TradCatKnight Radio, “Fatima: What Will See October 13”


TradCatKnight Radio, “Fatima: What Will See October 13”
Talk given 10-12-17 (Aprx 2 hours)

In the Fatima Message the nation of Russia is designated as the instrument that God will use to punish the world. Our Lady of Fatima said that if Her requests, particularly the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, were not heeded, then Russia would “spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.”

Furthermore, since communism and Freemasonry are both inimical to Catholicism, there are only three possible ways for Catholics to deal with them: they can either negotiate, run or fight. It is impossible to run, because both Catholicism and the Masonic/communist New World Order are worldwide. It is also impossible to negotiate with them, since they are directly opposed to Catholicism and seek the destruction of integral Catholicism. That leaves fighting as the only way to deal with these enemies of the Church.” Fr. Gruner

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  1. Well, it’s Saturday, Oct.14 and we’re still here. The planet Nibiru hasn’t collided with the Earth and there were no angels in the heavens sounding trumpets and hailing the second coming. Something Michelle Bachman was hoping for but that’s the only time she’ll ever see a man come.
    Harken back to the new millennium when all those nutcases were spouting massive computer shutdown and the collapse of the entire electric grid which prompted who knows how many gullible Americans to rush out to the nearest home improvement center and spend thousands of dollars on generators only to find out nothing happened.
    Or the religious wack jobs who believed the sound of heraldic trumpets would fill the sky, a flash of bright light that would signal Jesus’ re-entry without parachute of space shuttle. Yes, I heard this nonsense coming from the mouth of the largely ignorant and gullible.
    The truth is, there are people who can’t wait for the world to end. They are so horny for Armageddon, they will support israel, they bought into the nonsense of rapture and those left behind to suffer in the great lake of fire.

  2. Perhaps Mary got sick of all the nonsense and evil done in her and her son’s name. Perhaps she is here and sends a much simpler message to those who hearts and minds are mired in judgement and ego, and who serve as continued proof of the necessary division of church and state:

    “Since you keep distorting my messages and using them to justify war and other despicable acts, I am going to keep it simple today. In the name of Jesus Christ, and through his infinite love, BE HEALED! Now go with love and follow the Golden Rule. Thanks, Mary.”

  3. The other exploited party here is the young girls. If our modern courts relied on the testimony of pubescent girls then all kinds of innocent people would hang for no reason. The Fatima thing may have happened but we can be certain coaching was involved directly afterward, just as the puritans and others did during witch trials. The thing is, if a person does have a deeply spiritual experience, the Catholics are the last place you would want to go for interpretation and explanation. No matter what they interpret, it always makes money and the event gets used like a fresh hooker at a pirate reunion.
    They keep fingers and toes of “saints” in jars for crying out loud. Oh Look ! It’s a piece of bread from the last supper ! Pious Fraud is monetary fraud as soon as money changes hands.

    • Nailed it, David.
      Soooo, what you’re saying here issss…that IF a glorious deity has something important to share with his own creation, he/she/it ISN’T going to ONLY share it with a few prepubescent kids, in private, to then be translated by a select few child-diddling priests & pontiffs, who then hold it as news too horrible to share until the Time is right?

      That “god” doesn’t sound so powerful…or smart, for that matter.

    • JZ love Tom Waits, “Chocolate Jesus” is very good also. I for one certainly do not dispute the presence of invisible beings or even appearances of “angels”. There are simply too many reports and it happens all over the world in every culture. The most famous here in the US is the White Calf Buffalo Woman of the Lakota. Others in legend, which are based in real encounters , Lady of the Lake, Maximon , and the story of the crossroads is prolific around the globe also. If it happens to a Catholic, it’s god, and if it happens to anyone else, it’s the devil, is the problem. I have yet to hear of a credible negative experience involving appearances. The common link between experiencers is pure heart.

    • David, yeah another of my faves. Live videos of Tom is the best.Two of my favorites are The Piano Has Been drinking and Small Change Got Rained On.

  4. The Fatima thing, is the most overhyped spiritual fraud in modern history. Apparitions like that one are commonplace around the world. So much so, that I once witnessed elders debriefing a person who had just been through it, and you would have thought they were discussing the weather. Philanderers using cheap card tricks to pick up girls in a strip club have more integrity. But this is a big part of the Christian pick-up line, “It’s always free beer tomorrow.” Any day now. Pretty soon. ” It’s allll going to happen and boy you guys are gonna get it.” Of course the church is fully aware as were the Maya and others, that there are cycles of time, where for whatever reason, the human animal becomes fearful that the world is going to end. This fear is exploited mercilessly by unethical charlatans.

    • Oh yeah. How many times have we heard this end times carnival show before. Only a few years ago I recall, some charlatan preacher had plenty of ignorant people believing the world was ending in May. The day came and went like any other and we’re still here.
      These charlatans prey on the mentally ill and weak minded. It is all for power. The world did come to an end for all those sorry individuals who bought into Jim Jones’ side show schpiel.
      The Church has certainly brought the world to an end for many and most recently in Rhowanda where Catholic bishops urged on the massacre of of the Tutsis.
      The author of this article would do better if he got a radio show or even a satellite TV channel. That way he can shear the flock for millions. Live in a mansion, own a private jet, yacht and expensive foreign limos and maybe even have a few concubines just like the rest of them.
      Well, we’ll see what happens today but be aware that time zones change around the globe so when the world comes to an end at a certain predicted time or day it won’t do so until that occurrence crosses over the international date line or until it reaches the next time zone.
      Hmmm, let’s see…it’s already 11:13 Am here in Michigan. Still got about 13 hours to go yet.

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