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Have We the People "failed"?


by Phil Butler,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Media Curmudgeon – Phil Butler

Editor’s Note: Phil Butler has both feet in the growing war of the technology giants and their marriage to the Intel powers to rule the world, or how the world thinks anyway. Stage one is already complete; President Tweet is even on the team.

But Phil is ahead of the game, as is VT, on the next move being the Fake News giants launching an anti-fake news campaign against all of their critics to snuff out any potential opposition who will be legislated off social media and the airwaves via the evil connection game. But we have lots of evil connection material ourselves on the tech giants and their multiple loyalty wives.

We were on to the Intel birth of social media early, not its takeover… its birth. Yes, the Intel folks were there, including the Israelis of course, from day one. No businessman could create an industry with no revenue for years like YouTube and Facebook, strangling all competitor babies in their beds. Only a State Intel operator with deep pockets would do this, and the reason was a flashing neon sign, what uber-Intel people have always dreamed of, “controlling the message”… forever.

Gutting independent media, beginning with Reagan’s “free enterprise” consolidation was the forerunner. Conservatives will forever wear that shame, as they bought it hook line and sinker. Corporate media is at a stage in their lives that is comparable to a 55-year-old street hooker. That Reagan hustle was a prime example of the power you could wield by controlling media, even in the early stages.

VT is on the periphery of this now, as we have had light probes, with the silly Politico Magazine shot it took at us, as conspirators with dangerous elements to influence active-duty military. That one went down in flames when virtually no one picked up the story. For their trouble, Gordon and I got a bunch of RT interviews for a month or two and then things settled back down. And, as always, our checks got lost in the mail.

Google Jigsaw hit-piece on VT bounces off, again

Then along came the even sillier but slicker Oxford study, where the idiots goofed and used a Google Jigsaw guy to head it up. Obviously, despite their funding, they did not have enough to research our archives or they would have discovered we were long onto them. Of the handful of outlets they got to carry their “study”, not a single reporter contacted us to check anything on the story. Imagine that…not even

So here we are with legislation brewing to ban all those attacking the Fake News machine as fake news people themselves, and they will use a smart little man in a box that no one will ever be able to see, who knows how to point them all out, Grandpa Algorithm

Who knows, I may end up having to go back to stripping at bachelorette parties to make ends meet. I wonder if rates go up or down as you get older, like expensive wine. You just can’t make this stuff upJim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  October 20, 2017

It’s been coming for some time now. The deep state run by the globalists must initiate the final move to take it all over. News US legislators have looped in the major internet players in the media war on Putin and Russia only comes as a surprise for those who are just consumers of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft products and services.

For these people, I’ve got breaking news. Your glorious internet freedoms are about to be terminated. Be vigilant and watch Microsoft in the next days.

Please allow me to set the stage for what I am about to reveal to you. Back in 2007, just before Microsoft funded the fledgling Facebook startup with $240 million dollars, I was one of the early adopters of the platform owing to my job as a technology analyst. For those of you who did not know Microsoft was largely responsible for Facebook usurping every other social community online, I am sure the fact will have some bearing for you where recent developments are concerned.

And for those reading who are surprised I was one of the most read technology analysts in the mid to late 2000s, the fact I tested every major and minor technology hiccup launched from 2005 to 2010 bears mentioning as well. So much for background, I’ll leave off laying out my journalism CV in favor of warning you about the coming debauchery.

Let me frame this urgent report in this way.

When VentureBeat and other technology media warned us in 2014 that Facebook was in bed with the NSA and the FBI, this was a litmus test to see if anybody cared enough to pay attention. Some did, but not enough to raise much of a stink. When we were warned that former President Barack Obama was on board with the NSA and US intelligence agencies defying the US Constitution and spying on citizens, this was an even bigger test that “We the People” failed miserably.

Further revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden were obscured in the news cycle determined to report his “treason” instead of digging further into what he disclosed. As has been the case with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks these past few years, the deep state owned media and the technocrats have diluted or replaced the truth of their global plan. Fast forward to “fake news”, Trump, and the French elections cycle.

By now we are all familiar with allegations about Vladimir Putin helping shoehorn Donald Trump into the White House. The media and congressional circus over this supersedes any news of the despair in Gaza or Syria or in Donetsk in Ukraine. Between NFL crybabies disrespecting the national anthem and Confederate heroes being defamed, mass shootings in Las Vegas and Napa Valley wildfires, there’s a dull hum of sold out Senators creating a case against liberty itself – freedom of speech and of the press.

For my part, I saw it coming about the time the European Union created its own “Truth Ministry” at the behest of some real German Nazis. Then I was assured when Facebook took steps before the French elections to test what I believe is a “truth algorithm” to censor ideas. On the latter instance, there is actually proof on my various PCs and printed out for safekeeping. This aspect will be of interest now, and when my book is published in a couple of weeks.

In the run-up to the showdown in between French presidential candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, dissenters and anti-globalist voices like me took up the banner of Le Pen in the same fashion as we selected Donald Trump. Our vehement support was as much out of desperation and hope, as from any idealistic activism. The interesting point here comes from my own status as an expert on social media marketing and PR, and especially where “boosting” or promoting Facebook posts is concerned.

What better way for Facebook execs to test a new tool than to try it out on an early adopter like me, and on someone who would report the invasion? And report I did on a new bot and a system to prevent “messages” about candidates being disseminated across the Facebook platform. Not only was I censored just before Le Pen ended up losing, but colleagues at Global Research and other dissenting media were as well.

Unfortunately, I did not go so far as to notify my congressman and my senator, along with the FBI and the US State Department, that US citizens living in the EU had had their rights abridged because of foreign interference in American owned media. When I did the trace routes and collected the initial traffic data from Facebook, I should have filed numerous complaints. Somehow, I assumed the reporting of the events would take greater effect I guess. Clearly I wrong. And here we are.

Now Russia has been lumped into a triad of alleged “rogue states” by the US governors. North Korea is about to be attacked. Iran is on the threshold of some crazy Israeli bombing mission. And any voice that supports Russia or any opposing cause is about to be silenced. Furthermore, American generals assure the president of the congress that Armageddon can be won if the price is right! But before I get carried away, look at Big Brother on the move to eradicate your rights.

Google News headlines concerning Russian social media meddling read like the Red Scare all over again. BBC reports “Google uncovers Russian ad campaign linked to US elections”. Sky News has “Microsoft investigates Russian pro-Trump Ads”. And the New York Times congeals the whole Orwellian mess into a propaganda blast revealing Facebook, Twitter, and an oh so apparent overall social media takeover by Russia under the headline, “How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape US Politics”. The last one is catchy, no?

This NYTs article goes the farthest so far at attempting to create a deep operative Russian influence machine, that frankly does not exist. From my viewpoint as one of the most vehement moderators of the America versus Russia mess, and as one of the world’s top social media experts, I can attest to the lunacy of this smear campaign.

And I will, once my sources come back with the deeper analysis of this negative “PR campaign”. Look at what the NYTs story tries to slip past the readership via a would-be expert from Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Jounralism, Jonathan Albright:

“This is cultural hacking. They are using systems that were already set up by these platforms to increase engagement. They’re feeding outrage — and it’s easy to do, because outrage and emotion is how people share.”

Professor Albright seems guilty of hyperbole to me, using the typical Facebook influence methodology to garnish a circumstance no one has seen proof of yet. These rocket scientists traditional media and business dig up make me die laughing, but they’re convincing for the purpose of misleading readers.

As a publisher and a content distribution guru myself, I would not be surprised if the authors of this story on the NYTs were not getting paid for links and mentions of companies like CrowdTangle, which is unnecessarily linked as are others in the piece (oops! Hate me guys, I know the business – screenshots taken).

Finally, the writing is on the wall concerning next steps by the globalists to win the big information control showdown with Russia. Look for Microsoft to “uncover” more damning “evidence” that Russians did something or other using technology, which somehow threatened any US citizen.

Once that report happens, the US Congress will have all the ammunition it needs to pass some censorship legislation against anybody even “perceived” to be against the narrative.

These people are using the public’s ignorance of how social technologies function to get their agendas passed, And, they’re depending on our previous failures and apathy in the next step toward complete takeover. If you think I am wrong, please consider the consequences if I am right.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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  1. Excellent article by Phil Butler. He ties together some items I already knew about, and some that I didn’t. It’s interesting that he thinks the NYT article’s excessive linking is because they get paid for those. I’d like to see more about how that works, because that is blatant Advertising, not News. And it amounts to a subversion of the news business, which I know was already subverted in other ways, but geez Louise.

  2. This goes back a lot further. Remember that old joke “What’s the difference between AOL and a virus? A: 35 bucks a month” Jim should know that there are ways around this stuff that I will not elaborate on here. If you don’t know Jim, I suggest you consult with your ironrod hands. Another thing, think analog. Remember BSG 74’s whole attitude toward networked systems.

  3. There is still no clear motive for Russia to favour Trump. Trump’s admin illegally attacked Russia’s Syrian allies, risking war with Russia. Trump’s admin illegally moved more US special forces into Syria and attacked Syrian government forces and allies for getting too close to their illegally occupied territory. Trump’s admin increased illegal economic and trade sanctions against Russia, by targeting European investors in the Nordstream 2 pipeline. Trump’s admin threatens North Korea with “fire and fury” and the potential for all out war in North Korea is certainly not in Russia’s favour. For no other reason than to please his Israeli puppet masters, the Trump admin refused to certify Iranian compliance with the terms of JCPOA, intentionally increasing the potential for direct conflict with yet another ally of Russia. Nothing Trump has done since he’s been in power can be considered as favourable towards Russia. Therefore, the hysterical narrative that suggests Trump is a Russian stooge is absolutely nonsensical.

    • On the other hand, Trump has done many things in Israel’s favour since he took office. The day after receiving a petition signed by 90 rabbis to strike Syrian airbases, Trump did exactly that. Shortly after, he threatened to defund the UN if they did not remove a legal report that justifiably charged Israel with being an apartheid state. He recently withdrew US funding from UNESCO for refusing to recognize Jerusalem as a Jewish historical site. Without justification, he refused to certify that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal. All of these things were done in Israel’s favour and none of these things were of any benefit to the US, whatsoever. Many of these decisions have further destroyed whatever credibility the US might have still had on the world stage.

    • If anyone actually cared about foreign interference in US elections, a small amount of research would confirm that 100+ juze with connections to Israel managed and sponsored Trump’s campaign. One could easily view Trump’s disgusting display of unwavering subservience to Israel in his speech to the AIPAC convention before his election, and one could compare how he is keeping all the promises he made to them. Sadly, this has been going on for decades, at least, and Trump is just the most recent in a long line of Israeli stooges squatting in the White House. It’s taken the US “intelligence” communities a year to provide conformation bias for their “Russian meddling” narrative, but 20 minutes of research done by anyone can provide a much more solid case to prove Israeli meddling. Washington DC is Israeli occupied territory

    • Russia, as in Putin’s Russia, doesn’t favour Trump. However, the other Russia, that of the Jewish Mafia very much favours Trump – he has been working for them since 1991, laundering the vast sums of money they have looted from the Russian economy. It was the Russian Jewish mafia and their Israeli allies that put Trump in power by rigging the election, they control Trump. It’s pretty obvious, things like Trump’s insane insistence on killing the Iran nuke deal is obviously Trump doing the bidding of Netanyahu.

    • Absolutely Ian, I’m not one of these naive fools who believe Trump is against the deep state. Trump is like a Jooish golem brought to life from the rancid breath of Roy Cohen. I am just sick and tired of hearing the usg and msm blame Trump’s insanity on Putin and “Russia”, as if they could ever be in the same league. Trump doesn’t belong on the same continent as Putin, let alone at the same table. The USG and MSM simply don’t have the guts to call a Jew a Jew. Instead, they mislead the public by putting the blame on “Russia”. As far as I can tell, the kosher nostra, (aka Russian mafia), is not happy about Vlad breaking up their monopoly on Russian resources and industry, so that Russia could actually move forward as a country. If I’m not mistaken, the western branch of the kosher nostra hates that Putin banned their NGO’s from facilitating chaos in Russia. The Neocon Putin haters see this as interfering with their precious capitalism and their control over every aspect of human life, but I just wish somebody had the guts to take back control of our resources, economy, industry and government from the Bolshevik gangsters.

    • Well done, I think you summed it up pretty accurately, or at least, that is what my understanding of things is. I might be wrong on some details, but overall, I think the big picture is pretty much as you just laid out.

  4. @Luther Renfroe Jr.

    You are absolutely correct about Windows 10. It is spyware, masquerading as an operating system.

    Microsoft is an evil empire.

    I recommend that you make friends with a geek and have him install Linux. The version that I use is Linux Mint, with the MATE interface, which is virtually (pun fully intended) identical to that of Windows XP. thus greatly reducing the learning curve.

    Anything that you can do in Windows, you can also do in Linux. Virtually (there’s that word again) all Linux software is free. Really free, not pirated free. For examples, LibreOffice and OpenOffice are close clones of — and file compatible with — Microsoft Office.

    Finish up by getting a VPN, and get your private life back.

  5. Over the years, I have noticed that draconian police state measures are first implemented in Britain. After the kinks are worked out, then they are enacted in the US.

    Here’s the latest news from Britain:

    Watching terrorism videos online could result in 15yr jail term

    Over the years, here on VT, I have urged people to get a VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. You run a program on your digital device — computer, tablet or smartphone — that communicates with a program on a server.

    The server acts as a relay. When you type in a Web address, the request goes to the server, which passes it on the the Website. The Website sees the IP address of the server, not your IP address. As a result, there is no record on the Website of your visit. Also, your ISP sees only the IP address of the server; your ISP has no record of your Internet activity.

    Moreover, all data, in both directions, between your device and the server, is encrypted in real time. Thus, if someone is monitoring your Internet activity, all that he sees is binary gibberish.

    • Continues from above…

      If your ISP blocks access to a Website, the VPN will give you access. If your country blocks access to a Website, a VPN server in a different country will give you access. (The is how Chinese leapfrog The Great Firewall of China.) If a Website blocks access to content — a YouTube video, for example —
      a VPN server in another country will give you access.

      How we access the Internet will be incrementally criminalized. This ia a boiling frogs situation.

      The time to get a VPN is NOW.

  6. @Jim W. Dean

    “Who knows, I may end up having to go back to stripping at bachelorette parties to make ends meet…”

    I didn’t know that you do comedy.

    “You call those pecs?!?”

    (At the age of 73, the secret of my success is that I only strip for old bachelorettes with failing eyesight.)

  7. I have long seen the internet as a military/law enforcement tool for intelligence gathering, that comes with certain risks. The newspapers always had the same percentage and reach. Certain people read, and one person can only read so much in one day. In the artist vs fear based protectorate scenario, I will take the artist in the long game every time. It swings back and forth, each time with the progress relentlessly pushing further. Tech as we know it today, will seem as ridiculous , to the future people, as hand copying text with an ink pen does today.
    Things nobody expects or predicts always come out of chaos, especially when someone thinks they can control the outcome and actually facilitate the chaos. There is only so much time in the day for any one person. And the river of time does not favor those who cling to the shore.

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