What would Satan do if he ran America?


by  Preston James

Note: The question was posed to me, what is behind all this evil that grips America and Planet Earth? This article is an attempt to answer that question by identifying the root cause. Obviously this is not going to a popular article, but it is written to present truth as I can best determine.

It is like Jesus said when he verbally indicted a crowd of Pharisees who were after him:

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44 NIV)

Some years back, it was a fad in Christian churches for kids to wear bracelets that carried the message: “What Would Jesus Do?” The idea was that when in doubt, kids should act in ways that would please God Almighty by considering what Jesus would do in such situations based on his two final commandments: “Love God with all your heart and love your fellow man as yourself”.

Now we have a situation in America where our leaders and the folks that run the six Major Mass Media are acting as if their secret motto was “What Would Satan Do?” and then they do it. And they seem apply this modus automatically by instinct or inclination to in any situation they encounter. And they sure seem to follow Satan’s will. But of course, they continue to say all the right things and deceptively present themselves to the public as righteous folks, serving constituents, when that is just a false front.

They do this because they are caught in the inescapable World Zionist human-compromise occult trap – a trap that if they tried to break out of, they would be immediately smeared in the media, and would lose their elected office and most of their millions of dollars gained while in office.

These Cutouts are acting continually acting as sociopathic two-faced liars and deceivers and committing major RICO criminal acts for the World Zionists every day, many times a day.

What is the cause of all this? What earlier events brought us to this sad point in America?

According to respected Biblical historian Michael Heiser, the following events occurred much earlier in history and set the stage for the hijacking of Planet Earth by Satan, his fellow “Fallen Ones” and his Cutouts, the World Zionists, aka the Babylonian Talmudics.

Satan was the head Cherubim of God Almighty’s Ruling Council of lesser Elohim. God Almighty is the “first cause”, the Great “I am”, the “Creator of all”, the “Alpha and the Omega”.

These lesser Elohim were responsible for managing the universe according God’s policies and will. When Satan rebelled, 1/3 of the other lesser Elohim followed him. God Almighty kicked them out of “Heaven” (“the abode for Elohim”) and imprisoned them on Planet Earth.

In total violation of God Almighty’s edicts, two hundred lesser Elohim (“the Watchers”) decided to descend to Planet Earth at Mount Hermon to breed with the most beautiful Earth women to start their own race. Their progeny were called the “Nephilim” the great men of old, who were giants, 12 feet or more tall, had six fingers, six toes, two sets of teeth one in front of the other, red hair and long red beards.

These 200 Elohim (Watchers) knew they were violating God Almighty’s rules so they formed a joint pact together. They thought this joint pact to rebel together would protect them from God Almighty’s coming judgment.

These Nephilim were notorious warriors and evil to the core like their fathers, pure psychopaths. These Lessor Gods (the “Watchers”) were just like their head Lesser God, Satan, evil to the core. Soon the whole Earth was filled with evil and all flesh had become evil. God Almighty decided to destroy most of all human and animal life on Earth because of this.

The spirits of these now dead Nephilim became Demons (called D jinns by Islamics) but they had to continue their evil ethereally (inter-dimensionally as unseen evil but powerful spirits), activated through occult rituals and practices. That is, they had to be invited in by humans and could enter easily if someone lost their soul through practicing too much evil and their conscience becoming seared. It seems as if a certain small percentage of humans are born with no conscience as pure psychopaths.

It is well known that messing with the occult can open a person up to Satanic or demonic harassment or even possession if they continue into the black arts.

Those who enter the occult and began to practice its rituals usually reach a fork in the road with three choices.

One choice is to continue practice the occult for the strange events that occur which are quite entertaining while trying to maintain their current self. This often results in the occurrence of horrible accidents or events, usually a very bad eventual result. Messing around with the occult and its Black Magick arts can be very dangerous if one refuses to give up their soul. Satan will punish them for trifling with his powers.

Another choice is to delve deeper and eventually Satan will present himself and make an offer for them to give him their very soul in exchange for a promise of untold riches, power and status. There have been anecdotal tales for many years of certain rock bands being approached by Satan when high on drugs with some accepting his offer. The Rolling Stones was allegedly one of these bands, which afterwards, according to these accounts (if true), produced pro-Satanic albums – such items as Sympathy for the Devil, Goats Head Soup and Paint it Black, etc.

The Stones then supposedly went on to become the world wealthiest, most successful rock and roll band and are billionaires. Now they are still performing, sometime called the “Rolling Bones” because of their old age.

A third choice is to recognize the dangers and the evil of messing with the occult and walk away from it never to return. In many cases these folks are harassed by strange events and many seek religious help or if they have been exposed to Christianity, get serious about it.

America has been hijacked by World Zionists who have appointed Khazarians Cutouts to do their will.

And it is known that World Zionists are secret Satanists and followers and practitioners of the secret Babylonian Talmudic Rituals of Black Magick and Money-Magick, the art of making money from nothing through the Black Magick of pernicious usury.

In return for this evil service to World Zionists, the WZs make certain their Cutouts, the top Khazarian Tribal members and their Goyim recruits are very well rewarded. However, it is important to know who they really work for.

In the final analysis that entity is Satan, whether they know it or not and it has been reported from reliable, vetted sources that Top WZs and their top Khazarians and Goyim Cutouts end up having their own personal spirit guides that appear to them intermittently in private. These are actually demons, and for the top ones, Satan himself.

Many involved do realize this. The top World Zionists, top Khazarians Cutouts and top Appointed Goyim Cutouts have been recruited into the occult world of the Black Magick masters who practice pedophilia, child and adult sacrifice, blood drinking, child torture, child vivisection and cannibalism of certain body organs and cooked human flesh.

Note that according to CIA insider reports there are several restaurants in DC and NYC and around the world (including one in Saudi Arabia) that serve cooked child flesh as a secret and very expensive delicacy for top Satanists.

Yes, Pizzagate and Pedogate are real and the WZ controlled Major Mass Media has covered this all up which should be expected. Now with the exposure of Harvey Weinstein and other top Tribal Hollywood Moguls, these stories may be “driven” into the mainstream media, but expect them to be toned down.

Top Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard was offered initiation into the top “Illuminati” circles but refused when he was informed that the initiation involved Satanic child sacrifice.

Ronald Bernard described how this process of human compromise is used to control the world and has been used this way for thousands of years. He noted that one goal is to compromise new recruits into the “Illuminati” with these evil rituals so they are blackmail-able at any future time, if it ever becomes necessary. His full interview which is in four parts and is very lengthy is well worth watching for those that want more information about this. This man gives off no signs of deception and is obviously telling the truth.

To date this is the highest level, best public report of how human compromise involving satanic ritual and child sacrifice is used to control the governments of America, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the European nations and most nations of the world.


Bohemian Grove 1915 – a pivotal secret society still in operation

Satan is running America and most of the world through his World Zionist (WZ) Babylonian Talmudic occult network and appointed top members of its synthetically created Tribe, the Khazarians. These Khazarians were labeled “Jews” by the Khazarian King Bulan back in about 750 AD. Khazarians are a strange mixture of Turk and Mongol blood and a long history of Babylonian Talmudist based culture which has been described as grossly parasitic on others and blatantly sociopathic.

Despite the fact that these Khazarians (also sometimes now called Ashkenazis) converted as a Tribe to a non-Torah-based, grossly perverted form of Judaism (Babylonian Talmudism), they are not Hebrew, that is, they have no Hebrew blood at all and are not Semites.

This claim has now been well substantiated by a peer-reviewed Johns Hopkins genetic study by a Judaic MD. It showed that about 97.5% of folks living in Israel claiming to be Jews have no ancient Hebrew genes at all, while about 80% of Palestinians have ancient Hebrew genes and are thus real Semites.

The amount of damage done to the world in general and America by these Khazarian Kingpins and Cutouts appointed by the World Zionists (who are Babylonian Talmudics, aka Satanists) is unfathomable.

Sadly, this kind of raw truth is so unimaginably evil that it is almost impossible for the average American to believe these facts when presented even with substantial evidence.

Almost every single member of the US Congress has sold out to the World Zionists. It’s a sad fact that they have signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel’s interests first even before America’s. This is why the USG provides about $30,000 in aid to every single citizen of Israel. Israel is a wealthy nation attempting to hijack the whole Middle East and the world for the World Zionists. They don’t need our money, we Americans need it.

And the Federal Reserve System, a World Zionist operation from top to bottom, is illegally and unconstitutionally charging us pernicious interest on their phony debt-notes, what should have been our own real money in the first place. This interest amounts to about 40% of our federal tax collections from American workers, and is the biggest financial crime in history.

Satan is a hijacker, a murderer, and a liar, and all evil is inspired by him. He dwells in any who invite him in, and for many of those who are willing to give him their very souls, he will reward them with untold riches, power and status. As long as they are willing to pedophile children and sacrifice them.

Satan knows that he is now under a death sentence by God Almighty, and is awaiting his final destruction to nothingness as if he never existed.

In the meantime Satan thus wants to destroy all humans because he hates God Almighty and all His creation. Satan is working desperately to create an Alien ET defense of advanced inter-dimensional weapon technologies, and hopes to be able to defeat God Almighty when He sends His Son Jesus to deliver final judgment to Satan and his Cutouts. This strategy of Satan’s is however doomed to failure because God Almighty cannot ever be defeated.

It is interesting to note that one of Satan’s recent ploys is to build up the Secret Space War Program of the Secret Shadow Government and turn it against the World Zionists private world Fiat banking System.

And history teaches us that whenever an evil kingdom become too powerful, God Almighty raises us another kingdom to displace it or crush it. That seems to be what is happening now to the World Zionist Satanic Kingdom which has hijacked America and engulfed the western nations with its private Fiat, pernicious usury and debt based central banking system”money” system.

So now we see the new rising power of Russia, China and their allies and they are forming their own non-Khazarian based monetary and exchange systems for trade.

And we have the new secret military alliance between Russian, Syria, Iran and yes Turkey too. Russia is going to allow Erdogan to believe he is the new Mahdi, as long as he stays within certain parameters.

So it looks like two other major Kingdoms have now been raised up against the World Zionists and their private Fiat central banking system, the Secret Space War Program and the New Russian, Chinese, Syrian, Iran and Turkish alliance. Soon it is expected Turkey will leave NATO or NATO will break up as the EU breaks up.

Looks like the World Zionists and their Top Khazarian Tribal Cutouts are going to be soon displaced and a new form of world government will now emerge. I expect it to be a NWO run by the this New Russian, Chinese, Syrian, Iranian, Turkish alliance, later to be followed by the Secret Space War Program’s new Cosmic Fascism form of world government with a Block Chain crypto monetary system.

The World Zionists are cornered and are now staging all these major False-Flag attacks to gain more power. They are also behind electromagnetic weather engineering that is used to create major weather events and are setting all the massive fires in the US west and Canada.

But even this will not be enough to regain power – they are doomed to being displaced.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. To Preston James and all spiritual warriors fighting this fight of
    good vs. evil….

    Romans 8:30
    And those He predestined He also called, those He called He also justified, those He justified He also glorified.!

    Amen! Hallelujah!

    • To the satanists who have lost their souls by taking the most innocent of innocence and defiling them, consuming and murdering them….. there is no turning back!

      Romans 1:24 Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves. 25Who changed the truth of God into a LIE; and worshipped and served the CREATURE rather than the Creator!

      That MORBID CREATURE is doomed!

  2. The USA is run by evil people; well sure. But killing raping and eating children, not neccesarily in that order, is beyond evil. We’ll need more torches and pitch-forks.

  3. Also , I missed saying the idea that the soul exists in another etheric energy dimension (the same stuff that allows psychic activity to move through) and enters the body at some time in gestation .
    As to reincarnation and karma It seems true but I have only one strange dream to validate this , which is only a hint … And haven’t looked into this area closely enough . I stay away from magic for superstitious & philosophical truth reasons . The logic trail interests me . Without logic and love its not possible for our species to move forward . Thought I think grave errors were committed by 1914 which have led to this world 2017 ; hell on earth for billions .
    Your discussion of evil spirits of Nehphilms in very interesting . What was that scifi movie with that opening theme of the Giants seeding a planet with DNA by desolving himself into the steam ? Strangely memorable movie .

  4. There are some very interesting Youtube movies that seem to have been made by ET’s ! Lyrians to be exact , telling us of their species and way of life , these documentaries (2-3 hours) seem too sophisticated to be fake (?) , the information too exact and sociologically deep. Anyway I have seen a real Tall White couple up close over hours in a city so I know they are real and hybrids .
    Perhaps species can evolve ‘up’ into love or down into parasitism and hate , which is apparently what The Greys are about ,they feed off hate energy ? But now I’m moving into science fiction .

  5. Humans are still at a low order of evolution where love and narcism and nurturing are closely intertwined & the 12th house show this . The love energy can be directed in (self or reproduction) or out to all things. Perhaps like all species that evolve into intelligence we (and ET’s ) are forced into a irreconcilable paradox of physical survival ,the lust for life (scorpio 8) v’s (karma ?) an intelligent reason to exist which I think can only be resolved in hope and optimism (not self extermination) by a love joy philosophy energy . But to maintain this in balance social order purpose and duty must govern the intelligent species to give purpose (to all ages ) to the unavoidable compromise . If all life evolves then all intelligent life has been at some stage predatory but it is up to that species to comprehend that truth ,see it for what it is and resolve to transcend it . This is what world religions are trying to do . But I wonder if only the truth can really bring humanity to transcendent agreement .

  6. Personally I believe its all Masonic of which the Illuminati rules (via good and bad and an obsession with karma and ceremonies ) and sets policy . What goes on could be described as scientific sociology . Yes there are other dimensions and ET’s and probably satanic ceremonies to create vibrational portals for evil spirits to enter that give the initiate ESP powers . But fundamentally I think its being driven by political sociology : blackmail + self disgust + spiritual despair + any desired pleasure = a securely controlled asset . Controlling spiritual despair gets all the harder when people near the end of life . Part reason for the FF in Las Vagus ?
    Yes I agree with Dr James , people do have souls but I also know from a deductive logic fact that astrology is real (more that just it works) and that plato’s idea of humans (and animals ? ) having templates (the Rising Sign) that forms our bodies is also true . I have surmised , the body struggles for personal/tribal survival and survival perfection ie evolution and I surmise the soul exists as a template overview that corrects or maintains behaviour within species . The more intelligent a species becomes the more spiritual good and bad come into play as free will operates to change the species evolutionary course via personal behaviour (not environment ). We can devolve to Greys I suppose .

  7. Hi Preston , thanks for your efforts and interesting article .
    My small critique , I’m thinking that Weinsten has been thrown to the MSM wolves for Agitprop reasons , keep the sheeple wowing and out of world affairs . Also promotes male-female division and female ’empowerment’ of getting hold of the children whilst women are at work for social indoctrination into bisexual forms perhaps . Also scares other corrupt hollywood icons to stay out of politic opinions especially Russia etc or get the same . Truth gossip can solidify into truth , just as conspiracy truth can be branded as fake news . The common man gives great store to where the information comes from and much less to its philosophical-sociological possibility . Thus killing a gorilla to frighten the monkeys .
    The dutch banker is a profound crack in ice , which has made its way around the RNM -real news media (he also die a couple of months ago in strange circumstances in Florida) . These things came up in links on zerohedge a while back .
    On the stuff about Kazarians running the show I don’t believe . For me there are the Zionists who want ethnic jewish Israel and the Masonic’s (directed by Illuminati) who want it for their world judicial capital . Much smoke and mirrors by both sides .

  8. What British secret celebrities might have been at the 1915 BG party I wonder ? Who of note was in the US at that time ?

  9. Some of the most tyrannical laws come from local and state governments. These laws are the law until either reversed or outlawed by a Supreme Court. Many are never challenged to a highest court due to costs and inability to find a competent honest lawyer to do the appeals. Some examples are laws regulating the number of unrelated persons living in a private home, or height of fences around a private home or necessary maintenance in a historic district or fines for jaywalking but no law forcing governments to provide sidewalks where pedestrians then unsafely walk in streets designed for automobiles all winked at by corrupt government. Hifalutin statements that “no one shall be denied the equal protection of the law” are routinely flaunted and ignored with no penalties to government which ignored them but stiff penalties to citizens who disobey likely illegal but uncontested laws. All new laws should not be enforced until declared legal by a Supreme Court. A home was having new siding installed in a historic district in Athens, Georgia resulting in the zoning officials arriving with guns drawn! If this isn’t Satin in charge what is? What happened to Motherhood and Apple Pie in America today?

    • Here is an example of Satan in charge in Athens, Georgia: A wonderful caring citizen who had saved many lives working in a Nursing Home for over 30 years, was struck by a car while jaywalking across a busy street. Have you ever observed anyone jaywalking in your town? What was the first act of the police officer upon arriving to her suffering from a broken hip in the gutter at the edge of the roadway? Why the police officer gave her a citation for jay walking! I offered to talk to the judge and try to get the fine of hundreds of dollars waived but she refused and paid the fine anyway. Obviously the former image of a friendly local police officer is long gone. I have observed a Superior Court Judge jay walk routinely every day to pick up his mail at a local post office but no police officer ever stopped him and gave him a citation for this illegal criminal act. One set of rules for ordinary hard working taxpaying citizens, another set of rules for the aristocrats in America.

  10. In these times Satan is masquerading in many disguises but its most effective one is where he passes off as a pious religious man.

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