Las Vegas Massacre – Shills Expose The Desired Outcome



by Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor

For the first week or so, I had no idea why the Las Vegas shooting had occurred, there seemed no obvious desired outcome, unlike 9-11 where we knew after 45mins that Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and Afghanistan were being blamed and it was clear that the desired outcome was to justify another foreign war and kickstart the whole ‘War On Terror’ narrative.

However, after hearing notorious disinfo shills like Robert David Steele, Jim Fetzer and Jeff Rense all bloviating in harmony about what they thought was the motivation and reason for this attack, the penny dropped. You see, these people are tasked with sowing deliberate disinformation narratives that are written for them by the people within the ‘Deep State’ or ‘New World Order’ or whatever other label you prefer for the organised criminal cabal that really runs the US. Therefore, by analysing what they have to say, we can often figure out what the cabal is up to in terms of its disinformation strategy versus its real strategy.

According to the disinfo crowd, the target was chosen as a country music festival because that would be where you would find the Trump supporters, the good-fearing, gun-toting, low information dickheads who will support Trump almost no matter what, regardless of how many of his crimes are exposed and how many monumental blunders he makes.

Alex Jones also pushed this meme, ramping it up with nonsensical, unfounded claims about Paddock being a leftist, the room in the Mandalay Bay being strewn with Antifa paraphernailia and even tried to blame Hillary because she apparently received a campaign contribution from the owners of the Mandalay Bay. Jim Dean says ‘you can’t make this shit up’ well, someone tell Alex Jones because he is clearly making his shit up.

The disinfo crowd are all pushing the obvious – that this was a false flag operation where multiple shooters or teams of shooters, using automatic belt-fed weapons did the shooting, and Paddock was just a patsy. However, they then poison the well by laying a thick layer of bovine faecal matter over the top and obfuscating things by claiming that the ‘Deep State’ was responsible (a deliberately nebulous term that does nothing to inform anyone about the truth) and they did it to destroy the Trump presidency.

Robert David Steele is most obvious in his pro-Trump, anti-truth blustering as he cannot give even a 15min interview without repeating the statement ‘our legitimately elected president, Donald Trump’ many times, Fetzer is not far behind when he starts almost frothing at the mouth as his over-the-top, non-sensical hatred of Hillary spews out and he defends Trump like he was an innocent little lamb, beset by the big bad wolves of the ‘Deep State’.

Excuse me while I take a sip of water to clear the taste of bile rising in my craw.

Yes, the rest of the world sees the gun-toting right wing white trash of the US as a bunch of over-armed, under-educated idiots who will cling to the stupid notion that as long as they are armed to the teeth, they are somehow ‘free’; these people are the targets of the Las Vegas operation, the latest group to be targeted in the divide and conquer by pissing everyone off strategy.

The disinfo crowd, after blaming the ‘leftists’ and the ‘anti Trump’ elements of the ‘Deep State’ go on to bleat about how poor little Donald is under such serious and murderous attack, that the goal of Las Vegas was to destroy his wonderful presidency, to grab your guns and to curb your freedoms, as Americans, to engage in racist bullshit, to shoot each other, to act like a bunch of fascist pricks, just like dear Donald.

Well, no, not one word of this is true, it is pure disinfo nonsense from sad old men who have been co-opted to serve the very ‘Deep State’ they constantly whine and bitch about.

The simple truth is that Las Vegas was carried out by agents of the same right-wing pro-Israel Neocons who inserted Donald Trump’s fat ass into the White House, the same bunch of scumbags who brought us 9-11, The War on Terror, the mass shootings at Sandy Hook and elsewhere and blew JFK’s brains out one morning in Dallas.

The goal was to further the Strategy of Tension, the cynical and murderous use of divide and conquer tactics to destabilise and fracture the US along its many faultlines, be they racial, religious, political or socio-economic. Donald Trump and his ludicrous presidency is not the target, he works for these people and is the perfect person to be their president as his loathsome personality, disgusting character, immense capability to offend and upset people every time he opens his mouth, all of it serves their purpose of divide and conquer perfectly.

BTW, Trump isn’t running anything, his presidency is a sick joke, an utter fraud, nothing more than a reality TV show where the star’s intended role is to piss off as many people as possible and sow as much dissent and tension as he can; meanwhile, others, behind the scenes are running the country, or trying to, hence it is becoming obvious to even the MSM that the US is a rudderless ship with no effective leadership and even worse, no signs of anything remotely resembling an effective opposition. The election of Trump was the death knell of US politics, gone the way of the dinosaurs to be replaced by fake reality TV bullshit, served up constantly by the corporate news networks.

Trump is the perfect man for the job, he pisses whole sectors of society or even entire foreign nations off on a daily basis, either by flapping his fat mouth or issuing childish outbursts on Twitter, there could be no-one more fitting for the job if the desired outcome is to divide, destabilise and send helter-skelter fashion on a descent in chaos and violence than Donald Trump, a man that the majority love to hate but who will always enjoy the unceasing support of the dumb white people with little education, low levels of information, a pile of guns at home to make sure they remain free and close to fuck all between the ears.

That is why they chose to machine gun a crowd of Trump supporting white trash in Las Vegas, to further their divide and conquer strategy to fracture and destroy the US, just the latest and greatest in a whole serious of events from Ferguson to Charlottesville and many points between that, when taken as a whole, constitute a clear agenda, the desired outcome of which is the destruction of the US and its replacement with a communist-fascist corporate police state, or several such states.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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