US should probe Manafort’s ‘Ukrainian trail’ rather than blaming Russia – Lavrov


Months-long efforts of US investigators to find alleged Russian collusion with President Donald Trump’s campaign have led to the discovery of a “Ukrainian trail,” Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov said, suggesting Washington should now investigate Kiev’s role.

They have now found a Ukrainian trail in connection with Mr. Manafort and one of his employees. I suppose a Ukrainian trail should be investigated through Ukraine. [Kiev authorities] also have [things] to say about their standpoint during the US presidential campaign,” Lavrov told the media Tuesday.

The US investigators “have been working for many months… looking for a Russian trail.” Instead, their efforts “resulted” in the indictment of two former Trump campaign members in connection with their alleged dealings with a former president of Ukraine, Russia’s foreign minister pointed out.

Earlier this week, a federal grand jury indicted Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump, and his former business associate Richard Gates on a number of counts regarding Ukrainian lobbying in the US. The two individuals, who inter alia are suspected of having received payments from the party of ex-Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich, have no apparent direct connection to Russia.

The findings surfaced amid an investigation by US Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

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‘Russian election posts’ 0.74% & 0.004% of content – Twitter & Facebook reveal size of ‘campaign’

However, “not a single fact” or shred of evidence supporting anti-Russia allegations regarding Moscow’s involvement in any election campaign have ever been presented, Lavrov stressed.

Without any evidence, we have been blamed for interfering not only in elections in the US, but in European states too. Recently, Moscow has been accused of making decisions on which minister to appoint in the Republic of South Africa,” Russia’s senior diplomat said at the press-conference, adding: “Fantasy has no limits.”

Over the past years, Washington has seemingly managed to find ways to blame any negative world events on Russia, “be it political protests, companies going bankrupt, or man-made disasters,” Lavrov said.

I’ve already heard we’ll soon be not only interfering in elections, but also manipulating the environment in order to create floods,” he added.

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  1. If Ukrainian lobbying is a problem in the US, what about Israeli lobbying? Any fool could look up enough verifiable information in 20 minutes, to prove that Ukrainian lobbying is child’s play compared to Israeli lobbying in the US. Listen to every presidential candidate sell his soul and America’s future at the AIPAC conventions. Look at what happens to any US politician who says anything unfavourable about Israel. Look at how the US has been fighting their wars in the Middle East for decades, while giving them advanced military tech and 10 million dollars per day.

    Out of all the problems in the US, USG subservience to Israel is the biggest of them all. If I’m not mistaken, all but a handful of those who served on the fraudulent federal reserve board of governors have been dual citizen Israelis. They’ve had sole authority over the issuance of America’s currency for 104 years. That’s the reason the economy is so f’d. That and all the illegal wars fought for Israel costing trillions, which is provided out of thin air via the Israeli occupied federal reserve and slammed on to the backs of tax payers. The reason for the intellectual apathy in America is largely because of jooish control over the dispensation of information. Our major institutions only teach what the owners allow them to teach. They control the issuance of currency, the dispensation of information and the government through bribes and concessions, otherwise known as lobbying.

    • Not long after Drumph was elected, Shelly Adelson wrote an article in Israeli newspapers threatening to withdraw millions in funding from Trump, if Trump didn’t make progress in moving the US embassy to illegally occupied territory in Jerusalem. The very next morning, Trump announced that he was working on it. Sheldon Adelson is AKA the Republican king maker and has suggested America nuke Iran for Israel. So, when can we expect this waste of skin to be put under a USG microscope? When can we expect the USG to disclose the extent of, and the disastrous effects of Israeli lobbying in DC? Never, because all the USG cares about is receiving enough money to hold on to their position of power. If you don’t pass this bill in Israel’s favour, your financial support will be withdrawn and given to an opponent who will support the bill. The USG is Israeli occupied territory

  2. The Russian blame fantasy Lavrov speaks of is only proportional to regular US foreign politics run by mafia-like people. The hysteria about alleged russian influence in US is probably a way of challenging communication and triggering response of Russian politicians, because there is no sober businessman both in Europe or Asia that will buy the crap of self-indulging anti-russian sanctions.

  3. I gotta go with Lavrov here. The link we have established is Neo-nazi white nationalism. The problem is, in DC they don’t charge folks with crimes everyone is doing, so they have to find extraneous things. The white nationalists are careful and always love to shove the law back in faces. Don’t forget Bidens son, and all kinds of other Ukrainian connections. This is rats against rats. Finger pointing that goes in circle and back to the hand.

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