Navalny has no legal right to take part in presidential election — prosecutors

Under Russia’s law, citizens cannot take part in the polls if they were convicted for high-graded felonies


[Editor’s note: Although this might not seem like much of a story, it is, in fact, of great significance to Russian politics and by extension, geopolitics on a global scale.

Navalny is nothing more than a puppet stooge of the West, a blogger plucked from obscurity and pumped up with Western finance and assistance into a political figure in order to oppose Putin and sow as much discord and discontent as possible, particularly among the young voters.

The protests that have swept Russian cities in recent years were created by the same group that created Navalny, they are nothing more than rent-a-mobs of young people financially enticed to come out and wave placards professionally printed then handed out to them. The Western media then films these events and makes them seem like a big deal in order to give the false impression that Navalny has far more support than he really does.

Until they were banned from Russia last year, the key group behind this was the National Endowment for Democracy, a group tied to the CIA that has also been involved in regime change operations in Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and elsewhere; in short, they are a front for CIA regime change operations.

By banning Navalny from standing in next year’s election, the Russians have taken an important step towards avoiding the kind of ludicrous farce that engulfed the US in 2016 when Donald Trump was ‘elected’. Without Navalny in the race, the attempts at hacking the election results and manipulating the voting tallies that would undoubtedly have taken place have been rendered largely pointless, although I am sure there will be some attempts to interfere. 

So while the West, or rather, the organised criminal cabal that runs it, remains determined to undermine Putin and his resurgent Russia, they will have to find a new tool to do so as Navalny is now not going to be useful to them other than as a minor irritant to the Russian people via blogging and other disruptive activities. Ian]

Navalny has no legal right to take part in presidential election — prosecutors

Blogger Alexey Navalny does not have any legal right to participate in the 2018 presidential election in Russia, the head of the department for supervision over observance of human rights and freedoms at the Prosecutor-General’s Office said.

Larisa Kopteva noted that Navalny was handed a five-year suspended sentence as part of the embezzlement case. This offence falls under an elevated grade of felonies. Under Russia’s law, citizens cannot take part in the polls if they were convicted for high-graded felonies, and have outstanding convictions.

“Under these circumstances, there are no legal rights for Alexey Navalny’s participation in the elections of any level, including municipal, regional, the elections to the State Duma and as a candidate for the Russian president,” she said.

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  1. Ian, Navalny has no chance at all. It is obvious. Even if he is clear from criminal cases. He has no respect and he has no face – i can express this statement from all Russians. There are a lot of articles devoted to next Master of Kremlin in our media. So the time comes and all kinds of ugliest “wanna be a new president” appear at all corners. Clowns like Navalny, Ksenia Sobchak – they have dirty past and people will never chose Navalny for his criminal activities, color revolution coups failed; Sobchak – for her scandals and even dirty photos naked or vulgar. Soon will appear our old “friend” M. Kasyanov – ex-PM during Yeltsin’s presidency. I’m sure he has already got another 13 silver coins from Washington for next campaign. But our society has acquainted the immunity for such candidates and their liberal tricks.

    • Thanks for the confirmation Andrew, as I said in the article, it appears that the people who turn up to protest for Navalny have been paid to do so, that there is a lot of Western finance being used to try to make it look like Navalny has support.

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