Erdogan’s lack of sleep becomes a very serious problem to many


Turkish President Recep Erdogan suffers from sleep deprivation. This became apparent in Kiev, during his joint press conference with Petro Poroshenko. There are a few reasons, which may make the Turkish leader give way to depression.

Psychologists said that Erdogan’s tired face and drowsiness at the press conference indicated his depression. There are a few huge reasons, for which the Turkish leader may feel depressed and sleepy.

Turkey’s relationship with EU leader state – Germany – has deteriorated to the level of no communication between Erdogan and Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now it is the turn to burn bridges with Washington.

Last week, the USA announced humiliating visa sanctions for Ankara. The USA stopped issuing non-immigrant visas to Turkish citizens after the Turkish authorities arrested a member of the consulate, Turkish citizen Metin Topuz. He was accused of involvement in last year’s attempted military coup in Turkey, which, according to the investigation, was led by Erdogan’s sworn enemy Fethullah Gülen, who is hiding in the US. Turkey responded symmetrically to the United States and stopped issuing this category of visas to the Americans.

We can see the visa war in full swing between the US and Turkey. Erdogan said in his characteristic emotional manner that he refused to recognize the authority of US Ambassador to Ankara, John Bass, as he could no longer consider him a representative of the United States in Turkey.

Needless to say that such an emotional statement from the head of Turkey did not find any support in the White House, taking into consideration the fact that during Erdogan’s recent visit to the USA the two leaders spared no compliments to the fraternal peoples of the USA and Turkey.

During his recent visit to Kiev, the Turkish leader made another mistake. Recep Erdogan publicly condemned Russia’s “annextion of the Crimea” and said that Ankara would never recognize the Crimea as part of Russia. It’s no secret for anyone in the Kremlin that Turkey declared in the spring of 2014 that it would not recognize the Crimea as a Russian territory.

Nevertheless, Ankara could have showed some sensitivity not to declare its position on the Crimea in a manner that Russia found offensive. Following Erdogan’s statement in Ukraine, Russian MPs and policy-makers said that Russia should not trust Erdogan’s statements about his dedication to friendship with Russia.

After coming to power in Turkey in 2002 and becoming the country’s full-fledged ruler, Recep Erdogan has never learned the rules of international diplomacy. His impulsiveness and emotionality have turned him into an outcast in the eyes of two leading countries of the Group of Seven. Apparently, this is only the beginning.

Aydin Mehtiyev



  1. I think he got sexual or ejectulatory problems and I mean that sincerely . Never looks satisfied ever (or perhaps he’s out of his depth intellectually ? ) , I wonder if the little woman has got him by the balls and reinforces his feeling of sexual inadequacy , which makes him feel unloved and tormented and dissatisfied .

    Still it could just be feeling of doom for taking on the world and seeing enemies at every turn . Which in Turkey is a wise idea 🙂 .

  2. Call me Old Fashioned.The Ottomans were a small opportunistic tribe from near Constantinople during its dying days and they took advantage of that weakness and overtook structures that created a huge Empire. The eventually fading Turks, remember they had been knocking on the gates of Vienna in 1683,joined with France and Great Britain to fight for control of Sevastipol in the mid to late 1800s and lost. If it weren’t for the Great War the Russians might have got to Constantinople first. As it turned out the same people got to control Turkey as fostered the “Bolshevik Revolution” in 1917, more or less.Study the “Young Turks”. So the big bottom line fear is that Russia will continue to grow and, with Chinese backing, move on the Bosphorus,Russia’s “Choke Point”, that’s why tens of thousands of ANZACS got killed there in 1915. The Kindom of Muscovy is tucked in against the Urals and gained its resilience by resisting successive waves of invasian from the East and the West.They also did a fairly comprehensive expansion to the East at the time that the USA moved West.

    • The Muslim Brotherhood is in there somewhere with The Young Turks and may even be an MI6 Operation. MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service) has traditionally had a close relationship with the City of London and the Financial Interests, dating back to The Great and Glorious Revolution (not so great or glorious) and even to Elizabethan times with the formation of the Great Trading Companies that grew out of the Levant Company,likely a Venetian outfit. Shakespeare wrote about such things in “The Merchant of Venice’ if you ever wondered why some hick from Stratford could be writing about Venice.

  3. Russia needs Turkey to make the Central Asian Republics independent of foreign presence. And Turkey needs the revenue to get leadership of the Islamic nations. Readers should note that Turkish companies were the first – and warmly welcomed – in Russia even before it opened for business.

  4. Erdogan is challenging Germany & the USA because he has Putin’s support. Pravda failed to detect the undertone of Crimea not being part of Russia. That it is acceptable as an independent country. So what’s to prevent Putin from declaring it as such and gain recognition from a country that has the potential to be part of a Russified version of a CENTO (Central Treaty Organization: Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey)? He’s got the armed forces in Pakistan already salivating for a stronger relationship.

    I am not a Putin fan, but he proving his mettle. Looks like Pravda is underestimating Turkish diplomacy – Putin’s statesmanship. Russia will give a lot to secure it’s Southern flanks. They did not do the predictable reaction to their aircraft being shot down. Instead, after s suitable period of indignation, they exposed plots against Erdogan and pulled Turkey closer.

  5. Looks like Erdogan will soon be doing the amphetamine moan.
    Doin’ too much Seconal?
    Better check for track marks. Look at the picture: drooping eyelids, face drawn downwards, keeping his hands together to keep them from shaking. Don’t worry Eric Clapton has set up a nice drug rehab in the Bahamas.
    If you wanna get down
    Get down on the ground
    When your day is done
    And you wanna ride on
    She don’t lie
    She don’t lie
    She don’t lie

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