Healing the Evil of Religious Dogma and Returning to Love


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I was born in California and began to question the reality of religion at the early of about seven. My father, a Nuclear Physicist and Aerospace engineer, would later move our family to the lovely and small city of Friendswood, Texas near Clearlake City, home of NASA. Here, he would work for TRW to help put a man on the moon. In fact, I grew up with astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s son, Andy, playing midget league football and my Dad helped coach the team.   Later he would move our family to Cape Canaveral Florida he would run the aerospace program for TRW.

Before moving to Texas, my mother and father raised myself, and two younger sisters, in a non-denominational Christian church. The minister seemed to forever drill the importance of being saved by accepting Jesus as my savior. As a result, I became obsessed with whether or not I was saved. There was no way I wanted to go to a fiery hell of eternity if I somehow died prior to being saved.

The city of Friendswood, as it turned out, was a Quaker established city. For me, this opened the floodgate to ask about the Quakers and how their teachings differed from those I learned in the Christian church. The essence of their teachings seemed to focus on listening “to the small loving, wise and still voice within.” This made sense to me given its similarity to the biblical teachings of “Be still and know that I am God.”

Once in Texas, our parents found another non-denominational Christian church and we began attending regular service there. My father enrolled me in the church’s Christian Brigade, a boy-scout-like program. For me, it was just an additional outlet to play competitive sports. Before each Brigade meeting, we were required to sing the organizations theme song “Onward Christian soldiers marching on to war with the cross of Jesus….”. The song always bothered me and seemed weird given the “marching to war” part of the lyrics because Jesus, as I learned, was a teacher of love and peace, the opposite of war.

Therein Friendswood more questions arose about Christianity disclosed that there were other versions of Christian teachings like from the Methodists, Protestants, Lutherans, Catholics and so on. Various adults, who explained the essence of these variations, inferred that their religious version of Jesus’s teaching was correct and the others were wrong and that by believing in such teachings people would ultimately go to hell. How could this be, I innocently thought, the common denominator was clearly Jesus? Adults failed to provide me with any reasonable answer to this question and others. It was mentioned that Jews, supposedly killed Jesus. No one spoke of the Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus teaching. No mention was ever made about Indigenous teachings, in my opinion, some of the most advanced in the world. I was confused and wanted to find the truth.

My obsession with the question of whether I was saved or not, lead me to read the Bible cover to cover three times before turning eighteen. Fortunately, by this time, a greater obsession for racing motocross set in and placed me at the races on Sunday’s, rather than the church. This adrenaline filled meditation seemed to bring me into an athletic and spiritual zone of atonement. One day, the small voice within spoke: “Limitations are bound only by the mind, the mind is bound only by our perceptions of those limitations.” This wisdom seemed natural and familiar, so I began listening carefully to this wise voice within. In hindsight, it was racing that saved me from a path of religious and dogmatic indoctrination.

After an injury ended my professional racing career I went to college. Philosophy classes pulled deeply at me and pointed toward the big question of “what is this whole life process on earth was really about?” After graduating from college and entering the workforce, I began reading book after book on the world’s religious and metaphysical teachings. I was looking for the dots that connected things together to the truth of why myself and everybody else was here.

Later in life, I formed a humanitarian organization called Project Peace On Earth that would produce global peace concert and initiatives starting in the Middle East (Palestine and Israel). This region of the world, birthplace to the three major monotheistic religions, is also the origin of the ruinous philosophical teachings of “I have the right God and therefore you don’t. This makes me good and you ‘the other’ bad and so, therefore ‘I must be righteous and you ‘the other’ are evil.” I’ve learned, and history has proven millennium after millennium, that once someone arms themselves with this insane and psychopathic belief then they can rationalize going into villages to murder men, rape women, kill babies and burn the village down. After these monstrous acts, they can then go home and sleep like a baby because they believe God said this was “Ok”.

Similarly, I’ve come to learn and see with my own eyes that anyone who claims themselves as “the Chosen Ones” and calls other people “Goyim” (meaning “cattle”) or who believes that they’ve found “The Way” rather than “A Way” or deems their God, in any way “the only pathway to heaven” …these people have proven that they are capable of committing all manners of psychopathic horrors onto another in the name of God.

In 1492 Nicholas, the fifth Pope, established ‘The Doctrine of Discovery’ which established the resulting protocols of death and enslavement when discoverer’s traveled and encountered non-Christians. Pilgrims who landed on American soil and were saved by Native Americans, a day celebrated by Thanksgiving, were repaid with gratitude by having their land stolen for worthless glass beads, shooting and killing buffalo (the Native American’s staple food stock) for fun and by moving train (because video games weren’t invented at this time) and then committing genocide on some sixty million Indians. Those who we, the invaders, couldn’t kill we rounded up and forced them into concentration camps we called ‘reservations.’ Yes, our proclamation of Manifest Destiny (we’re the chosen ones and you aren’t), America’s version of The Doctrine of Discovery, brought Christians to behead, seal land and commit genocide. Presently, we’ve seen some Israel and Jewish people, who believe they are ‘The Chosen Ones,’ treat the Palestinian people with great indifference and murderous cruelty.

On November 25th, 2011 we brought 1000 Palestinian Refugee Children to the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho.  They were then guided to form the image of the Picasso Peace Dove and spell out the words “Love All”.   The image of the Dove and words “Love All”, which was filmed and shot aerially, sent out a message of love and hope for other children and adults worldwide.  

In September 2012 the UN selected this image, out of 800,000 pictures, as one of the 49 most iconic images since the organization’s inception.

Religious Doctrines of superiority always precede a rationalized indifference towards people who occupy landmasses that are discovered to possess strategic resources that a militarized and colonizing power deem profitable. Britain, Spain, France and the United States have all played lead roles in colonizing other countries for such purposes. To date, the U.S. maintains some 900 military bases worldwide.

Ultimately, I’ve concluded that every horrific thing on the planet to date has occurred because we’re literally following Jesus’s quote “Love thy neighbor, as thy self”. This is because we are loving our neighbors exactly how we love ourselves…and that is ‘we love ourselves horribly’. Therefore, until each of us truly find the kingdom of heaven that is within, that which is defined by expressing the loving, peace, compassion and innocence of a child, then we will continue to project our crazy self-hatred on to other people…defining them as the “Others” and then psychopathically harming or murdering them instead of lovingly embracing them as our brothers and sisters, God’s gift to us as an extension of her/his family.

(Love All Love Wins / Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) message from GAZA)

Ultimately I’ve concluded that there is only one God and that is a God of love. I pray that each of us finds this sanity and remembers that ‘until we become as a child’ we will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven that is within. In this inner kingdom of loving innocence, only then will we find the expressed freedom and salvation of the soul as expressed by the Jesus figure who stated, “Greater things I have done and even the least among you can do greater than I.” In other words, I did it (enlightenment) and you can do it and even go further than I.

Project Peace On Earth(PPOE) Bethlehem peace initiatives: On Christmas Eve 12.24.12 in Manger Square Bethlehem, Boy and Girl Scout troops lead additional Palestinian youth to participate in forming a human “Peace Symbol and spelling the words “Love All” to send an aerial image message of Christmas love, peace, and joy to the world.

In this ultimate state of self-realization, we can truly know the wisdom of the Buddhist poet Thich Nhat Hanh who states, “The healing of ourselves is the healing of the whole nation.” In this awareness, each of us can be empowered to bring our love to our planet as expressed in the Course in Miracles teachings, “The Salvation of the world depends on you.”

The salvation of our world is truly possible when each of us has the courage to drop the hot rock of dogmatic religious beliefs and identification, and instead look within to remember and return to the love that we already are. Only then, as John Lennon reminds us in his song “Imagine,” will we live as One.


December 31st, 2012:  As part of a Project Peace On Earth “Free All” peace initiative, hundreds of boy and girl scouts join in solidarity at the Dividing Wall in front of the Israeli guard tower, just next to the famed Entry Gate of the Patriarch in Bethlehem (the historical original road into Bethlehem). Here, the scouts formed the message “Free All” and express a continuous image of permanent handprints that send a prayerful plea to all world leaders and the brotherhood of all scouts to bring the Israeli Dividing Wall down and to establish lasting freedom, justice, and peace for all. President Abbas delivers a speech to the boy and girl scouts on the importance and historic significance of their participation in the PPOE “Free All” aerial art initiative.


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Author Details
Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO of ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org (PPoE) and the PeaceSongAwards.org

Robertson is also the Founder and CEO of SupportVeteransNow.org, PenPalsForPeace.org and the LoveAllLoveWins.org campaigns. 

The ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org Steering Committee and Advisory Board consist of 41 world-famed/Grammy-winning musicians, Academy award-winning filmmakers, Emmy winning TV producers, top scientists, doctors, higher-education scholars, human rights and world-thought leaders in the areas of consciousness and spiritual development. 

Robertson has produced three international peace concerts from and for Bethlehem Palestine on Christmas Day and for the Middle East/Global Peace out to some 80 million homes worldwide which featured Grammy-winning musicians, famed celebrities, and thought-leaders. 

Overview of Steve Robertson’s/PPoE achievements to date: 

In 2009, Robertson lead a nationwide bus tour called “Peace Has Begun” that served to frame the word “peace” as a verb for social good and promote the planned annual Project Peace on Earth global musical prayer concerts.  The bus was a traveling media studio that featured two broadcast journalists who interviewed people on their commitment and actions towards inner and outer peace.

In September of 2010, Steve lead a medical mission, with famed eye surgeon Paul Dougherty MD, to Hebron Palestine which resulted in the restoration of eyesight (40 free cataract surgeries) to elderly people.  Michael Garcia, former VP of Development for HBO traveled with the Medical Mission to film a documentary called “Visions of Peace.”

  On November 25th, 2011, Robertson, Executive Produced a promotional aerial image, in conjunction with John Quigley (PPOE Advisory Board), additional PPoE Middle East Production team members and a UNRWA team, that consisted of some 1000 Palestinian refugee children forming the Picasso Peace Dove image and spelling out the words “Love All” both in English and Arabic. 

On September 26th, 2012 the UN selected the Picasso Peace Dove and Love All still image photo (out of some 800,000 over the course of the UN) as one of the 49 most iconic images ever captured since the organization’s inception. 

In 2014 Robertson became an Executive Producer and the Artistic Mentor on the Shanti Samsara Environmental Consciousness benefit album. The album, produced by Ricky Kej, was produced at the request of Prime Minister Modi of India, to honor all forms of life from a Vedic and Buddhist perspective.  Prime Minister Modi presented this album during his November 2014 UN Climate Change Conference Keynote Speech in Paris to every Presidential attendee at the event. The 150-page pictorial coffee table book and 2 CD album set involved over 500 musicians and 40 countries.

In November of 2014 Robertson created and Executive Produced the 2 Unite All benefit album to bring surgical teams, medical supplies, and PTSD Therapies into GAZA and the Middle East Region to support greater peace. The album features numerous world-famed Grammy-winning musicians …30 major musicians including Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Philip Lawrence (Burno Mars), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Thomas Bergersen (2 Billion YouTube video hits), Gary Nicholson (Grammy Winner and TX Hall of Fame) and many more.  The album is endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Professor Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Vera Baboun (former Mayor of Bethlehem) and many more. 

In 2017 Steve founded the PeaceSongAwards.org (PSA) worldwide contest which serves as a search for our world’s most enlightened musicians, songs, spoken word poetry and music videos that guide the way to inner peace and outer peace on earth.  PSA Jury Panel Members consist of many world-famed Musicians, Music and TV industry people and Thought-leaders. 

Steve’s acclaimed and recent book, “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose” is endorsed by numerous national best selling authors including Gary Zukav (“Seat of the Soul,” 10million + books sold), Don Miguel Ruiz MD (“The Four Agreements”),Caroline Myss PhD (“Anatomy of the Spirit”), Jack Kornfield PhD (founder of the Mindful Meditation Movement, author of “A Path With A Heart”), Larry Dossey MD (recent author of “One Mind” – former Director of the Nat. Inst. for Health, Alternative Medicine Division), Alexander Astin PhD (founder of UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute), Jack Healey (former Exec. Dir. of Amnesty International) and more.

  National Best Selling Authors proclaim:

Steve’s book is … “A TEXTBOOK for the Soul” – Caroline Myss, PhD (National Best-Selling author of “Anatomy of the Spirit”)

“Robertson is a Living Avatar on whose shining example our future may depend.”– Larry Dossey, MD (National Best Selling Author of “One Mind” and “The Power of Prayer”)

Steve book uses…”beautiful metaphors and analogies that lead in every instance to awareness, self-responsibility, and our Divinity” – Gary Zukav (National Best Selling author of “Seat of the Soul”)

Steve’s book is …”required reading for anyone who has longed to find and fulfill their life purpose.” – Don Miguel Ruiz (National Best selling author of “The Four Agreements”)

Steve’s book…”can empower you and help you bring your gifts to the world.” – Jack Kornfield, PhD (National Best Selling Author of “A Path With Heart”)

Steve’s book offers …”rich and spiritually authentic insights into the meaning of life and how to find and live your life purpose.” – Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D. (National Best Selling Authors, Pioneers in the Human Potential Movement)

Steve’s book is …”a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance.” – Alexander Astin, PhD (Considered the world’s most widely quoted person on Higher Education. Co-founder of UCLA Higher Education Research Institute. Best Selling Author of “Cultivating the Spirit”.)

Steve’s book…”looks at all of us in the eye and asks us to awaken to our own power and force.” Jack Healey, former Executive Director of Amnesty International. Former Franciscan Monk.

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  1. Imagine Byblos as a thriving harbor and center of things coming and going. Cedar and all the lessons that come with it. Knowledge and wisdom keepers are the first to be summoned when such things appear and their eagerness to share and learn from others incites participation and the ships become multi-cultural vessels of transport of thousands of years of acquired knowledge. As language barriers are overcome, and knowledge shared, it becomes readily apparent that stories are the preferred method of transfer. Fiction is the vehicle of choice. So the blend proceeds, growing with exactitude and lucidity. On the ships, time is plentiful. This is the origin of the text we now know as the bible. This is why verbatim correlations from all corners of the earth are found in it.

    • One example is the stone which has a soul, and must never be traded, because it is used by generations of Matriarchs to grind corn. Only the Hopi have this. Another is the size and shape and material for an alter, and only the Maya do this. Another is the story of the 3 men who come and feast, in the heat of the day, and fortuitous events follow. Only the I-Ching has this. Cattle herding, in Africa. The story of the one who does not drown, is universal. It would all be but a curious coincidence if not for the universal numerical correlations. The knowledge of which are universal and unchanged for millennia. We were all already together and now we just spend our time wondering why we were separated. Religion does this.

    • To alter is the altar. The wheel has a bird for the air, a lion for the fire, a cow for the earth, and curiously where there should be a water animal, is a human. Where is the fish ? Why doesn’t anyone explain why 20 days is a score ? It is not a moon cycle or an earth cycle. Yes, the hub of trouble has replaced the hub of gathering. Opportunists have a tendency to gather where knowledge gathers. Food can cause violence when people are hungry. But knowledge can cause violence in the spiritual hunger, because it is the persistent hunger, and all an opportunist need do is deprive the real food to grab their unfair share and middleman position of feeder of the hungry. Crumbs of false bread, for gold.

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