Always on the Wrong Side: US Vet Questions Military’s Muddled Loyalties


U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Andy Veres, left, Provincial Reconstruction Team Zabul commander, re-enlists Master Sgt. James Sandifer, Forward Operating Base Smart mayor, on top of Alexander's castle in Qalat City, Afghanistan, July 7

Editor’s note:  Since Veterans Today has been accused by an “Oxford” study of being a paid Russian propaganda source, I will republish the following 2016 article, a Russian commentary on one of my articles.  No check came with this.  This is “news” of the “not very fake” kind not seen so often.

In the pipeline is an article penned days after the Google Jigsaw funded attack, it was “Jigsaw,” the military contracting “regime change” and psychological warfare branch of “Google” that funded the Oxford Study quoted in the Washington Post, McClatchy papers, the Hill and other media we have long deemed “fake.”

Inside the withheld article is more than a bit of classified material, from time to time VT loves to show off a bit.  Our access to intelligence sources, at time backed by friendly defense intel companies that do have loads of cash, from public investors, makes us dangerous to operations like Google, run by former Bush black ops guy, Jared Cohen.  This may be one of the biggest secrets, “hidden in plain sight of all.”

You see, Google is at war with VT.  We have repeatedly tied them to assassinations, sarin gas attacks and spreading propaganda.  We believe that Google is an intelligence operation representing global organized crime, collecting massive data, co-controlling dozens of key tech firms, rigging elections and orchestrating wars.

Their attempts to silence VT prove it.  

For those who doubt, simple use Google itself and search “Google Jigsaw.”  Tell us what you think.  We know that “Jigsaw” runs a larger private army than Blackwater ever did, more guns, more capabilities, more “boots on the ground” in more centers of war and confusion than any other mercenary operation.

It is also our suspicion that in each case, they are NOT on the side of the “good guys.”  Keeping the Islamic world aflame, keeping wars going across Africa, rigging elections across Europe, and yes, the US as well, is why they read our email, why they profile everyone on earth based on browsing and searches as well and why government after government has become increasingly afraid of $3 trillion in tech companies that now want to bring democracy to the world though their management, their real management, is pure thuggery from intelligence agencies, not the kindly long hair tech types depicted in their carefully groomed images.

Never in history has a private organization had or abused the power that Google has.  There may well be no greater threat to world security than what has grown up under our noses, a trillion dollar conglomerate built on snooping, annoying advertising and malignancy.  We begin:


–  First published in 2016 –

Sputnik/Moscow:  An American Marine combat veteran has provided his own analysis of why US military leaders are frequently perceived as “mental cripples, delusional, paranoid and morally repugnant” and why the US military simply cannot be trusted by either the US president, its Commander-in-Chief, or by the American people.

Ground Self-Defense Force anti-land mine missile is launched during an annual live firing exercise

Gordon Duff, a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War and a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, has recently been very critical of the US military and its top commanders.The reason for his frustration is the incompetence and the either intentional or deliberate delusion of the country’s top military commanders.

For a better understanding of what is going on in the US military, Duff recalled his personal military experience while serving in Vietnam.

“I served in the US military in Vietnam, in a Marine special operations unit. There was a general consensus that America was clearly on the wrong side in Vietnam,” he recalls in his article for the New Eastern Outlook website.

“The South Vietnamese government [closely supported by its principle ally, the US] was brutal, corrupt and illegal based on the Paris peace accords of 1954 and everyone knew it,” he says.

Let’s wind the clock forward to Reagan’s first year in office, the author suggests. “I was at a meeting in Miami between former members of the Garde Nationale, the Nazi death squads of the Somoza regime in Nicaragua and the US Army’s advisory group operating in Honduras.”

The US “backed” contras fighting in Nicaragua were actually 100% paid mercenaries, much like ISIS (Daesh), trained, armed and led by Americans, he recalls.

“I sat with maps in front of me showing infiltration routes into Nicaragua while our “Garde” friends passed on lists of those to be killed, all communists they said, “infrastructure” and “cadres.” “The lists included teachers, nurses and, in more than one instance, personal grudges. The Americans in the room were lapping it up.”

The author explains that Americans who fought those wars did so “knowing it was wrong and, at least those who were not brain dead, did so in hopes that the Cold War would end and there would be no more useless bloodbaths such as Vietnam, one that killed off a generation of Americans.” However, even though the Cold War ended the world is still on its way towards destabilization, conflicts and widespread poverty, while the US keeps looking for false pretexts for its invasions.

“The wars continued, each more corrupt, more vacuous than the next until the United States eventually became so discredited that no sane person could see America as anything other than the inheritor of the Soviet mantle in the struggle for not just world domination but enslavement of mankind.”

“We know now that the American invasion of Iraq was based on intelligence so phony that any child could have figured it out,” he says. “However, those who spoke out at the Pentagon were fired, all of them, and replaced by “true believers,” and by that we mean corrupt, insane and ambitious.”

Another example cited by Duff is “Pentagon’s hoax story of sarin gas attack by the Damascus government.”

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“Later proven to have been staged by Turkish intelligence aided by the CIA, gas produced at an American facility in Tbilisi, Georgia, the lie lived and the truth never got through.”

A member of the US Army Technical Escort Unit (TSU) demonstrates a hazmat suit as they show some of their response capabilities to chemical and biologicial operations in support of the US Department of Defense, federal, state, and local agencies 12 November 2002

“If you stop someone in the Pentagon and ask them when Russia invaded the Ukraine and how many tank divisions are there, waiting to attack Western Europe, they will have an answer. That answer won’t be; “Are you friggin’ nuts.” They will take out their phones and show you photos of the Russian tanks, photos long proven to have been a decade old, long exposed as a hoax.”  The author suggests that those advocating the chaos were from “secret societies and organized crime” and not the Soviet Union, something that President Kennedy rightfully pointed out long ago prior to being murdered.

“Do this, ask someone in the American military how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Do it, please. Then you will understand how much I have understated here,” he urges.

All the above are very profound reasons why not to trust the very capable US military, the author finally concludes.




  1. Johnz, correction, you can’t count on the american officer corps to protect the citizenry, the enlisted men, however, is an entirely different matter. I understand that it is a constant source of discussion in the ranks over there. As for allusion about lesser evils, a metaporic phrase: “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” They are using this as saying in the land of axe-murderers an ordinary thief is an angel. Wrong, a thief is still a thief, no matter in what land he dwells.

  2. Hey Gordon Duff, ich lese immer gern die Artikel von Veterans Today weil Sie die Wahrheit sagen. Es ist immer ein Vergnügen ihre Kommentare zu lesen ( Mit welchen Anstand und Ehrlichkeit sie die Leser informieren. )
    Wenn Amerika nicht zu seinem Wurzeln zurückkehrt wird es untergehen,da bin ich mir sehr sicher. Ich erinnere
    mich immer an das wahre Amerika welches es einmal war. Grüße alle ehrlichen Amerikaner.

  3. Mind You , the Standard War treaties that most decent countries have signed at the UNO or other levels , Americans reiterated that they’ll NOT Sign Any , All USA WAR Adventures they have Chosen to avoid the Laws since They Never Signed ANY sort of A Legal WAR Treaty

  4. What is meant by “ISAF” on the uniform ? Israeli Secret Armed forces ? They swear an oath on the second constitution because the constitution of 1789 is not in affect. And the 2nd is made by City of London agents. See the gold fringe around the flag which means a corporate body.

  5. When US army are on the side of weapons manufacturers then they are on the wrong side. When they are not then there is loyalty and discipline about. But for many decades now the US army have been on the wrong side. US military intelligence will use all legal and illegal means of peace and war to sell and deliver weapons. Many armies out there have no technological or weapon advantages like the US but they posses integrity, patriotism and discipline and are following the rules of engagement and warfare. US are like just delivering their favorite game to whomever they choose.

  6. I love the way those Yank squaddies seem to be larking about, imitating a European, perhaps Brit salute by the look of it. Or are they about to give each other ‘high-fives’ ? That’s more like it.

    It reminds me of the picture on the cover of a book by an American infantryman who served in Afghanistan, Samuel Finlay, in which the lad on the right has put his index-finger in the muzzle of the rifle pointed at him by a lad on the left. Same daft grins !

    • One is obviously giving re-enlistment oath to the other in front of the flag. Re-ups on the front are common. Where have you been, under a rock civvie?

  7. India was controlled during the Raj by a couple of hundred Oxford Graduates galloping around on horses with a dinner suit in their saddle bags from one Maharajah to the next.

    • Likely the same as the Rhodes Rothschild Roundtable Movement is today. Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council of Foreign relations and Rhodes Scholarships. Read Carroll Quigley “Tragedy and Hope”, as well as the one about the English Aristocracy.

  8. Notice the correspondence between the corruption of our institutions, especially military and security layers, but in reality all of our ruling institutions, and their infiltration by Zionists and the practitioners of Frankfurt School ideology.

  9. This is a good article, one that compliment the one that Ian posted yesterday with the letter from a Lt., Col. who taught at West Point. Who pointed out how that citadel of military discipline, integrity and honor has fallen into an abyss of such decline that one may wonder if it is being deliberately done so. The so called graduates of that fallen institution , some of whom will no doubt find their way into the Pentagram and become staff officers and eventually generals, will be the most corrupted and worthless bunch to ever set foot inside that five sided monument to waste, fraud and treason. Which will lead to America having an army led by such incompetence and immorality that it will be totally worthless as a home defense. It will leave America completely open to invasion. But we are halfway there already aren’t we?

    • We can no longer count on the U.S. military to defend the American people. It will stand idly by while our rights are being destroyed by traitors in congress, while the government steals and robs American at gunpoint, while Americans are railroaded into prisons for profit and while Washington itself has declared war on the American people. Washington has now created another large standing army: a militarized police force now capable of putting down any insurrection and capable of mass executions should the need arise. Unfortunately for the American people, the police force is the next stop for those returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute continues to warn us of the danger Washington poses to the American people, dated Oct. 16, 2017; This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls: The Experiment In Freedom Is Failing/

  10. The Catholic Church operates on the Principle of The Lesser Evil. I could not understand why my fellow Catholic Head Prefect was working for the SIS during the Vietnam War. Later, John Paul II released a statement at one stage saying that: “with the demise of Atheistic Communism, British Deism (presumably visably represented by the Trans Atlantic Anglophile Alliance) is the Greatest Evil on the Planet”. So really most systems of Power are run by Bad Men and the best that The Pope can do is subtly support the second worse against the worse.We were taught to pray for the return of Russia to The Church – but the jury is still out and we must wait and see. No Golden Age in sight here, maybe its over there.

    • even lesser evil is still evil. As long as that rancid institution continues to protect the degenerate criminals who abused children, it will continue to lose credibility.

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