Vital/Amusing as Well: Duff on Press TV, Rolling Coverage of Trump and Iran



  1. Understated, fact-laden, humourous and superb, Mr. Duff.

    The panelists, most others and U.S./other military understand that stuff; but Trump, Republithugs in Congress, and most Americans do not. Sad, very sad… 😉

  2. The realignment of Middle East countries beneath the Russian umbrella – even including the Saudis who are in line for the S-400 defense system and Turkey, merely highlights the fact – as fact it is, the Israeli threat in the Middle East is very quickly and surely being undermined and their vulnerability exposed like it rarely has before. And all thanks to Russia.

    Trump decertifying the JCPOA is a feeble and really pathetic attempt to redress Israel’s real concerns. It is being compromised by the day. As time goes by Israel is suddenly alert to the strong, freezing breeze coming from behind the AIPAC podium blowing through a gaping arctic hole in the collective pants of their fellow warmongers.

    A patch-work quilt of weavers and schemers in Congress desperate to cover their own rear-ends is less of a concern than the nightmare diplomatic and military shuffle taking place in Israel’s own backyard. A Re(a)rum Novarum is the last thing the Bolsheviki/Zionists need in a war against the threat of private ownership of Russian defense systems up scuttling their scheme for a New World Order. Israel your plans for ME domination are reduced, especially in Farsi, to farce.

  3. To paraphrase Jewish blogger Mondoweiss, ‘if only the US and Israel were two independent and separate states and not one”. Well, we would certainly have a more US centered and consequently more realistic and balanced policy towards Iran than what now passes for US Iran policy and in general policy for the middle east. The above given interview was only interesting because Gordon Duff was featured in it. The other interviewees gave evidence of being too enmeshed in the current accepted political paradigm to offer any credible or useful insights for the listener.

  4. BY now, it should be obvious to anyone with more than two working brain cells that Trump is completely controlled by israel. This should have been realized from day one. Especially with Kushner and other zionists that wormed their way into Trump’s administration and took advantage of Trump’s ignorance as well as his vulnerablities, his past has caught up with him and the zionists are using it to blackmail Trump into doing what ever Satanyahu orders. Not that Trump himself is capable of any reason or logic. He is not. The bellicosity that erupts from Trump’s mouth, the outright lies, distortions and empty threats that only contribute to America’s loss of what ever credibility it had left before Trump took office is now gone. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Washington has no credibility. Furthermore it has very little credibility with the American people.
    If Gordon is right and I believe he is, the U.S. military will not start a war with Iran. It is apparent the leadership inside the Pentagon considers Trump to be insane and Trump verifies this every time he opens his mouth.
    The only action congress should take is to begin impeachment proceeding against Trump and Pence.
    The pentagon on the other hand should begin by taking action against those elements, namely the zionist neo-cons and removing every single one from Washington… what ever means necessary.

  5. Mr. Duff’s comment that no state has attacked another that was armed with an S series system (300, 400, 500) is a little puzzling because Israel regularly attacks Syria where both S-300 and S-400 systems are located. In fact, Syria’s lack of response to repeated Israeli attacks has led to speculation that Israel has been provided with IFF (Interrogate Friend or Foe) codes that allow attacking Israeli aircraft to be identified as “friendlies”, making it impossible to fire upon them. Iranian officials complained about this very thing shortly before an Israeli aircraft – or two – was finally shot down, but only after Iran changed the codes.

    As to what the the US Congress will do now the ball is in their court, it’s a safe bet that our CongressClowns will impose further sanctions because that’s what the sold out scum have been paid to do. The half witted Zionist plan is that the Iranians will do something impulsive and / or crazy in response, as a certain nation that considers itself the “Mad Dog of the Middle East” might well do. But a culture (Persian) that has survived for 7,000 years is unlikely to act in that fashion, particularly when the governments of the US and Israel are seen by the rest of the world, including the other JCPOA signatories, as the instigators.

    • Congress is controlled by isreal. They will do whatever they are told or else some members are going to find themselves in some very tight spots very quickly.

    • Syria and/or Russia downed 36 of 59 U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles before reaching the Trump-targeted Syrian airbase; and the remaining 23 Tomahawks did NOT hit anything vital on the airbases, which was in operation the very next day. Probably done with Russian Electronic Warfare, which U.S. DoD envies.

      Russia’s probable electro-magneto-gravitic, defensive EW (also used for A2AD) is second to none; but Russia is saving the really good stuff for any really, really stupid & more massive stuff by Trump, Bibi, Erdo-Gone and/or the Saudi d-Ruler (also not long for this world, despite Bibi’s & Trump’s preferences).

      The Syria/Russia-led coalition is winning in Syria. Why screw up a good game by publicly humiliating Trump, Bibi, Erdo-Gone & the Saudi d-Ruler on the battlefield and in the skies? 😉

  6. No more use of US army. Better Israel find another sponsor, but noone is offering, and all clandestine about it is tainted indefinitely by Israel employing international terrorists to sow fear and damage. Evil deeds have stopped working for aggressive weapons empire.

  7. I don’t think it’s in Mr Tangerine Man’s nature to speak in terms of attacking Iran with anything other than the biggest H-Bomb that was ever made or could be made…. the likes of which, the world would stand in awe of until the end of time ; which, come to think of it, it would precipitate very speedily.

  8. Even the dour anchor couldn’t conceal his mirth, after Gordon had got into his stride – and it really was hilarious, wasn’t it ? Jim didn’t exaggerate in saying that it was good fun for young and old.

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