Mysterious ‘Planet 9’: Is this the smoking gun?

Mysterious ‘Planet 9’: Is this the smoking gun?

The furore surrounding the solar system’s theoretical ‘Planet 9’ reached new heights after a University of Michigan researcher discovered evidence that may shed light on the existence of the elusive world beyond Neptune.

Some researchers believe that ‘Planet 9’ exists because of the way certain space phenomena, known as Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), behave. Conspiracy theorists, meanwhile, believe that NASA is keeping Planet 9’s existence a secret, because it’s on a collision course with Earth, which will result in our annihilation.

But let’s just stick with the scientists for now, shall we?

Research from Juliette Becker and her team indicates the answer to Planet 9’s existence lies in the life of TNOs.



Smaller than former planet Pluto, TNOs are rocky objects which orbit the sun at a greater distance than Neptune, the gas giant at the edge of the solar system. Some astronomers say that for these TNOs to occupy their current orbits, they must have been in the solar system for more than a billion years.

Others think, however, that in that vast amount of time some of these TNOs should have either crashed into another planet, been hurled into the sun or been flung out into deep space by the gravitational force of other planets.

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Using a large set of computer simulations, Becker uncovered two new pieces of information about TNOs.

First, researchers constructed a simulation of Planet 9 that would most likely cause our solar system to look the way it does now, by preventing the TNOs’ destruction or banishment to interstellar space.

Second, the simulation predicted that there’s a process called ‘resonance hopping’ by which a TNO bounces between stable orbits. Resonance hopping can prevent TNOs from being forced out of the solar system.

In each simulation, the team tested different scenarios for Planet 9 to study whether that version of the planet, complete with its gravitational forces, resulted in the same solar system that we have today.

“From that set of simulations, we found out that there are preferred versions of Planet Nine that make the TNO stay stable for longer, so it basically increases the probability that our solar system exists the way it does,” Becker said.

“Through these computer simulations, we were able to determine which realization of Planet Nine creates our solar system — the whole caveat here being, if Planet Nine is real,” she added.



Researchers also tested the orbital resonance of TNOs with Planet 9, which occurs when “objects in a system periodically exert gravitational forces upon each other that cause the objects to line up in a pattern.”

Becker and her team, found that sometimes Neptune will knock a TNO out of its resonance but, instead of sending it on a collision course with the sun, something – Planet 9 perhaps – catches it and “confines it into a different resonance.”

“The ultimate goal would be to directly see Planet Nine — to take a telescope, point it at the sky, and see reflected light from the sun bouncing off of Planet Nine,” said Becker.

“Since we haven’t yet been able to find it, despite many people looking, we’re stuck with these kinds of indirect methods.”



The search for the elusive planet has caused quite a stir over the last couple of months. Most recently, a number of outlets ran stories that NASA had ‘admitted’ its existence, although this isn’t entirely true.

“If a planet is there, it’s extremely distant and will stay that way (with no chance – in case you’re wondering – of ever colliding with Earth, or bringing “days of darkness”),” NASA said in a statement.

“It is a possible “Planet Nine” — a world perhaps 10 times the mass of Earth and 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune. The signs so far are indirect, mainly its gravitational footprints, but that adds up to a compelling case nonetheless.”

Sorry, conspiracy theorists, you’ll have to find another reason for the world to end. Luckily, there’s no shortage of ammunition.

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  1. If Pluto is no longer a planet because it’s not big enough and it doesn’t meet the contemporary criteria for what defines a planet, I suggest they take an equally critical look at Jupiter, as it may be more like a sun than a planet.

  2. Well, the “end of the world” gang does get the mainstream attention and lots of no follow up, and even back-up from Universities. I was printing my views and direct experiences with the Mayan calendar for 4 years before 2012. My take was, if the theorists do not even know what day it is today, then why do they speak of massive chunks of time with such confidence. As it turned out, the calendar does not end, and dec 21 2012 nor any of the other days were even associated with anything but rumor. They didn’t even know the correct order of 20. The elders petitioned their govt in Guatemala to withhold allowing idiots from around the globe to gather there, saying, this is not True. It was one carving on one stone. That said, our question should be, Does there exist, political influence in the world of astronomy and astro-physics ? If yes, then let’s get to the bottom of why . The calendar hype appeared to be fear porn that fed many , but also there is deep meddling in Academia with the information, much less than honest, and always the warning, to not “go native”. The “discoveries” in the jungle are the bane of many jokes in Central America among good folks who would never talk to American academia.

    • In 2012 the Shin, the forbidden secret ended, the 200year inbreed right contract by the Rothschilds w Royal House of GB. To distract us from this they hyped the Maya doomsday.

    • “The calendar hype appeared to be fear porn that fed many…”

      Indeed. I can also recall the Y2K hysteria. MSM was telling its dupes that after the failure of the computer and communications systems, wild dogs would be hunting in packs throughout US cities. Better rush out and purchase loads of survival supplies. Might as well quit our jobs and max out all our credit cards as well, because we’re all going to be eaten by wild dogs when SHTF anyways.. Every year it seems someone places a specific expiration date on our existence and many climb on board the doomsday bandwagon, as if they forgot that they fell for the exact same $h!t only 12 months earlier. In most cases, these so called predictions are made based on someone’s subjective interpretation of an ancient text that has been loosely, poorly, or even mistranslated.

      Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my current understanding that the Mayan civilization, (like many ancient civilizations), had a profound understanding of the cyclical nature of time, the movement of the heavenly bodies and how it all coincides with the rise and fall of human civilization. Sort of like how the end of one minute, hour, day, or year-marks the beginning of the next, but on a much larger scale that follows the 25,920 year cycle of the procession of the equinox.

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