TRUTH JIHAD: Kennedy murdered by hard-line faction of US military: Researcher

We need the full truth about the JFK assassination and so many other crimes of the Deep State


Former US President John F. Kennedy was murdered in a coup d’etat by a hard-line faction of the American military and intelligence agencies with the support of Israel’s Mossad and some organized crime networks, according to an American scholar and researcher.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on the release of documents related to the Kennedy assassination.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump allowed the release of thousands of documents related to the assassination of Kennedy in November 1963, but delayed the publication of some “sensitive” files at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“President Trump, who has said interesting things about the JFK assassination in the past — such as the claim that Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, may have been involved in the killing of President Kennedy — is an interesting president to decide whether to release these many, many thousands of intelligence records relating to the assassination,” Dr. Barrett said.

“And his decision has come as a bit of a surprise to many of us who thought he would just release them. He instead has chosen to withhold hundreds and hundreds of records rather than releasing them,” he stated.

“And what was really interesting was what he said when he did this. Trump said, ‘I have no choice.’ And then he said the reason for not releasing these records was that releasing them would do irreparable harm to national security,” he noted.

“These are very interesting statements to come from a president who’s talked quite loosely about the JFK assassination — which of course was an American coup d’etat — in the past,” the analyst said.

“So, Trump seems to be telling us something between the lines. He has no choice. Well, what does that mean? He certainly theoretically has the choice of just releasing everything. Or maybe if he didn’t have a choice, I guess that would mean somebody was holding a Mannlicher Carcano to his head, or possibly a more viable gun of some kind,” he said.

What harm release of complete info about JFK case could do?

James Jesus Angleton, former chief of CIA Counterintelligence 

“And when he said it would do irreparable harm to national security: How could a case more than 50 years ago have any bearing on today’s national security? Obviously all of the sources and methods, meaning the foreign spies and the way they were recruited, have long since passed into oblivion,” Dr. Barrett said.

“The only rational understanding of this kind of statement is that the irreparable harm to American national security that could come from a complete and full release of all of the government’s information about the JFK case would be that some of it might inadvertently reveal that President Kennedy was murdered in a coup d’etat by a hard-line faction in the American military and intelligence agencies with the private support from billionaires like H.L. Hunt, and perhaps from some organized crime networks, including Meyer Lansky’s,” he stated.

“We know about that these are the same people who tried to kill President Castro, and apparently found Kennedy an easier target,” he observed.

“And Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy makes the case that behind the CIA, which was the most active player in the coup d’etat that overthrew Kennedy, we had the hidden hand of the Israeli Mossad by the way of the CIA’s Counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, who was in fact an Israeli mole in the CIA. And to this day, there is a statue honoring Angleton in Tel Aviv,” the researcher said.

“These are sorts of things that Americans will learn if the truth comes out. Their faith in their government would be shaken, and that is the harm to the national security that might be done,” he added.

“But I think in the long run it would actually help American national security by helping us reestablish our democratic republic. That’s what needs to happen. We need the full truth about the JFK assassination and so many other crimes of the Deep State,” Dr. Barrett concluded.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. It was a Jewish operation if ever there was one. You need only ask why Jack Ruby is never called by his real name, Jacob Rubinstein. He ran a gentleman’s club and was mobbed up with the Kosher Nostra.

  2. In any normal case Every Crime is followed by a Reasonably Explaining Investigation into the incident of Crime and appropriate Punishment meted out to the Commiter of the Crime , this is Usually evident and explained by the Authorities . But in case A Crime is followed by a vacuum , as was in the case of murder of JFK , then it indicates a cover up or a wishy washy investigation which lead to an innuendo , it was long ago obvious that the Crime was going unpunished , AND if A Crime doesn’t get a clear-cut conviction of the Guilty then there is even the chance thatNot Only the Criminal got away Scott free but there is the chance that the criminal moved up in ranks , as is the case here , IF NO Clear-cut conviction was there in murder of JFK so we can safely assume that the criminal got away and it’s possible that the Criminals assumed more Power and that since the mixer they been in Power since then to date.

    • Correction ….. Then it is safe to assume that the Criminals are in Power since the commitment of crime to date , a lack of a clear-cut conviction is very suspicious always.

  3. I found Chuck Giancana’s book about his brother Sam to be quite informative. I see how the new release admits CIA hiring mob to kill Castro, but folks may not know Sam Giancanas relationship to Jack.

  4. I will repeat the comment I attempted to post yesterday, but somehow didn’t get posted. No one appears to have asked the question of why LBJ was in the motorcade directly behind JFK’s car. No one appears to ask why Nixon came to Dallas just prior to JFK’s assassination. No appears to ask of Jack Ruby’s relationship to the Dallas police officials nor his relationship with these two high-power political men including the mayor of Dallas. No one appears to ask there was no Army presence on top of or in any of the buildings along the parade route.

    However, I am now wondering if Veterans Today has something to hide in not printing my previous post. If so, shame on you because you are not telling the entire truth.

  5. Living down here in New Orleans we were much closer to the facts than the rest of the country (except for those on the inside, of course). Don’t forget the Marcello’s still have great influence down here. One hears all kinds of things. Remember John Candy’s character in JFK, real guy. Remember what he said? A lot of people down here know what went down, who was behind it, and why. This is actually a small town, and it’s hard to keep a secret in a small town.

  6. Speculations and more speculations. Reminds me a bit of the Roman days art of fire ash future telling. But seriously, this looks more like “negotiations” between Trump and Deep State, the Illuminati, the banksters, the Cabale, the Jesuits, the Jews or whatever you fancy to call our would-be owners. Trump is threatening “them” with embarrassment because he is being put under pressure with something else.

  7. For those that follow the Vatican, the CIA and the “City of London”, the Center of the banking Cabal who run the Vatican’s milking troth, know that Arch Bishop Francis Cardinal Spellman was the dictate to their snoop dogs the CIA or what is nick named “Catholics In Action” did the job of eliminating this President with his embarking of defying the CFR and the cash cow that all nations must adhere to or you are taken out. Ghaddify and Hussein had similar faiths and I’m sure they are working on Trump as I speak.

  8. Indirektly it is a hint to the DEEP STATE who is in reality in power, guilty and not those puppets in Washington DC.

  9. It is a total joke and contradiction in terms to talk about suddenly releasing what have been secret documents protected by the full military armed force of government for decades especially when ordinary citizens have no way of even verifying the existence of such documents let alone what might be secretly hidden in them. Have we suddenly got religion in America? Any really good stuff has been totally scrubbed long ago from any records. We are not that stupid are we to believe all this “records release” garbage from our totally illegal and outlaw government? Please you corrupt lying thugs running the USA today give us fools in the electorate some credit for some intelligence. We know you are lying deceitful pieces of garbage guilty of horrible crimes we just do not have all the facts to prove it because you used the full military armed force of government to cover them up! There is only one kind of language you understand the same kind of language you use against us every day you lying expletives deleted who Trump idolized when he entered the polished floors of the criminal agency CIA. We might as well be the worst totalitarian regime in the world and likely are. If Americans today had any guts they could and would shut you down and put all of you behind bars or more today. All we learned from Nazi, Germany and all the tyrants of history is how to copy them in secret. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. America is a shameful disgrace to its own people its own Constitution and to humanity if there is any left anywhere in the world.

    • The most insidious part of using government secrecy, protected by the full military armed force of government, to hide unspeakable criminal acts by government under the color of law against other humans, is that the secrecy allows citizens to plead ignorance of such crimes because they do not or have been prevented from knowing the facts of such criminal unspeakable acts against others in secret, so this horrible misconduct is not in their conscience or being and they can and do remain in denial of it. Conscience is the only human attribute which controls human actions. Without conscience anything goes any unspeakable treatment of other human beings can and is and has been done when the perpetrators do not possess a conscience: “Conscience doth make cowards of us all”. This is what is so insidious about government secrecy imposed and protected by the full military armed force of government. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth and the antithesis of conscience which is the only control between right and wrong in human behavior. Kevin is a good man but I think he is imputing far too much in pathological liar Trumps quoted comments. Obviously Trump does not possess a conscience.

  10. Very interesting Dr. Barrett, I just had to look at the underlined town Skokie Ill. to see that the Jews were in this hit. Skokie is a northern suburb of Chicago and is Jew Town. A very nice suburb as I recall growing up . Much nicer than Little Italy or China town – of course. The real story will have to come from VT because the USG will never admit to the deed – after all Bush Sr. is still around. Thanks.

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