North Korea has been a mystery to many. But why?


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

That’s a lot of microphones for one man Mr. Kim

[ Editor’s NoteThis was an unusual one-hour format for what would normally have been a half-hour Debate show that turned out to be a special on North Korea. Press TV had a film team just return with some rare footage.

A VT reader spotted today that PTV had pulled two of my clips out of the show to preview, with the full version following. Poor Mr. Mercuious (sp) in London, on air all of this time, looking like he was sleeping while waiting for his turn. He needs a talent agent to help him out with his on air presentation. How you can snooze on a live show is beyond me.

Trump has painted the US into a corner with his “totally destroy N. Korea” remark. Suspicious me, that told me the psych profilers fed that language to Trump, hoping to send Kim over the edge to give them a reason to attack which would not be a preemptive strike.

Notice how little “man on the street” interview material we are seeing from South Koreans. Someone does not want their views getting out, on how the crisis is being handled, or mishandled, as the case may be.

I see the constant thread of Mr. Reality TV show man with Mr. Trump, doing what he did during the campaign, being provocative to keep all the cameras on him and sucking all the oxygen out of the air for anybody else in the room.

Why do I have this image of Trump at Cheyenne mountain with his finger on the launch button shouting, “You can’t treat me like this, making those provocative statements, you are forcing me to push this to get my airtime back”? I am seeing chaos theory at work here, where with one misstep, it will be “game on”Jim W. Dean ]

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–  First published  …  October 11,  2017 





  1. South Korea is a bigger mystery. The Government does not represent the S.Korean people – it suppresses them since the war and calls it democracy while pointing the finger on the “criminal” North. If you ever get a team out to the streets of Kwangju in the south of SK for interviews of the South Korean public Jim you will be very surprised what you will be told.

  2. The Kims have taken ‘dis-arming with a smile’ to dizzying heights.
    I guess it is really frustrating when all the threats produce only more
    laughter !

  3. Great segment. Inspiring even. I wonder how many Americans are learning Korean or Farsi. Pieces like this and the points made are a proper model of the multiple role of protectors. Violence should be a unthinkable option compared to proper dialogue and understanding. The British guest (the voice) reminded me of the revolution and how different that was from the current option list. I was reading yesterday about my many times G grandfather Col John Odell and the Greenburgh guides stories and how prisoners of the British were poisoned in their cells. It is quite sad to think we strafed civilians fleeing the conflict, and even more disappointing to consider that we are threatening a country so far away after that fact. If we can find a moral center and educate ourselves, we have to consider that we should be the very first country to respect anothers autonomy and right to defend itself.

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