BREAKING: Israeli jets attack Damascus, Syrian anti-aircraft unit destroyed


BREAKING: Israeli jets attack Damascus, Syrian anti-aircraft unit destroyed

Moments ago, Syrian air defenses engaged Israeli jets flying over Lebanese airspace which were inbound to attack the Syrian capital of Damascus.

According to Israeli military sources, the Israeli warplanes responded to the threat by targeting and destroying the SA-5 anti-aircraft missile battery that attacked them. The battery was positioned east of Damascus.

Syrian air defense forces confirm that they fired on Israeli jets, however have not commented on whether or not they lost an anti-aircraft battery.

Israel warplanes only ever fly over Lebanese airspace for one reason, and that is to attack Syrian pro-government forces in the west of the country.

Israel notified Russia before bombing Syria

Israel notified Russia “in real time” about a strike on Syria’s troops near Damascus, a spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) told TASS on Monday.

“Israel notified Russia in real-time mode about an airstrike in Syria,” he said.

An Israeli army spokesperson told a briefing earlier in the day that Russia had been notified in real time or immediately before the strike. The incident occurred ahead of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to Israel scheduled for Monday. The spokesman affirmed that the Russian minister would be informed on the matter in detail.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli aircraft targeted an anti-aircraft battery in Syria east of Damascus after an anti-aircraft missile had been “launched from Syria towards IDF aircraft during a routine flight over Lebanon.” “No hits confirmed,” the IDF spokesperson said.

“The Syrian regime is responsible for the anti-aircraft fire. The IDF maintains its ability to thwart hostilities against Israeli civilians,” the IDF spokesperson stressed. “Preserving the relative stability is a common interest. Israel has no intention of destabilizing the situation.”


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  1. To Ian – it appears that the readers might not understand your
    correct statement; Israel seems to supply weapons to Issis/Daesh (just found in North Eastern
    Syria), provides them health services and/or air support + apparently it is a largest
    purchaser of stolen oil from Syrian fields managed by Issis/Daesh or affiliates = therefore
    it is one entity. And yes, Israel seeks a weak malleable leadership in Syria, to never claim
    back Golan Heights, to repulse and never allow Iranian,neither Hezbollah presence in Syria
    and of course to continue purchase of discounted oil.
    Yes, it is peculiar that R.F. S-300 or other anti-aircraft systems were not used!
    Why Shoigu R.F. MoD, , visited Israel? Why Putin signed
    R.F. severe sanctions against DRNK, in the time of N.K. parliamentary delegation visiting
    R.F.? Doesn’t he realize that R.F. is in the same bag of sanctioned countries
    (Iran, N.K., R.F.). What can we expect from Pres. Putin when the artificial anti-Iran furry hits the
    US. Congress with calls for more sanctions if not outright bombing of Iran? Will he join such
    flurry, perhaps chipping a few bombers of R.F. own?? Yes diplomacy is somewhat important
    although many bullies generally respond only to a stronger “arm”!!
    And finally the Syrian situation will never be concluded if “behind the curtain”supporters of
    “terrorists” do not feel the pain on their very fingers!

  2. RT
    61,000 flee Kirkuk as Iraq says Kurdish independence ‘a thing of the past’
    Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 21:16

  3. Altimometer , this calling an Offense as ” We have the right to defend Ourselves ” that is the Zionist Lying Habit of Double Speak LYING .

    Sara Shorney in Facebook Comments ,,,, , East India Company Disappeared After The India Was Enslaved by British Uniforms following Jewish Lord’s Desires & Orders . If You want Something Substantial then Look into Hudson Bay Company of North America Which is in Opertation since centuries to date .

    AND Finally I personally think Syrians are Sitting Ducks for Isrealis because IF an air raid takes out an anti-aircraft Battery then its a cotton ball & no Defense of any kind . Somebody better knock some senses into the Pariah Zionist Supremacists of the Isreal Defense Force ( again here Zionist Double speak , their Samson Option Force to Hold the World Hostage and Destroy any opposition is called a Defensive Force while those Immoral Thugs just try to attack & Expand only. )

  4. Interesting , the NWO fighter putin alows real time the bombers and jew jets to enter syrian air space and destroy targets they choose. nothing that these bogus S weapon are there to safe the as+ of russian and not deffending people whom russia alleged to protects.

  5. Hello, comrades! Not so much time passed since the article was issued. But glad the absence of cries like “Where is the Russian S-300-400-500? Why Putin is silent?! Jews are in criminal touch with Russians. Etc… etc…etc…”. I do not keep up this mess that Israel stir up constantly, but we should notice one important thing: Russia came to Syria to fight terrorism, not the countries and not the Israel regime. Let the Chief Commander of RF Sergei Kozhugetovich Shoigu talk to Israel during his visit now. We are not the Robocop of the World. We don’t have money to fight countries, to break the UNO intl. laws. Yes, we have important targets and interests in Syria. For those who like articles and mysteries about UFO, magics and ancient civilizations mysteries – you may read the revelation of famous Bulgarian granny Wanga, who told in her prophecy (from God or demons – i don’t know) about 3rd World War which start from Syria. Our task is to destroy ISIS project and to provide post-war peace. The situation is critical ’cause of complicated ME reality, a number of different players, interests, even religions,foreign lobby. Surrounded by hyenas we have to be careful in our actions. Bad peace is far better than a good war.

    • Interesting line you have artificially drawn between ISIS and Israel, a line that doesn’t really exist in practical terms – these Israeli jets are basically acting as the airforce of ISIS.

      Also, what is the point of Russia defending Syria from ISIS, but then to allow Israel to attack Syria?

      This is why so few people outside Russia trust Putin – it is never clear what exactly his agenda is.

    • Thank you Andrew for a very thoughtful and rational reply. I too wondered why the Russians did not use their advanced missile systems to take out Israeli aircraft. Clearly the Israeli’s know this. I have great respect for what the Russians are trying to do in Syria. It seems that nobody can stop the diabolical Israeli regime. Ironically Iran who has not invaded other nations in centuries is portrayed as the devil and Israel in spite of 85 resolutions against it in the UN a deliberate and unprovoked attack on a US ship (the Liberty) among other misadventures against its closest ally continues to be the good guys. At this point it is too late for the American Public to wake up and stop their illegal aid program to the Israeli junta.

    • For those who live over the big Atlantic lake and want to watch the war eating hamburgers, staying aside i should say: USA keeps up ISIS and makes constant troubles to Russia. And you can’t stop it. Waiting for someone to do the job. We have already seen smth like this. During WW2. When you raised your bodies and rushed into European Battle Theater in order to be right in time in Berlin, when everything was done by USSR. Policy and especially military branch doesn’t like emotions. Who is able – come to Syria and try to shoot Israel jet from the sling, with stones. I, personally, don’t want my country to slide into war swamp. I repeat – we can’t afford it. We can afford sending ICBM, no visa needed. But are we ready to take responsibility? Are we able to hit planes like Turkey did with our jet? If you say YES, why not, – i will recommend you to be hired to MoD of Russia job as the best and wisest strategist. As we say: every sofa warrior thinks he is a tough strategist, when he watches the battle on TV.

    • ricktaylor – thank you, too. Of course Israel’s policy must not last long. Hope, some day smth. will happen. Emotionally, i understand many western friends, readers of VT. Frankly – i would rather hit jew-jet and say on RT “Oooops! It was occasion. Someone pushed the button. We promise to find this soldier and put him in the corner.” Military people fulfill orders. And do their job well. But the wars start by politics. Alas….

    • Just another try to provoke Russia into WW 3, nothing more or less and Russia/Syria may serve revenge for this the cold way. Desperate Nuttenjahu is already a cornered rat and Israelis must do their own cleanup at home without a babysitter from outside.

    • Trakkath, Israel understands well, that no one cares about them, now. Washington has great problems in Syria and all their cards are mixed. USA has no time and desire to keep up Israel’s interests, – too much problems appeared because of Russia. Israel is military strong and still can beat any Arab army in the ME. Iran and Syria have no powers to fight vs Israel on the ground. On the other side we see jew hysteria, – they blackmail the world’s society with Iran’s aggression. And Hezbollah. Israel is not welcomed in Astana negotiations, where all key players are represented and even sit at the common table. That was hard to imagine, before. This is the reason jews fly to Moscow like shuttles and welcome our MoD – Shoigu. They are neglected and ignored. The true war is going to be soon. There are more important and serious cards to be played in Syria after ISIS will perish: Turkey, Kurds, Iran (Iran has many contradictions with Russia and our union will not last long), Israel. ME needs a moderator after the war. USA has no trust to fulfill this role – we all know that they betray ALL contemporary allies. Russia? I don’t have a clue which way (personally)…..

    • 20Oct17
      Good day comrade,
      “WWIII – Syria / ISIS”.
      The war has ended with Syria the dominant survivor.
      This morning AP published an article issued in the EU showing the presence of The YPJ on the ground in
      Raqqa, the article: US-backed Syrian force declares victory over IS in Raqqa . The same article issued by
      AP in the USA has the photos blocked. The YPJ has been an political issue documented by RT since their inception and integration into The YPG. The connection, YPJ – “US
      backed forces” is an assumption. The “US” participation is questionable.
      The YPJ: People’s Protection Units
      The People’s Protection Units is a mainly-Kurdish secessionist militia in Syria and the primary component
      of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria’s Syrian Democratic Forces.More at Wikipedia
      Allegiance:Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (2012–present), Democratic Union Party (2004–
      Type:Light infantry militia

      The separation of US forces and The Democratic Union Party may be possible by this disclosure.

  6. Calling themselves defense forces is polar opposite from their true nature of being an offensive force. Lebanon is a country that probably doesn’t give permission for these kinds of incursions of their air space, defense fail.


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