Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre

Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (9102013f) Police officers stand at the scene of a shooting near the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, in Las Vegas. Multiple victims were being transported to hospitals after a shooting late Sunday at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip Shooting, Las Vegas, USA - 01 Oct 2017

This video contains the best scientific analysis of the audio recording from the Las Vegas shooting yet done, and most likely, will ever be done as it appears the FBI is not properly investigating this event, let alone using all of the forensic tools and technologies at their disposal.

The evidence presented in this video constitutes real proof that there was a second shooter, something that appeared obvious the first time we heard the sounds of gunfire on various videos. However this analysis breaks down the audio in ways that the human ear simply cannot to produce solid scientific proof of two shooters.

Below is a map I drew based on the possible ranges of the two (or more) shooters, it certainly makes it clear that there were several possible locations within range overlooking the target.



  1. “This video contains the best scientific analysis of the audio recording from the Las Vegas shooting yet done, . . .”
    Sorry, but there was no link to a video here.

  2. This happened during a rock n roll concert, right?
    ( Or maybe it was country music, but that doesn’t matter)
    But has any one considered that (part of) the sound may have emanated from those gigantic speakers?
    ( just to sow confusion )

  3. There was no shot from the storm drain and no explosive bullet, a shot came from the grassy knoll, hitting JFK in the temple. Some people saw the shooter, many more saw the puff of smoke, that’s what many people ran to the grassy knoll.

  4. Could have done without his pointless sarcasm. No mention of echo and how that affects this. If there was, I didn’t hear it.

  5. DR. Paul Craig Roberts is now receiving emails from surgeons, former surgeons, both civilian and former military, some of them trauma surgeons who are calling b.s. on this.
    Where is all the blood?
    How is it that some one previously shot is already up and around and smiling?
    All of these medical people have explained just what happens when someone is shot with high power/high velocity rounds.
    Ex CIA Robert David Steele is also calling this a false flag and also explains why.
    Crisis actors? Absolutely. The entire show is a FEMA drill .
    No one was killed or injured.

    • JohnZ, I haven’t seen anything about these emails from surgeons, but I assume they are referring to the photos of the drill (daytime) rather than to the Vegas shootings, which took place later and at night. It should be a crime for the media to mix the photos together, but they have been doing this kind of thing for years, and are allowed to get away with it.

  6. Like chemistry, time has to involve mixtures of particular things to be combustive. Caesium and water is simple, and instant, but thorium is a bit more complicated and methodical. So too are the factors of timing with this man. While it may not be possible to predict what person and what target, it is possible to predict something on that day being a combustable tempest. Once the who and what are identified after the fact, it becomes quite clear that a long stewing anger found just the right combination of emotions to cause a firestorm. Previously inert substances that are suddenly highly combustable. Whether or not company was brought along, or plans went south immediately, this man did not want to die alone. Sacred expression has many forms, good and bad. This isn’t Malvo, and the girlfriend was gone, so my attention goes to Napa. 10 fires in one night. Vegas, Napa and Weinstein all have perfect tempest and combustive nature. Such is chemistry.

  7. Why do you think Health Ranger made this acoutic proof if he didn´t think by simply listen to the audio that there is something wrong with it ? So the proof is only the scientific evidence that his impression was right.

  8. I see you have changed your opinion about nobody killed, Ian. We all doing our best to piece it together. What kind of government massacres its people? One controlled by the Zionists.

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