TradCatKnight Interviews Prolific “NWO-Zionist Exposer” James Perloff

James has been on the show before and we have had some good discussions unmasking the New World Order, Zionism and this endgame leading up unto the coming Antichrist. I recently asked James a series of questions concerning the New World Order.


1) Tell us a little bit more about yourself, background and how you got involved studying the New World Order

I originally got interested in the New World Order (NWO) in 1978, when I saw a girl reading Gary Allen’s book None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Without even talking to the girl, something told me I had to read that book, and I found a copy in a bookstore. None Dare transformed my whole outlook on the world, because for the first time I saw that history had a pattern, and was not just the random unfolding of events.

There was an agenda connected to it. That book actually helped lead me into Christianity, because I saw it was Christians who were in the forefront of opposing the NWO, which is, after all, Luciferian. Allen’s book also directed me to the John Birch Society, which at the time was the most widely organized group opposing the NWO. I wrote for their magazine The New American, off and on from 1985 to 2012, and through the Society’s publisher wrote a best-seller called The Shadows of Power.

In the 1990s I became involved in the creation-evolution debate. I wrote two books debunking Darwinism (whose whole intent is to try and discredit the existence of God as creator) and gave many PowerPoint talks on the subject.

After the truth about 9/11 hit me, however, I realized how satanic and psychotic the NWO truly is, and geopolitics once again became the main focus of my writing and PowerPoints.

My latest book is an A-Z primer on the NWO, Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. I also wrote the script for a documentary narrated by Kevin Sorbo, ShadowRing, that is another primer. I blog at my website,, Tweet, and appear regularly on podcasts.

2) What are they trying to accomplish?

In a phrase, Satan’s rule on earth. They’re trying to first consolidate control through the one-world government they’ve been pushing for so long, and that’s what stepping stones like the League of Nations, UN, EU and NAFTA have all been leading toward. Some think the NWO is simply greedy rich people who want even more money. But money is not the ultimate goal, it’s a carrot they use to recruit useful people into their orbit. The end game is Luciferian, it’s a spiritual battle.

3) Who would you say are the main players today?

The Rothschild banking dynasty has been the most recognizable center of the international oligarchy for over two centuries. In America, the Rothschilds have had their satellites like the Rockefellers and Morgans. Henry Kissinger and the late David Rockefeller, who were attending Bildberger conferences as far back as 1957, were emblematic of the NWO in America; Soros is right up there.

I am half-Jewish, and most Jews are not part of the NWO, but it cannot be denied that the top rung is dominated by wealthy, tribal-minded Talmudists. That tribalism, that loyalty, gives them the unity the plan requires for success. But they’ve always needed the cooperation of gentiles, and that’s where the gentile secret societies, Skull and Bones, the upper echelons of Freemasonry, etc., come in. Those societies, have their own built-in loyalty, out of oaths instead of common blood.

But the VERY top of the NWO is of course neither Jewish, nor Freemasonic, etc., but is Luciferian. It would not be at all facetious to say Lucifer is their commanding officer/CEO.

4) Why are so many ignorant of the atrocities of Israel?

Media control. Six corporations control over 90% of mainstream media. And of course, the Zionists invaded the evangelical churches, seminaries and publishing houses with the farce of “Christian Zionism.” The state of Israel is to be the capital of the world government, and the beast/Antichrist is to rule from a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, as Paul warned us in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.

5) What resources can help someone investigate Zionism/New World Order more?

Well, for a well-rounded picture, some recommended older reading would be The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, America’s 60 Families by Ferdinand Lundberg, War Is a Racket by Smedley Butler, and Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr. More recent reading and viewing, besides my primer Truth Is a Lonely Warrior would include The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

Judaism’s Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman, Holy Serpent of the Jews by Texe Marrs, the recent online interviews with the Dutch ex-banker Ronald Bernard, and the documentaries VAXXED and Marching to Zion. There’s also a plethora of great bloggers and YouTubers, like yourself, Henry Makow, Brother Nathanael, Chris Bollyn, Truthstream Media, the Corbett Report, SGT Report, the Hagmann Report, and so many other great ones, too many to name.

6) Why can’t we trust the mainstream narrative of “events from times past and present”?
Because the mainstream media are bought and paid for. Their purpose is to push an agenda, rather than to seek and report the truth.

7) How close do you believe we are to the economic collapse and world war 3?

I think it’s unwise to try to make predictions in terms of time; just look at all the forecasts of economic crash that have missed. However, there is no question that America, and the world at large, cannot continue forever under this staggering amount of debt.

And of course, an economic collapse would play a vital role in NWO strategy by creating a pretext for an international currency, ultimately in the form of an implantable chip. They have always used collapses to their advantage; for example, they orchestrated the Panic of 1907 to create the Federal Reserve.

As to a Third World War, it’s the world wars that have most sweepingly advanced their agenda. Look at World War 2. It got them the UN, the World Bank, the state of Israel, and communism occupying half of Europe and Asia. They have to be more careful with a Third World War because of the nukes. They don’t want the planet incinerated; otherwise, no one would be left to worship the Beast. But I think they might contemplate a limited nuclear exchange in order to frighten the planet into accepting world government. And maybe that’s what they’re leading up to with the hype about North Korea and Iran; I don’t know.

There is no denying that things are getting more and more intense; complete Satanism coming out of Hollywood; the Las Vegas false flag; and this battering of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California.

I do believe the coming 5G Network is connected to their end-game; they say its waves will be 25 times stronger than the current wi-fi, and it’s a reminder of what Serge Monast predicted in 1994 about Project Blue Beam: that eventually they would use microwaves for mind control.

Because let’s face it, Satan knows we have souls, and he’s probably even more interested in trying to destroy them than our bodies. So this is a very important time to pray, to live according to God’s will, and to ask for His mercy.

VIAEric Gajewski

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