(TCK Briefing) Warning: The New Age AntiChrist is Amongst Us


BY: Eric Gajewski

AS YOU KNOW I AM CONSTANTLY KEEPING YOU UPDATED ON THE LATEST COMING OUT OF THE NEW AGE CAMP. The new False Prophet/Antichrist message is out from share-international and thus a brief summary of what they are talking about. Every Christian should know their enemy which has obviously cloaked itself as an angel of light in our times. In this message the False Prophet speaks about the world waiting for the “new”, that is the new world order.

They say the old order (implication of Catholicism) must fade away and that men are yearning for the day when a new system can be put in place of it. It is these same devilish freaks who are trying to avoid death altogether because they know they don’t want to face the true God

The crisis? The crisis in which they are talking about is the economic collapse which they say shall cause worldwide despair and if you are a worldly soul it will. They speak about how the nations after the collapse under the guidance of the U.N. must come together and share (aka socialism). We have heard this rhetoric coming from even the Vatican which I forewarned you about last year.

This “legitimate redistribution of wealth and resources” is sure being passed off as an angel of light and the poor souls following Vatican II are gobbling it up as Orthodoxy.

Nothing can halt the chaos coming. On my last radio show I talked about this briefly how the chaos is inevitable. God will allow as a punishment to humanity for abandoning the true Catholic Faith. Keep in mind it is the New World Order agents who are behind the chaos coming and they plan to implement their solutions whether you like it or not (even though they say they wont impede free will).

Man is not alone the Space/Elder Brothers are here. Remember I warned you about the coming phony alien disclosure which (according to alternative news sources) is pretty close. It seems TrumpPuppet will be the chosen one to brainwash the masses in this area. When the mainstream media is talking about stars in the skies they will be saying it is spaceships. I kid you not.

Folks, we are dealing with the endtimes deception of greatest magnitude. We are dealing with the demonic who are in cohoots with the various world leaders who want their new world order. It is just as our Lady of LaSalette warned. There are no good aliens coming to save humanity and Antichrist Maitreya on the Day of Deceleration will reveal to the world his “Ascended Masters” who are literally fallen angles in the flesh.

Better relationship with the Planet? A return to Mother Earth/Gaia worship anyone?

Signs of the times section has picture’s of the latest project bluebeam projections being displayed in the skies. Maitreya also claims crop circles as a sign of his revealing to the world.

Blueprint for a simpler new world. The Antichrist talks about how humanity is ripe for the new vision for the world. How a united humanity is our destiny. The true follower’s of Christ know otherwise.

Many have their jaws dropping in disbelief as I am saying this but the endgame is here and the Antichrists arrival is not far off. The Antichrist talks about how his Masters” will reorientate the earth so that we can survive and thrive.

Our Lady of Fatima revealed what will truly happen when the dust settles. Maitreya tells you have no fear and I say the same. Maitreya and his demonic forces will be swallowed up in the 3 days of darkness and the Church will start the most glorious period it shall ever have. Even the Jews will join the Catholic Church. He says man must die to old so obviously we wont be accepted hence the FEMA CAMPS.

False peace/threat of war section. Same propaganda coming out of the Vatican

Article on financial crash coming. Progress= Socialism/Communism

Charles Einstein recently sits down with Nwo puppet Oprah. He discusses the changing consciousness of humanity and speaks about Maitreya. The Age of we need each other is Luciferian propaganda.

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  1. I like to ask the question, “If I say 3 score and 2” what is that number ? Almost every person I ask says 62 because it is common knowledge that 20 is a score. But if I ask, “Why is 20 a score and what significance is it ?” ,.. none. So, why is it that something so prolific and well known in the biblical education field is a completely a mystery to even the most studious followers ? Is there any culture or people who use this number in a significant spiritual way ? There is. And what an interesting thing that the Pope ordered all writing and carvings all through their land destroyed. Isn’t that weird ?

  2. Money is the root of all evil, you should give it to us. Of course they come to the Hospital when your Mothers are on their last breath ! That stuff pays very well and the Bishop will be by twice a year to collect. Please allow me to see the list of spiritual practices they are successfully teaching. Pledging loyalty is a Kings and Bankers game, not a spiritual guide. Repetitive practices is a math teacher, not a spiritual guide. Collecting money (especially now with go fund me) is an accountants and tax game, not a spiritual guide. Vicarious charity through a third party with outrageously expensive spending habits is never a good idea, even in the best of circumstances. Really ? Really ? No wonder they think Trump is sent by God. He does all the same things !

  3. Using a stolen book and adding a few names and cities to change history, while fanning out across the globe using torture, genocide, taxation disguised as charity, laundering money for criminals, committing tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of pedophile acts against children, advocating for the poor from a palatial palace of gold and velvet, taking confessions for spies, infiltrating suffering economies to milk them like starving cows, exerting undue influence in governmental affairs and laws, while hoisting an icon of death and suffering that scares even sturdy children, the teacher on a stick, ALL of this while claiming to be the personal representative of the Creator of the universe ????
    If that is not the anti-christ then I know not what you could possibly be speaking of. Hell, if anyone else tried even one item on that terrible list, they would be publicly hanged amongst cheers ! And look, I didn’t even have to bring up the inquisition ! Treachery at it’s ugliest and most vile. The Vatican is a Gay mans paradise complete with female slaves not allowed to have intercourse and 10 % of all the slaves wages plus whatever the widows have left at the end. What a crock of crap.

    • It is a universally recognizable spiritual bad guy, the Black Robe. The hooded monks. The little man behind the pillars. The one who sits in the dark just beyond a thin veil, who wishes to hear your “sins”.
      Those greasy pretenders who quietly coax your children to do the unthinkable. This and the other signs, like placing a wafer on your tongue with their bare hands, and the most obvious, getting you all to kneel.
      These are the signs of malevolence in the spiritual world. Withhold your money, and see how long they care about your soul. Usurpers, pretenders, frauds, and thieves. Sexual deviants and the very worst kind of spiritual guides. Run and don’t look back you fools !

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