Russia urges US to destroy chemical weapons


An employee wears a gas mask and suit as he works at the chemical air weapons destruction facility at the Settlement of Maradykovo, Kirov Region, Russia. (Photo by TASS)

After destroying the remainder of its chemical weapons in September, Russia is now calling on the United States and other countries in possession of such weapons to immediately “follow suit” and do away with their stockpiles.

Speaking at a meeting of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Deputy Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Vladimir Yermakov blasted the US for undermining the international treaties banning chemical weapons.

“We call on all other countries still possessing chemical weapons to follow Russia’s lead without delay,” he said. “That concerns, first and foremost, the country that initiated the convention, which has always been the most active proponent of its ideas when it came to other countries and now, for some reason, it continues to be the largest possessor of chemical weapons.”

Russia and the US are both parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which originally required them to get rid of their stockpiles by 2007 with a potential extension until 2012, a deadline they missed.

Yermakov hailed as “historic” Moscow’s elimination of its stockpiles and called for the event to be enshrined in a relative UN resolution.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hails his country’s destruction of its last supplies of chemical weapons, accusing the US of failing to fulfill its own obligations in this regard.

“You know that we inherited the world’s largest arsenal of this type of weapons of mass destruction, and we have coped with the task of eliminating it in a worthy manner, thereby once again reiterating Russia’s commitment to strict observance of its obligations under international treaties,” the diplomat said.

Moscow signed the CWC in 1993 and ratified it four years later, declaring at the time that it had 40,000 tonnes of chemical weapons.

After Russia destroyed its last weapon on September 27, inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) officially confirmed that the country had fully eliminated its stockpiles.

“We expect this to be properly reflected in the resolution of the current session of the UN General Assembly on the Chemical Weapons Convention,” Yermakov said.

US response

Robert Wood, the US Permanent Representative to the Geneva Conference on Disarmament, said the US was committed to destroying its chemical stocks by 2023.

File photo shows Russian army officers inspecting the condition of the barrels of chemical agents in storage at a military base. (Photo by Reuters)The official also noted that Washington had helped Moscow by allocating $1 billion to its chemical weapons elimination program.

According to the US Arms Control Association (ACA), to date, the US has eliminated nearly 90 percent of its stockpiles of chemical warfare agents, or about 28,000 tonnes.

In September, ACA head Daryl Kimball told Russia’s TASS news agency that the 2023 deadline could be extended.

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  1. It’ll never happen. Besides, the criminals of the USA have zero interest in peace in the world. Peace stops the flow of easy unearned $$$ trillions looted from the public tills of the invaded and the invadee. At the officer level, peace means they’re out of a job. YIKES!!!!

    The stupid (unfortunately, that constitutes the majority) will continue watching TV, drinking the specially-formulated koolaid and beating the holy bejesus out of each other as their mutual enemy cackles all the way to the bank.

  2. The USG will never illiminate it’s chemical weapons. First problem is locating them, the second problem is there is no desire to get rid of them. The 3rd problem is trust. How can anyone trust people who break international treaties like a boy breaks sticks. The 4th issue is can anyone honestly deal with life long felons, men and women who belong in a supermax prison.

  3. The hypocrite nation U.S. is obviously stalling on eliminating chemical weapons supplies. In fact they should also voluntarily eliminate all nuclear weapons. Only the dead would be the lucky ones in a chemical or nuclear war. Who would want to survive such a war? Man is a despicable lowest animal for inventing such weapons of mass destruction paid for with forced public taxation. Man does not deserve the benefits of Earth and will most certainly lose them and Earth. As Mark Twain so intelligently observed, “Man Evolved DOWN from the higher animals.” No adjectives exist in English to describe the worthless piece of garbage that is man and his ignorant foolish plunder of Earth and humanity and animals and plants and environment. America is lost.

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