The War on Google Terrorism: Las Vegas, Nothing Google Allows is True



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video above proves, scientifically and categorically that there was a 2nd shooter in Las Vegas.  Many have gotten it right and Google is taking down the videos and blocking the reports.  We believe they do it because we are open to this:  We believe Google Jigsaw, the military  arm of Google, may well be complicit.  No, VT is not kidding, we have found their trail in the Paris attacks, in recent and earlier Sarin attacks in Syria, and we find their agenda, crushing “non-Google approved news” to also be involved in covering up crimes.

This attack is simple.  Thus far we have at least two shooters, proven scientific analysis despite the fact the FBI has withheld the mass of forensic data involving wounds, impacts, faulty brass counts and location of video/audio recordings.  What we have shows the FBI has lied, not even close.

I work as a criminal investigator on areas as diverse as terror attacks and airline crashes.  Clients are usually governmental and the experts are, often as not, former FBI, long time friends from the agency.  We disproved 9/11, we disproved Ghouta, we disproved MH17, the Maidan snipings, murders in the UAE, terror bombings in a dozen nations, disproven but not declassified.

Suffice it to say, everything in print, and everthing allowed by Google is a lie.  Why are we after Google?  What if you investigated crimes over and over and you found a “Moriarity” character much as with the nemesis of literary character, Sherlock Holmes.  For us, Google is Melville’s great white whale, the Morarity or Ian Fleming’s Spectre but in real life.  Problem is, they are so much larger, their evil unimaginable, capable of nuclear terrorism and even more capable of placing blame on others.

We gave them this power, the “them” that does exist, a complex organisation of tech giants, all with ties to a single security agency, the Mossad.

A few months ago, I worked a criminal trial involving our state police and their forensics lab.  What I found was shocking.  They did no science, they simply wrote up a conclusion first, made up phony science to back it up, performed no tests, gathered no data and expected no one to doubt them.  Lawyers and judges are totally complicit in this, that police don’t really do forensics, they don’t test DNA or blood splatter or acoustics and when challenged, either back down, let the accused go, or deal the case down to nothing to avoid an appeal.

The whole criminal investigative system in the US, FBI downward, is all made up.  I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve confronted it first hand as well.  Sometimes the accused are guilty, but if they aren’t, nobody cares.

In cases like Las Vegas, our shooter is likely an FBI informant, according to our sources, likely did no shooting at all, and was murdered and his body placed at one possible very staged shooting scene.

We could be wrong but I don’t think so.g


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. The event of Paddock´s woman friend reminds me of Cindy Hannin, MOSSAD-trained seductress from Orlando, who was used to compromise Mordecau Vanunu in 1986. Las Vegas, owned by elite Jews, provided support for the false flag, similar to the support provided the Bush/CIA in Dallas, November 1963.
    One wonders if Paddock were murdered elsewhere, brought into the hotel in one of the suitcases and dumped at the set-up scene? The concept of him firing into the concert crowd does not fit.

  2. The “total mystery man patsy, no motive whatsoever” could be a slip-up, or it could be a stroke of genius. It allows everybody to project their own enemy image on the perp. Alex Jones immediately said it was a joint ISIS-Antifa operation, and those flag-disrespecting football players were probably in on it too. Anti-Trumpsters blame Trump. Gun controllers blame guns. There is immense confusion for a few weeks or months. The fear level goes ever-higher because what we really fear is uncertainty, lack of closure, not knowing who hit us and who might hit us again. And of course we fear the Lone Wolves, anybody could be one. The surveillance state gets ratcheted up a few notches. Finally, after a suitable interval of escalating free-floating fear, maybe the neocons will tell us that Hezbollah (or North Korea or Russia) did it.

  3. Mike Adams, the guy on the video, seems such a decent American guy. With people like that there is plenty of hope. The way agencies and organisations are corrupted is always from the top. After a while, decent people on the lower tiers have less and less chance of operating in a decent fashion. Then people get demoralised and stop caring. There is the good fight.

  4. Google is (owned by) the “deep state”, Kabale, Illuminati, globalists, jews, whatever you want to call them. Just like Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple etc they were bought up with the profits from the highly profitable global drug-trade monopoly in order to control us. Big brother is a corporation because it allows them to do things that governments are not allowed to do.

  5. re: The Las Vegas Massacre. Obviously the dominant layers of our “Law enforcement” and “Intelligence” communities are at war against the American people. They are armed and dangerous.

  6. That info was all in the video. So far he has not been officially challenged. There was the usual orgy of false flag claims, a huge constituency now that instantly turns these events into a lotto for viewer competition. But he added a good line that the FBI ASKED for public help, which means they should acknowledge what it get, and explain what it ignores.

  7. There are clues in the media for those paying attention. Just look at what is being pushed, and then extrapolate backwards. Real crime scene and forensic analysis is either completely lacking or is a sick joke. So enter CSI in all its various iterations. TV showing that most cops are good with “a few bad apples” that are then removed by the “good cops” have been a staple for decades. Doctor shows go back even further, need I go on? NOW pay attention to what is being pushed recently, and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and a deep chill grip your heart. The old joke about “stop the planet, I want to get off!” is no longer a joke.

  8. JohnZ , yea, A DNA lab in California had some trouble also, and what was gleened by the way they handled it was, If a DNA lab is compromised, then all the previous cases using the lab come under scrutiny. That is terrifying to a prosecutors office. The case involved a paternal test which may have been altered by way of bribe from the man being sued for paternity through a worker at the lab. Thus, all is quickly scuttled and folks go on media lockdown. The issue is, discerning, human screw up, vs opportunistic criminal.

  9. A former BBC reporter says he went to the London HQ of snoogle and the security was very rough and very military in their approach. “THEY” disallow much of the ads on his work that’s gotten uncomfortable for them.

  10. What about a looting operation on Stephan Paddock ? who is now the owner of his wealth ? I remember that looting of 30 billion but can´t remember the name right now.

  11. I called it a guy who snapped. A guy who wanted to take folks with him. I could be wrong, but I can’t reconcile trial by google against google. On the scene evidence, is necessary for accurate assessment.
    If that evidence is blocked or obscured in any way, then doubt and the cause of it must be examined.
    Not being a (forensic) gun guy, it’s awful hard to conclude there are two shooters without google unless I am on the scene. Dude is a perfect patsy, and stage was perfect timing, but the agenda does not win here.
    I’m open to long range planning seeing a benefit, but the short range doesn’t materialize.
    Who benefits ? What does this provide for whom ? I’m not seeing the winners. Now, I understand, when a person seeks to find, and at the top, they find a bunch of morons, and the first impression is shock at the lack of leadership, and that is the case everywhere. I need to find motive here.

    • Two questions,. For the video,..What is the source or sources of the audio used in analysis ?
      Is there any on scene evidence used in the analysis ?
      Everyone wants to help. Everyone has lost trust. In order to conclude that an online conspiracy is in play, one would not use information available online published by the source in question. Las Vegas, Country music, ???… I just don’t see the agenda. Trust is a thing that folks need to abandon in totality. At a certain level of discernment, it becomes a non-factor due to unbiased digestion of facts. Trust always comes with a question. What trust in what things ? Do you trust your wife ? To remove your gall bladder in case of emergency ?

    • If the shooter changed weapons, would that change the rate of speed ? If the audio is of two sources , what factors could change the clarity ? Bodies of others in the way ? Echo ? Device or manufacturer ?

    • He is not the perfect patsy as nothing surfacing about what kind of beef he would have had. As for the medication, huge numbers his age take stuff like that. One anomaly we learned it that you can buy a large number of guns in a short time and not trigger a phone call as to why you need so many so fast. As for the gun running claims, if he really did make his big money in real estate, then why bother messing with a few dozen guns, when we see an open trail of him being a high roller gambler? What we don’t see much of online, is the classic red and blue team method of analysis. We are intimately aware of this as VT people are brought in quietly to debunk “evolving positions”, both from a combination of our deep talent bench, and our track record of being right so many times when going against the grain.

    • I call him a perfect patsy, because first he is dead. And second, because he has no sign of political beef.
      So, in that sense, it can breed rampant speculation due to lack of working data. If I am suspecting Google, then my mind goes straight to metering human behaviors and reactions to grass fire issues.
      The more inquisitive the public, with specific focus, the more tightly gauged algorithms can be. The backdrop to this is, for me, the instantaneous ability to predict consumer/voter reactions to controversy thereby enabling masterful herding techniques. But, for now, I’m sticking with “snapper” due to timing and other factors. I compare him to Mateen, except this ones closet was deeper and more methodical. It is also quite interesting from a social perspective, as the overall deductive reasoning of the populace is on display in a focused manner, as opposed to the election which was more complex. If there is gold in the tech world in this, it is in fine tuning behavioral algorithms.

  12. In the cancer field, all approved cancer treatments are life threatening. Therefore when a cancer patient under orthodox cancer treatment dies, they could have died from the cancer or the treatment or both, usually from the treatment but falsely reported as from the cancer. The only way to prove the cause of death is from a thorough autopsy done by a top independent pathology laboratory, which is never done. This protects the doctors and pharmaceutical companies which profit from this scam, from legal liability and claims. Cancer treatment is the biggest medical racket in the country. About one person every minute dies either from cancer, treatment or both, usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. Americans love to be fleeced and had. The cancer generals are guilty of scientific misconduct, fraud, medical quackery and crimes against humanity; all belong in jail for life. Never believe any claim of a medical doctor speculating on the cause of death of a cancer patient under orthodox “treatment”. Medical doctors lie almost as much as lawyers.

  13. After they have a scapegoat for their crimes, case closed and none cares anymore, reminds me of Inquisition system in middle ages. They let the poor scapegoats rott in a prison cell often to cover up their own crimes.

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