoming richer and the U.S. war machine grinds on at the expense of the ordinary Afghan majority, who suffer and will continue to suffer due to a military/intelligence controlled foreign policy.

This war and occupation in Afghanistan, with JSOC special operation forces, armed drones, CIA operatives and private mercenaries is beyond the rule of law, outside U.S. congressional oversight and fits the definition of terrorism. The Afghan villagers, who are the majority, are the victims of these terrorist acts. They are the victims of these war crimes.

These war criminals, Afghan and American, whoever they are and whatever positions or jobs they hold, including the executive office, must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals for these crimes. Afghan victims, just like the Bosnians, Rwandans, the Jewish people etc, have a right to justice. Unfortunately, as we have witnessed in Afghanistan during these past four decades, without justice there can be no peace.

We need true peace in Afghanistan, which will not occur unless all foreign troops including U.S. special operation forces and hired mercenaries leave Afghanistan. We will not have true peace unless the war criminals are brought to justice in lawful tribunals- criminal and monetary justice. I hope you have the courage to help bring justice for these Afghan victims of war crimes. Again, stop blaming the victims and please start prosecuting the war criminals.

See attached


Abdul Kadir Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Mujahideen for North America during the 1980s

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI USA 49009

(269) 353-7044






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Abdul Kadir Mohmand was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He currently resides at Kalamazoo, Michigan. He graduated from Kabul High School. On an UNESCO scholarship, Mr. Mohmand studied at Sofia University, Bulgaria from 1976 until 1978 when his studies were interrupted by the Communist seizure of power in Afghanistan. The new Afghan Communist government ordered the Bulgarian government to return him to Afghanistan because he was anti-communist. Mr. Mohmand requested political asylum. With the help of the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy, he arrived to Italy and then the United States in 1979. Mr. Mohmand returned to his studies and earned his B.S. in 1983 from Western Michigan University. He found employment in various positions in the engineering business. For many years, he worked for BFI and was country operations manager for BFI Italia. Currently, Mr. Mohmand owns a shopping center and develops commercial properties. During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand was the Representative of the Afghan Mujahideen for North America. During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand returned to Afghanistan to fight as a freedom fighter against the Soviets and Afghan communists. Through an arrangement with Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mr. Mohmand would bring back wounded Afghan children and Mujahideen for medical treatment at Borgess and recuperation in his home in Kalamazoo. He formed and was president of a nonprofit, Aid for Afghanistan. In the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand also worked with the Committee for a Free Afghanistan in Washington D.C to bring wounded Afghans to the United States for medical treatment. For the past four decades Mr. Mohmand has dedicated his life to working to achieve true peace and stability in Afghanistan. A few years ago, Mr. Mohmand organized educated Afghans intellectuals across the world who drafted a comprehensive plan for peace. Presently, he has united many different Afghan peace organizations under one umbrella. The goal of this network is to unite Afghans to bring true peace in and the independence of Afghanistan. This network wants to be the bridge between the Afghan freedom fighters and the silent Afghan majority, and the Western World in any peace negotiations. Mr. Mohmand wants true peace and stability in Afghanistan. As a veteran of war, Mr. Mohmand hates war.

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