Police didn’t get to Paddock’s room till more than an hour later! (Shades of Pentagon 9/11 videos confiscated minutes after “plane impact")


As reported on False Flag Weekly News today (watch it above, click HERE for stories and HERE to support the show) the Las Vegas shooting story just got a whole lot stranger.

Tru News is reporting that an FBI SWAT team responded almost immediately when shots broke out. But the strange thing is that they did not head for the 32nd floor of the Mandelay Bay hotel, where security guard Jesus Campos had already been wounded, in a massive volley of fire, six minutes before the massacre began. Instead, the FBI team stormed the Tropicana Hotel’s Security Office with the apparent aim of confiscating security videos “recording an unparalleled high definition view of the massacre from beginning to end.”

Why was the FBI more interested in confiscating (and disappearing?) evidence than in stopping the shooting?

We already reported the sinister implications of the endlessly-changing story about the shooting’s timeline. (See this excellent LA Times story.)

As I wrote for American Free Press two weeks ago:

“Rarely do America’s mainstream newspapers evince skepticism towards official pronouncements about suspected false flag events. But the problems with the police timeline of the October 1 Las Vegas massacre are so egregious that even the Los Angeles Times couldn’t help but notice.

“An October 9 Times article is headlined ‘Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal.’ The article, authored by three Times journalists, begins: ‘Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren’t able to pinpoint the gunman’s location sooner.’

“The previous official story held that the lone gunman, Stephen Paddock, fired from his 32nd floor hotel room on the crowd below from 10:05 to 10:15 p.m.  Then at 10:15, using his surveillance cameras, he saw hotel security guard Jesus Campos in the hallway and unleashed a barrage of gunfire through the door, wounding Campos. Campos notified the authorities, who arrived shortly thereafter. But the police were apparently in no hurry to breach Paddock’s room and ensure the safety of the people below. They didn’t bother to break into Paddock’s room until 11:20, an hour later! When they finally did so, they discovered that Paddock was dead, supposedly from a self-inflicted gunshot.

“The original timeline made no sense. Why would police linger for an hour outside the door of a mass shooter who had just killed more than 50 people and wounded hundreds—and who might still have guns and ammunition available with which to kill and wound hundreds more? Aren’t SWAT teams trained to take heroic action, risking their lives if necessary, to kick in doors and stop mass shootings?

“It isn’t surprising that the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department has seen fit to radically revise its original timeline. What is surprising, even shocking, is that the new timeline is even more absurd than the old one.

“According to the new timeline, Paddock shot through his door, wounding Campos, at 9:59 p.m., six minutes before the mass shooting started. Campos must have immediately notified authorities. So by around 10 p.m., five minutes before the slaughter began, hotel security must have called 9-1-1 to report that someone had fired a burst of automatic gunfire on the 32nd floor. When reports of a massacre began rolling in shortly after 10:05, police should have already known which floor and which room the suspect was shooting from. Yet they didn’t bother to breach Paddock’s door till 11:20 p.m.!”

Why did it take the authorities more than 80 minutes after Campos must have reported a massive volley of gunfire on the 32nd floor to get to that floor and breach Paddock’s room?! Why did the FBI SWAT team react so quickly by rushing to grab surveillance footage — without taking any interest in going after the shooter?!

As the venerable mainstream magazine National Review admits, “The Las Vegas Shooting Is Still Very Very Strange.”

But that doesn’t mean the whole event was a hoax staged with no actual gunfire, just crisis actors, as Jim Fetzer (recently fired from Rense) seems to think.

Listen to my back-to-back interviews with Ian Greenhalgh and Jim Fetzer on the Las Vegas shooting.

Though Jim will undoubtedly bite my head off for writing this, I think Ian is barking up the right tree with his “hybrid” interpretation of the event. Yes, a real shooting occurred. Yes, real people were killed and injured. But there was probably a certain amount of choreography going on as well, in part with the aim of baiting “conspiracy theorists” into obnoxiously accusing victims of being crisis actors…a scenario that creates very bad publicity for the truth movement, as exemplified by this recent Guardian story:

I recently spoke to an ER physician with extensive experience in war zones about the photo of Braden Matejka’s supposedly fake head wound:

ER physician active in war zones: Braden Matejka’s injury “not implausible, I have seen stranger entrance and exit wounds”

Having talked with Braden Matejka, as well as with his dad and co-workers, I think he’s a normal guy with an unusual wound who is taking a lot of unwarranted abuse. So please, folks, in the future, please voice your suspicions about crisis actors with more thoughtfulness and sensitivity! You (and the cointelpro guys who probably started the whole thing) are doing Cass Sunstein’s work for him!

And if you disagree, feel free to call me a crisis actor in the comments section.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

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Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. As the months go on I find that one by one, the independent news sources on the net I have used over the years are being compromised one by one. Only two remain, and even there some nonsense and disinfo has squirmed it’s way in. However, I suspect in VT’s case, that this is being allowed to “muddy the waters” so to speak. If you throw up a big enough dust cloud (no pun intended) everyone will get lost, except for those who already know where they are.

  2. It is absolutely plausible that the shooting set into motion, an op that had intended to somehow glean info or combat public scrutiny in the event of any mass casualty event. As for video. If I have video of a person brutally attacking and killing your family member, I am going to be Very reluctant to show it to you. Even less likely to make it public. It can greatly increase the trauma. If the shooting had stopped and the team was in the hallway, they had no way of knowing if the door was rigged, which according to reports it did. If the shooting had resumed, they would have most likely blown the door, but it didn’t. So they carefully entered which explains the time. As for the discrepancies of a few minutes here and there, it is plausible information being released as it was first becoming known would be later altered. And that releasing info quickly was also to combat disinformation.

    • One problem I see with rampant and unfounded public scrutiny, is a widening gap between police and civilians being even wider. It is good to question and it is expected, and sometimes well advised, but other times it can be harmful to long term community relations. The core problem is the lack of transparency and excessive use of secrecy by the Federal government especially regarding OKC bombing and 9/11. However the populace handles that problem can make it worse or better for the populace itself. We know our government kills us sometimes.
      They bring this on themselves. We need to make sure, we do not add it onto ourselves, but onto them. Sheriffs are elected. Pick good ones that refuse to punish the citizenry unnecessarily.

  3. Fetzer is a fraud, a man who dreams up outlandish narratives based on the work of others and usually gets it completely wrong but is far too arrogant to ever admit so. As for nanothermite, you are utterly wrong, it does not even exist outside of sub-gram quantity made in a lab at massive expense and does not even possess the properties claimed of it by Israeli disinfo stooges like Chris Bollyn so you really need to educate yourself on the matter before saying anything else. VT has explained all of this in great detail in a series of lengthy articles. Fetzer and 911 Scholars are wrong and deliberately so as they are both disinfo operations.

  4. I am not getting into the crisis actors argument, although there does seem a surfeit of cel phone footage. What did catch my eye was as I looked at all four networks that night the video was exactly the same on all. No other video was shown, just the same thing over and over again on all the networks. The only thing different was the voiceovers from the network anchors. I was not aware the networks exchanged video to such a degree, or that they would all cooperate and use only a single source.

    • Didn’t the media broadcasters share the same video of the 2nd plane striking a tower on 911? Shades of Zapruder. No?

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