NEO – They Killed the Tsar – Now the Globalists Target Putin


by Phil Butler,  …with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

“While the State exists there can be no freedom; when there is freedom there will be no State.” ~ Vladimir Lenin

Phil Butler

[ Editor’s Note: Today is a trip down memory road, with an older NEO – Phil Butler article that got lost in the shuffle. The theme is an often used one, how history repeats itself and Russia is front and center for today’s lesson.

The history thread of destabilization and regime change chaos, always orchestrated by uber financial interest continues on unabated. Because the old tools were so successful they continue to get used.

This could not be possible unless the perps were sure that despite the historical pattern of what they are doing being right out there for all to see and be aware of, that creates no hurdle for them whatsoever, just a bump in the road now and then.

The demonization of the target, on multiple levels, including the childish one, that target gets copied endlessly. VT readers could fill a legal pads of countries and names. VT exists, if for no other reason, than to try to break this cycle by educating the public on what should be required catechism for every voter to defend the theoretical rights that they have.

It has been a difficult task, and with limited success because we have not been able to pull in the institution support need for any movement to become a major one. Out interests do not seem to coincide with theirs. On the contrary, we often find ourselves in opposition.

But we soldier on with our own writing and commentary, and interviews, like the one hour Press TV Debate show with three guests that I have today at 2:30 on North Korea. They obviously decided to dig a little deeper into this long running conflict than ever before. We salute their effort as the threat of a big mistake happening seems to be growing dailyJim W. Dean ]


– First published  … May 05, 2017

In today’s crises centered around Russia, world historians seem to have forgotten that it was American President Woodrow Wilson who made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport. Observed in an historical context the underlying intent of western-eastern détente today should be seen in crystal clarity, but it is not.

The reality is what it was. Russia is once again in the crosshairs of a fearsome globalist assault, and the only real course toward peace and cooperation is to view the current situation through the truth of an historic lens. The harsh reality of today’s crises can be traced to amoral and apolitical “internationalist” bankers, the reincarnated cabal of subversionists replying the same deadly tactic they did upon Tsarist Russia.

Most westerners never learned much about the 1917 Revolution in school. At best, a child of the 1960’s may have gone to the theater to see Doctor Zhivago, or the Cold War apocalyptic masterpiece Fail Safe. And in total fairness, and American kids raised in the 1970’s can scarcely be blamed for missing a paragraph or two in a high school history book about Tsar Nicholas and his family being murdered by the Bolsheviks.

Doctor Zhivago

By the 1980’s, western youth could only be expected to identify with news of the fall of the Soviet Union, and maybe some of their contemporaries breaking up pieces of the Berlin Wall is normal.

So today, if we expect middle America to fathom what we mean when we accuse the globalists of leveraging anti-Russian propaganda, then we are dreaming. The knowledge bridge for proper understanding and cooperation that should exist, it does not exist at all today. The same situation holds true for Britain and the rest of Europe.

History, as it exists today, is a ripe fruit ready to be mixed into a brand-new globalist jam for consumption by the masses. Make no mistake, the global cabal (or subversionists) are hard at work this new neo-politic food product – and most of the world is already hooked on its saccharin sweetness. Into this “cauldron” that once contained reality, the vestiges of old world control vie once again for the untold resources and immense growth potential Russia represents.

Watching Vladimir Putin back in the early 2000’s leading the new progressive Russia out of the swirling quagmire, we were all witnesses of a miraculous miscalculation on the part of these subversive forces. And today, we can see a literal replay of the strategy put in place to topple Tsarist Russia at the turn of the 20th century. While this may seem an extraordinary view, it is also one that is easily to illustrate.

Evidence of perpetrators of Tsar Nicholas’ demise is abundant and easily discernable through already published works from George Katkov, Stefan Possony, and Michael Futrell. Their studies, and scores more, have shown that Lenin and the exiled Bolsheviks were funded and supported by the German government, and by many of the industrialists that still dominate world finance.

Many of the names have remained the same, and even the strategies and propaganda are unchanged, in the current revolutionary redux so apparent in Russia today. Once again ousted oligarchs and nefarious political characters inside Russia are financed by the likes of the Rothschilds, George Soros’ NGOs, and some of the same industrialist families responsible for murdering the Romanovs.

Where once a notorious Bolshevik financier Olof Aschberg and the J.P. Morgan colluded before, during, and after the Russian Revolution, today mafiosos and Putin enemies like Mikhael Khodorkovsky conspire with the likes of the Rothschilds and American counterparts.

To presuppose the famous industrial titans who funded World War I are separate entities from today’s crisis instigators is naïve and dangerous. Furthermore, assuming either old or new internationalists possess Leninist ideals is a form of insanity. The J.P. Morgan play on Russia and Tsar Nicholas, it was the same play we see Rothschild and Soros exacting on Putin and the new Russia. Just look at the similarities and the strategies, and the overall situation becomes vividly clear.

As a “for instance”, compare Tsar Nicholas’ efforts for overall pacification in Europe, as evidenced by his strengthening of the Franco-Russian Alliance, and his efforts at ending the world’s first big arms race via the Hague Peace Conference. This quote from Antony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution sums up the ongoing strategy of crisis west to east:

“Russia was then — and is today — the largest untapped market in the world. Moreover, Russia, then and now, constituted the greatest potential competitive threat to American industrial and financial supremacy. (A glance at a world map is sufficient to spotlight the geographical difference between the vast land mass of Russia and the smaller United States.) Wall Street must have cold shivers when it visualizes Russia as a second super American industrial giant.”

Drawing on such parallels we should understand the Great Game, or the political and diplomatic confrontation in between Britain and Russia since the nineteenth century, has only expanded and evolved into the crisis we see today. The roots of the current crises were set by the dealings of the British East India Company at about the time of the American Revolution.

And what was an unprecedented effort to expand the power and influence of the British Empire, echoes now as an apparent American expansionism. For additional context, this “Great Game” fermented events that reverberate and resonate in today’s geo-political headlines.

When the Crimean War ended in 1856 with Russia’s defeat by an alliance of Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire, who could have envisioned new alliances with similar intentions in the 21st century? It is in today’s Crimea situation that we can draw our most striking conclusions.

We’ve no need to assume this “Great Game” continues, for this is the unmistakable reality. While the First Crimean War is most famous for the famous Charge of the Light Brigade and Florence Nightingale, the relative roles of Russia’s leaders are even more remarkable. Most pointedly, when Russian President Vladimir Putin secured Crimea in order to protect Russians in the Crimea from fascist Ukrainians, he reenacted (more or less) Tsar Nicholas I’s protectionism of Orthodox Christians from the Muslim Ottomans who controlled the Black Sea4.

One hundred or more such parallels can easily be drawn, but the lesson before us is unmistakable – if we do not alter the course, then another cataclysm is upon us. This passage from Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (pg. 178) welds 1917 to 2017 inextricably:

“Wall Street went to bat in Washington for the Bolsheviks. It succeeded. The Soviet totalitarian regime survived. In the 1930s foreign firms, mostly of the Morgan-Rockefeller group, built the five-year plans. They have continued to build Russia, economically and militarily.

On the other hand, Wall Street presumably did not foresee the Korean War and the Vietnam War – in which 100,000 Americans and countless allies lost their lives to Soviet armaments built with this same imported U.S. technology. What seemed a farsighted, and undoubtedly profitable, policy for a Wall Street syndicate, became a nightmare for millions outside the elitist power circle and the ruling class.”

Finally, there is a humongous difference in between way the Great Game was played during the time of the Tsars, and now. Nuclear holocaust notwithstanding, the Wall Street (American) and European positions are at critical mass. The financial monopolist warfare that has raged for the last 100 years left Russia more or less in tact where physical resource wealth is concerned. But in the west real wealth is depleted, overleveraged, and on top of a huge bubble.

“When I was young, America still existed. No more. Not even the blather from the 4th of July can hide the obvious fact.” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Without launching into a macroeconomics lesson, the modern “internationalist” cannot extend their reign without another Russian revolution. Look at something Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote recently in his article “America Destroyed”. Speaking in much the same way I do here, Dr. Roberts tells us that the young do not realize what is “lost”, for they are living in the time after a so-called “American Dream” existed.

The former succinctly and sullenly describes a country where every facet of society has been massively corrupted. From Wall Street, the malignant disease these internationalist or globalists have wrought, it’s nearly completely destroyed any semblance of what we stood for. Roberts goes on:

“America is a lost country. The total corruption of every public and private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies.”

Some months ago I wrote a story about Vladimir Putin and a “Third Way” for society, which some believe the Russian leadership is in the process of establishing. While I have no access to learn any exactitudes of such a revolutionary plan, all the evidence from our failures and crises of the past and present point to the pragmatic logic Putin might be entertaining. Citing Antony C. Sutton’s work on our “internationalists” once again (pg. 16), my point can more easily be made.

“Both the extreme right and the extreme left of the conventional political spectrum are absolutely collectivist. The national socialist (for example, the fascist) and the international socialist (for example, the Communist) both recommend totalitarian politico-economic systems based on naked, unfettered political power and individual coercion.

Both systems require monopoly control of society. While monopoly control of industries was once the objective of J. P. Morgan and J. D. Rockefeller, by the late nineteenth century the inner sanctums of Wall Street understood that the most efficient way to gain an unchallenged monopoly was to “go political” and make society go to work for the monopolists – under the name of the public good and the public interest.”

If Vladimir Putin were to fall from power, then the globalists-monopolists could expand into a final stage of global domination. In turn, their unfettered destruction and immorality would spread on a global scale, the same pitiful lie the American Dream became. Russia’s resources would be squandered, the wealth of all the world’s peoples would finally become the property of the sole proprietors of our misery.

For a multitude, this reality is hidden or convoluted by an Orwellian media conglomerate in the west. This is no longer even an arguable point of contention. Fortunately, millions on millions are awakening to discover the tyranny that envelops us. The globalists murdered Russia and an alternative reality once, we must not allow them to revisit the crime.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



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  1. On-target reminder, Thanks Jim. The Jewish press recently published an article inside the European Union, stating that German chancellor Merkel is the new leader of the “free world.” The Merkel-Maas administration continues to violate both the German and the EU constitutions, importing immigrants illegally. Looking closer, the supportive background for “declaring” Merkel to be the new leader of the free world is revealed in the following German article. Copying the link into googletranslater provides an understandable translation.

  2. “Lenin and the exiled Bolsheviks were funded and supported by the German government….”. The same government hence laid the foundation of the destruction of it’s own people into servitude, a post WW II colonization that exists to this day, the usurpation of it’s people’s traditional lands, the economic castration of it’s nobility and the withering away of it’s royal family as heads of state. What were they thinking of when they did that?

  3. PEACE IN…
    Why have we not targeted all leaders of the zionazis regime in Tel Aviv???
    Should Putin wait until they succeed or should he fight fire with fire???
    The Synagogue of Satan is real and has been causing pure hell for our world community for thousands of years. It’s past time to give them an Armageddon PUT DOWN – total defeat and complete elimination – PERIOD!
    As Satan’s earth agent devils, they are simply unrepentant and irredeemable , and remain critical threat to our world community. Quite frankly, they must be destroyed.

  4. LS…

    Globalist / Bolshevik / New World Order / Zionist / Nazi / Ashkenazi Khazars / Illuminati / Bilderberg / Israel / Fake Jews / Fake Religions / Fake god / Marduk / Annunaki / Satan !

  5. Time out for a humor break…

    Q: If the emperor is called Tsar, and if his wife is called Tsarina, then what do you call their children?

    A: Tsardines!

    OK, OK, I’m outa here…

    • And we also need to know that one of the Tsars helped in the US struggle for freedom in the 1800th, a sin that was never forgiven by the British Empire. Must search for it but I know it can be found.

    • Trakkath, yes, Russia helped USA a lot. It is fact. I don’t think even in Russia many people know about it. As for Western interrupt – military, historical, economical – it was approximately 500 years ago. The archives of old times tell us that many western travelers and scientists visited “strange Russia” and often wrote what was not understandable for their private perceive or, what is the worse, – made a curve mirror. As an example – demonizing of Ivan the Grozny. Though, he was one of the first and the best reformer of laws, creating first regular army, multiplied the territory in several times. But western historians said: terror, mass murdering, etc. Dictator, if to say in modern. And many trust it without the desire to read how it was in the reality we are able to check up from archives. No one cares that European kings killed much more people and Grozny is a little kid to compare with them. Well, we (Russians) know that this info- and real (sometimes) wars against us take place during 500 years and up to date. NGO generals sit at the map of my country – the biggest and the richest by resources and are choked with saliva from envy and greed.

    • It is not diffucult to understand why Russia is hated if you think about the split between Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church 1000 years ago. All roads lead to Rome and remember who crowned himself King of the world in 1076. It is part of my birthplace´s history in Goslar.
      Investiture Controversy
      And Putin dared to open all the archives about WW 1 and WW 2 so the truth came up about the real perpetraitors of this staged events. No wonder that their only reaction is an evil smearcampain against Russia and espec Putin. This only shows their helplessness to handle the truth. Don´t forget that the Khazarians swore eternal revenge against those who destroyed their empire.

  6. Does Putin have more body guards than Netanyahu or Trump? But also remember both Netanyahu and Trump have many enemies too.


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