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by  Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Gordon got a good dose of geopolitical reality in Vietnam. He is upper right, next to Frank H, standing next to the altar.  Several in this photo are “on the wall.”(A Company, 2nd Platoon, BLT 1/26 Marines, Vietnam 1969)

[ Editor’s note: This is another VT – Gordon classic. No one currently employed in corporate media would dare write such a thing. And that is not because of what the bad guys would do to them, but the layer of bosses that would call them in and ask them, “Have you lost your mind, do you think you can put us all at risk, to be crushed under the steamroller for your “Don Quixote” exercise?”

The tragedy is not so much the huge number of people engaged in all of these horrors, but that we have so many on the taxpayer payroll in military, intelligence and security defense, politics, law enforcement and the judiciary who generally know about it, and do nothing.

As Shakespeare once wrote, and oh so true, “Aye, there’s the rub”. Professional organizations of every description have turned away from lifting a finger for taking on the house cleaning job that needs to be done.

If there were some, that job would now be even more dangerous, because as Gordon will lay out below, the huge contractor outsourcing after 9-11 – something we can see was part of 9-11 itself – has given the “uber-monsters” a powerful veil of immunity by classifying their nefarious activities as “national security” activity which cannot be exposed without great harm to the country.

One of the best examples of this is how the industrial-scale Israeli espionage that has gone on in the US is handled by hiding it from public view. When is the last time you remember the FBI agents’ association threatening to expose the coverup if they were not allowed to do their jobs and bust up all the Israeli networks?

Fortunately there are many individuals and pockets of loyal Americans who are fully aware of what is going on. To put it simply, they are under-resourced. They work at great risk just to keep the candle of hope burning that such resources will emerge before it is game over, which many defeatists say is already here.

I remember in my 20s, with my first exposure to WWII atrocities, where only the Nazi participation was widely publicized, and for only one class of victims, you know who. I was struck by the cooperation of victims walking to pits filled with bodies to take their turn, wondering why didn’t they make one last desperate attempt to go at their executioners.

Polish cadets with their great coats tied over their heads

Later I found one example in the Katyn Forest massacre, something missed initially. Some of the buried bodies had their great coats pulled up over the backs of their heads and tied around their heads. It was many years later before someone noticed that those buried in this fashion were all the age of cadets; and I instantly knew what had happened.

The trucks of the victims were unloaded a good distance from the execution ground so the pistol execution firing would not scare the condemned men who were thinking that they were just being transferred.

But as they walked the few miles to their last stop, the shooting could be heard; and these cadets began shouting for those behind to make a run for it. They had their coats wrapped around their heads to prevent them from doing this.

I share this with you as a sad but true historical lesson – that sometimes only the young have the instinct for survival that rest of us do not, that life is so precious that even a one-in-a-thousand chance to save it must be taken, out of respect. I hope such young people are living among us now, as they may be the only chance we haveJim W. Dean ]

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Our Founding Fathers were not perfect, but they would be shocked to see what we have allowed to happen

– First published … October 14, 2017 –

Hundreds of thousands travel freely among us, some even live as our neighbors, teach in our schools, borrow from our banks. They are war criminals, they have murdered, raped, run narcotics, been involved in arms and sex trafficking and are, in some cases, honored as heroes. Leading the list are “regime change” factories under the mercenary flag of Google Corporation’s “Jigsaw” 20,000 man army tasked with, according to their website, bringing American style democracy to everyone.  Did they add, as they should well have, “even if we have to murder every last one of them in the process?”  We begin:

Who are these individuals, those brutalized by war, those who murder children, who wipe out villages, who arm and aid ISIS or run heroin out of Afghanistan?

Young Gazan child killed on beach during IDF attack – Is America face down in the sand, too?

Who are those who have strafed the beaches of Gaza, gunning down running children or driven bulldozers over huddling families? Let us take a quick look.

Today the US is considering blacklisting the Iranian Republican Guards who have been fighting ISIS for years. This is Trump of course – infamous fraudster whose endless coffers have silenced dozens, even hundreds of sex assault victims. He is the “decider.”

When I served in Vietnam as a Marine, I expected to be blacklisted from travel after returning. Units I served with were accused of murdering civilians, and some of those I served with abused civilians though when I was present; I physically intervened on more than one occasion.

As a low-ranking non-commissioned officer, I couldn’t be everywhere, and the orders to kill civilians came from the top, from Annapolis grads who stressed body counts and not asking embarrassing questions. Thus, I was surprised when I was never questioned, never put under prohibition, never asked to account for my actions where millions of innocents had been slaughtered.

I see not just the same thing today, I see so much worse. There is no question that the US is involved in, as with Vietnam, pushing brutal dictatorships on freedom-loving people around the world. We did it in Afghanistan; we did it in Iraq; we tried it in Syria and, by my own accounts, we are still aiding ISIS, still trying to subject millions to brutal slavery.

We are doing it in nation after nation – perhaps in every nation.

How many Americans are involved? It used to be only military. Now contractors are involved – tens of thousands, up to 400,000, some American paid, some paid by Saudis or big corporations. They operate everywhere, stealing oil and minerals, running human slaves, overseeing the world’s drug trafficking, all fully partnered with governments, able to move at will across any border, running private airlines, running torture prisons, concentrations camps, leaving behind endless mass graves of their victims and no questions asked.

Then there are the insidious tech companies, something we will get into later, who set a new standard of evil.

Long ago, America turned a blind eye to those who choose to fight for Israel. The big lie, that Israel had been attack by Arabs in 1967, sent so many to train and fight, not knowing the whole thing was a farce, fiction and propaganda.

Decades later, Americans train in Israel; they come back, like Jonathan Pollard, one of thousands, to spy on America, to continue to serve their “foreign princes,” as long prohibited by the constitution. While in Israel, they ethnically cleanse; they man sniper towers; they bulldoze homes; or, less well known, they train ISIS, supply them with intelligence and even command their units in the field.

When they return to the US, their crimes are honored, never punished; and their clear violation of US law is forgiven, never questioned, even if, as is suspected to be the case, they continue to serve a foreign master while enjoying American citizenship.

For others, the “contractors,” American-trained military serve around the world for a series of criminals and despots, engaged in unspeakable brutality for fat paychecks. Worst of all is Erik Prinz, now candidate for US Senate in Wyoming, whose Blackwater Group in its various guises has been the worst of the worst.

Each nation has their mercenaries, their war criminals, those who recruited ISIS fighters from 80 nations, who gave them travel papers, who supplied their modern American weapons, who protected them and their businesses. ISIS partnered with a dozen governments, Turkey, Jordan, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Georgia, India, Britain, Germany, Poland and others.

The American planes that supplied air cover for ISIS, where are those pilots? The Israeli and Turkish pilots as well? Who flew the helicopters that moved ISIS from place to place? Who sold them the Raytheon missiles? How were they delivered?

When ISIS stole entire factories and billions in antiquities, who marketed it all, who profited, who ran the London auction houses? Who sent 12,000 oil trucks, more than half formerly licensed for American roads, to Iraq and Syria to move oil for ISIS? Did anyone ever suspect that ISIS was also Exxon, BP, Halliburton or Bechtel? We did.

Let’s talk about the Kurds who guarded the ISIS oil trucks as they loaded and drove through the capitol of Erbil and through Kurdish-held Duhoc, right into Turkey? Everyone involved is a terrorist – why are none of them blacklisted?

Americans who served in Afghanistan all saw the drug traffic there, watched the poppy fields planted, the fertilizer and irrigation projects by USAID that addicted and killed millions around the world. Where did the money go?

When the Panama Papers was published, why were records of the drug money included, money that included dozens of top US officials along with the few listed in Pakistan?

There are darker secrets, trade in nuclear material, in secret German submarines, looted economies, phony banks – real stories a hundred times worse than internet rumors, all true, all easily proven.

How about the spying going on, not just the monoliths of Google and Facebook, the real Mossad and CIA, a thousand times worse. What they do on a daily basis would make Orwell choke on his understatement. When can we blacklist them, loot their stolen riches, return the freedoms taken, restore human rights, human privacy and freedom of thought?

Why don’t we begin in earnest? Blacklisting is hardly enough.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Of course, Eric Prinz does not need to win the real vote to be “elected” senator from Wyoming. But when you have a general population who cannot understand the significance of multiple near statistical impossibilities occurring during an election, our (non)representative governments will continue to be farces.

    As a Russian pointed out, at least in the Soviet Union people knew that the “news” was propaganda, while we still have the vast majority in the US believing the CMMM mostly tells the truth.

  2. “What they do on a daily basis would make Orwell choke on his understatement. ”

    Mr Duff mighty with the pen!

    Makes me quote our greatest living Nobel poet:

    ” The enemy I see wears a cloak of decency ”

    Bob Dylan

    I have sent this everywhere.


  3. This is one of Gordon’s all time great articles. It lays out a worldwide system of human corruption that has neutralized any governmental corrections which have been long justified. This is all made possible through high level bribery, blackmail, and mass sociopathy as a new norm in the highest levels of defense, banking, corporations, Law Enforcement, Intel and government.

    All forms of correction except the individual citizen himself in some cases has been compromised, mind-kontrolled, deceived, bought off, murdered when necessary or blacklisted. The trite phrase “national security” has been imposed to justify all these actions and prevent most public exposure.

    Like VT’s extremely hard working Managing Editor, Jim Dean has always said, “You just can’t make this stuff up”. And like Jim said in the introduction, nobody can ever find any disclosure like this anywhere else in any publication. Highest commendations for this excellent disclosure.

  4. How Mormons Assimilated Native Children – “For the half-century the program was in operation (from 1947 to 2000)” ,… ““American Indian people as Lamanites are a promised people, but also a fallen people,” ,… “The Book of Mormon, viewed as sacred text by church members, promises that Lamanites, who were cursed with dark skin, will become “white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome.”
    “”Mormon Apostle Spencer W. Kimball remarked on the “progress of the Indian people” in the Indian Student Placement Program. Students’ skin, he said, was growing “as light as Anglos.” Children living in foster homes were “several shades lighter” than their dark fathers and mothers.””

  5. KT, complacency is the subtle voice of pious fraud, urging the inner doubt of the mind to listen to the maniacal demand for our physical labor and military support. Be patient and it will all work out. But patience and forgiveness as virtues do not recommend continued abuse as the virtuous forms. Instead the entire cosmos demands striving for growth amongst the chaos of all life forms feeding off of each other. Somehow, obedience that is innate among benevolent primate societies, is turned on the busy while they are complacent. Thus, the product is clear. Enormously wealthy churches and businesses ordering the labor and parsing out crumbs according to their “god given right”. When beliefs are based on lies, they can only produce poison.Benevolence in pious fraud is false. That includes the Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all the rest. They are the Borg. And I don’t tolerate them in the least. Don’t feed the bears.

  6. So many great comments here, reminds of the good old days. David’s and Khalid’s were really excellent. Although I was a little worried Khalid was going to burst into a song after his; he is spot on. This is a duality, this program we are in. Existence itself is based on every action being balanced by an equal and opposite reaction; deviations throw off the pendulum effect and endanger the whole thing. Google in its bid to control all information has now created just such an imbalance and in the interest of continuing this program Google and everything its stands for, “good” and “bad,” must be terminated with the greatest possible efficiency; I believe the term is Extreme Prejudice…

    No, Blacklisting is definitely not enough. Touching on the all to true comment of Carnaptious, it was Nietzsche that first warned the human race to be careful when they fight monsters, lest they become one. As much as I love Nietzsche, and sometimes his words actually bring me to tears of joy reading him, he was not a “warrior.” He was an academic who probably never even had a fight in the school yard. If you want to kill a monster then you better be a better Monster or you will just be food for the beast. We need Monsters…

    • I got the ratio at 67% growth and 33 % resistance. The universe is expanding with little in it’s path. The yin and yang is 50 50 for primates energy management systems. Our tolerance and guilt ,feed the out of balance control systems instituted by pious fraud infecting our long term memory systems. Just a few decisions here and there at critical moments, and all goes a different path. Intuition requires proper knowledge to function healthily. I believe that is the “Worldliness” the pope just warned his pet creatures about not giving into the other day.

  7. LS…

    They are the bastard inbreed suns & daughters of Marduk / Satan and the henchman of the Pure Satanic Royal / Presidential and Papal bloodlines who are ruling the world as it is. As long as we ” The Humans ” fear them they will rule. We only need 3 % of the human population of this earth to defeat those monsters… Just stop fearing them !

  8. Driving bulldozers over huddled families in the middle east? How about driving tanks over huddled families in Texas? These monsters are capable of ANYTHING. Those who have not joined the “dark side” are huddled in the dark with what is left of their families, living from hand to mouth, many not knowing where their next meal is coming from, many more wondering when they will lose their jobs. Sound familiar? So how do you rebel against the empire? No jedi around when you need them. Try the same thing they VC did in nam? or in Iraq or Afhan? That was human wave attacks until the population got sick of the slaughter. The bad guys figured a way around that by desensitizing the population to mass slaughter. That won’t work anymore. ALWAYS REMEMBER, THE END GAME IS FOR US ALL TO DIE. Period, end of story. There is no happy ending. All we can do is take the bad guys with us. But, of course, they have already planned for that as well.

  9. Great post Gordon. I agree with above sentiments. We all need to have enough spine to speak out..but know that it comes with a high price, as I’ve personally discovered. I’ve had career blowback and been homeless at times just from speaking on Israel, never mind the rest..but I haven’t suffered nearly as much as others. I’ve become part of The Resistance, funneling my anger at Trump, but after years of reading VT, I know he’s just one part of an evil “jigsaw” puzzle, not the main evil.

    I wish I knew how to remove all these monsters.

  10. If the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal were still in session we would have only one living former president and even Mr. Carter might be in trouble. The highly placed members of most former administrations would also have been executed. Isn’t it amazing? It is now impossible to run the country our forefathers bequeathed to us without performing the same actions we hanged Nazis for.

  11. As a Vietnam Era veteran, I served while the war was ongoing, but my time was spent in Germany. Nonetheless, when I returned to civilian life, and college, I was advised never to put my military service on my resume because of the stigma attached to service in Vietnam. I didn’t follow that advice – there was no other way to explain what I’d done for three years – and more than once found myself “jokingly” accused of being a murderer, baby killer, etc.

    If there was ever a time when values such as honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing were truly valued in the USA, I must have missed it. In my experience, demonstrating those values in a workplace will rapidly get one labeled “not a team player”, “uncooperative”, or “troublemaker”. I’ve been told in as many words that I had a bright future if only I could learn to set aside any qualms about doing things that were immoral, unethical or illegal. Such is the nauseating nature of business and government in the USA.

    I’m not really surprised by the large number of people who would rather take money than hold onto their principles, assuming of course they had any principles to begin with. It’s more surprising to me (and far more gratifying) to meet someone who still believes in – and practices – such quaint anachronisms as having values, morals, and ethics.

    • Yes, there are monsters among us, more than most people realize, but they won’t be beaten by voting, by acting from the inside, or by ranting and raving about what low-life scum they are. Blacklisting assumes that someone is in a superior position, and able to hold the monsters to some kind of account. But the monsters are in the White House and in the US Congress. They can be found in leadership positions of Fortune 500 companies and corporations, and in lavishly funded think tanks, NGOs, and institutions. In brief, the monsters are the establishment. At this point there really is only one solution, and it won’t be easy or pleasant. In fact, if Machiavelli was right in what he wrote, it may well require all of us who want to change things to become monsters ourselves, at least temporarily.

      Interesting times…..

  12. One way of blacklisting them would be accusing them of undercover cooperation with Russian exSoviet expansionist non-existent personnel a.k.a. the game they are themselves playing to demonize others. Because that is the ongoing media catchy saga. Any other way includes violence or body mass like the Occupy movements.

  13. My line goes back to Col John Odell and the Greenburgh Guides. Hamilton, Washington, Rochambeau and all of that. Every war, someone from my family since. Every stinking one. Even Grenada. This crap is old, and even the women in Hollywood have more balls than seasoned soldiers these days. Nobody stands up and even on this site readers come, but do not speak else be considered “conspiracy theorist”. Well, I have a message for you hiders and skulkers. It’s a good dam thing my grandfather wasn’t pissing himself over a label or two. This coward crap is making me sick. Boy, if guys cared about their jobs back then, we would be on our knees kissing the ring. This is not what they wanted. This is not what they fought for. This is not what they risked their own families for. Aren’t your knees sore yet ?

    • Would Col. John Odell have been hoping to get into a homeless shelter on cold nights and finding enough handouts to keep from starving to death if he had spoken out? That is the reality of most in the US living paycheck to paycheck these days if they speak out, and why one of the first things that revolutionary groups have done to attract recruits is to offer food, shelter, and pay.

      Where are those who have resources and are willing to fight the system, to organize and provide for those without? For the rest of us, we would just be throwing our lives away while accomplishing nothing by speaking out individually.

    • WB , Physical battle is not needed. I don’t recall ever suggesting such. Guns do not win anything. Ideas do. That is why expensive heated cathedrals can exist on every corner and the homeless live under bridges as I have done. As for my grandfather, he was the lone survivor after the British poisoned the prisoners because he had a friend to bring him food. Make friends. The biggest barrier to making friends is judgement and the biggest supplier of judgement is religion, the next biggest supplier is ourselves. Please don’t tell Rose McGowan that a single person speaking out doesn’t accomplish anything. Do what you can , where you can. My thing is, no matter what, have a spine.

    • DO – By fight I did not limit the meaning to (or even necessarily include) armed insurrection – the trade unionists of the 19th and first half of the 20th Century (before they were co-opted like almost everything else) non-violently fought the robber barons with strikes and sit-ins and achieved considerable success that has taken the powers that be over half a century to mostly dismantle.

      As for throwing one’s life away, the powers that be have found that depriving persons of the ability to make a living is just as if not more effective than armed repression. Did not the Old Bolsheviks and Chinese Communists murder far more with hunger and disease than by the bullet? Speaking out and losing the ability to make a living, while words fall on deaf ears that have been conditioned to consider everything not from a CMMM pundit “conspiracy theory” is hardly worth doing.

  14. Hobby Lobby unsurprisingly was caught red handed with millions in antiquities and folks shrug it off as a unknowing mistake. Wrong. Oracle creeps into every system used by governments around the world, but folks shrug it off as,” well someone must be supervising”. Wrong. Blackwater is run by a whole family of megalomaniacs but they must be god fearing. Wrong. The troops would know or stand up if asked to do something immoral. Wrong. When the revolution started, it started by brave men and women who confronted Loyalists to the British Crown. They were the sheriffs in our towns, the judges, the lawyers, and the businessmen. That meant sticking their necks out, and being labeled as opposition. These were the first to have their families starved and imprisoned or worse. The Loyalists now have similar loyalties. They are subservient to the whims of the British Crown and the False narrative of Biblical history if they support Israel and the megalomaniac run mega corporations. That false narrative and the Catholic controls as well as the Zionist movement existed then and were part of the reason for the original struggle for independence. That shit has got to go.

    • See, the word Patriot, has it’s origins in opposition to Foreign influence. Taxing the people while representing foreign interests. That’s part of the original Patriotic opposition. The other part, less known, is that it also meant, the internal struggle against religions that supported the Crown and visa versa. So, when someone says, this is a christian country, they are advocating on behalf of the savagery of the Catholic Papal Bulls that authorized the elimination of the occupants in favor of foreign domination in order to maintain Biblical historical narrative. Palestine, the current US, is the case where a person attacked another home and tried to tax and disillusion them. After losing, the person came back and feigned friendship and slowly took what they came for originally. We are this close to the manifestation of the long sought subversive slinky motive. So, just as you cannot claim Patriotism and act in the best interest of a foreign state, neither can you claim Biblical historical narrative and Loyaty to the Founders idea. Courtesy of secrecy (of what would expose the false narrative beyond doubt) previously extended for the benefit of the innocent worshippers, and peace, has reached it’s point of diminished return. The constitution was based on Iroquois Confederacy government. Not Catholicism or Judaism. There is no distinction of merit in the denominations. The book has two halves. Neither are historical.

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