Google Jigsaw: Missing Piece in New World Order?


In this Truth Jihad Radio interview, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today  says the “ideas incubator program” Google Jigsaw fronts for deep state activities associated with intelligence agencies: false flag terrorism, WMD smuggling, assassinations, and the overthrow of governments. Check out his recent article “The War on Google Terrorism: Las Vegas, Nothing Google Allows is True.”

But in some ways it’s even worse, since Google has a trillion-dollar budget and control of ever-more-Orwellian surveillance and profiling technology. Everything the most feverish right-wingers think George Soros is doing is actually being done – not by Soros, but by Google Jigsaw:

“The formula is clear – recruiting activists, staging terrorist attacks, exploiting their proven specialty, nuclear/biological/chemical weapons fake threats, and engineering US intervention on behalf of what can only be described as a global criminal organization now shown to control nearly all information flow on the planet.” –NEO – Jigsaw, Beyond the CIA and Soros

Now Google Jigsaw is retaliating against VT for exposing the false flag sarin gas attack on al-Ghouta, Syria, among other crimes. After censoring VT in their search engine for two years, they are now ramping it up. In the midst the ongoing a neo-McCarthyite witch hunt against all things Russian, a group of scholars with Google Jigsaw connections has concocted an astoundingly lame hit piece finding that VT has “Russian connections.” Hiding behind the Oxford University brand, they call themselves the Oxford Computational Propaganda Project. Their vapid bromides targeting VT were recently rewritten for human consumption by The Hill.

Will all of us at VT have to register as “Russian agents”? If we do, will the Russians give us a few rubles, and maybe couple of jars of caviar? And will Google Jigsaw and the the rest of the mainstream have to register as agents of Israel? This David and Goliath battle isn’t over yet, so stay tuned.


  1. My boy has changed ballet teachers after five years with a very focused Russian lady. The Russians are serious people and take their ballet and chess very seriously. I saw her at the supermarket yesterday and said that he might be able to dance at the Russian Festival in November, as he has done in the past. I wonder if I am to be classified as a Russian agent for recruiting a vulnerable young person to the cause of a Foreign Boogieman Power.

    None of this Orwellian Surveillence phases me. Skull and Bones set their clocks ten minutes early. Orwell’s 1984 came ten years early for me in 1974. I was at University and my flatmate was sprung working for the Secret intelligence Service – a branch office of MI6. Carl G.Jung said that the Cold War was Psychological Self Projection of one’s own dark side onto the perceived enemy and then Shadow Boxing.

    But this excuse for Surveillence is real, not some fantasy. I know and I was a Boy Scout – “Be Prepared”.

    • CP… have you watched the movie Eagle Eye. The story is based on AI and complete spectrum surveillance. The “machine” decided to take out the government because it became a domestic enemy of the people. Amen.

  2. So there really is a SPECTRE, I wonder if they knew even back then and were cleverly insinuating a warning to the public. I saw it again on the “winter soldier” with the meme that HYDRA had taken over SHIELD. An allusion to the CIA being taken over by neocons, but that itself is a false trail. CIA was dirty from day one. So was FBI.

  3. Those on the node transmitter of info distribution are in the power of controlling the flow of information worldwide. But there are already better search engines out than google with its spy glasses in their logo. And the internet is being splitted by other countries in subnets w different protocolls for transmission. HTTP is not the only way of protocolls to distribute information. It is just the mostly used.

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