Gareth Porter and the New World Order




…by Jonas E. Alexis, Mark Dankof, and E. Michael Jones


Jonas E. Alexis: I read Gareth Porter’s book, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, in 2015. It is based on solid documentation. Porter writes quite eloquently that the United States and Israel “manufactured the [Iran] crisis quite deliberately, in order to maximize pressure on Iran to give up its nuclear program.”[1] This manufactured crisis, says Porter, came from the desk of the Israeli Mossad.

Porter is a historian[2] and we should all commend him to take that step. He also argues that “virtually nothing about the nuclear scare over Iran that was reported in the Western news media was what it seemed.” The Western news media, he continued, has a history of demonizing Iran. Not only that, the “US-Israeli strategy was aimed at using the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to build a case that Iran’s nuclear program had been merely a cover for a nuclear weapons program.”[3]

In short, Manufactured Crisis historically shows that Israeli officials constantly demonized Iran and concocted deliberate lies in order to perpetuate the idea that Iran is an enemy of the West. It has no basis factual basis whatever.

Yet Porter started to engage in character assassination. It is obvious that he and the Jewish Voice for Peace have called people like Mark Dankof anti-Semites. They have also demonized Alison Weir because she was “associated” with Dankof? Why can’t a good journalist like Porter tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Why does he have to summon weird things like that?

Mark Dankof: Alison Weir’s alleged support for the Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed/ADL broadside of Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference in Iran boomeranged when she herself was broadsided by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). In that broadside, Ms. Weir was slandered for her association with me, which is absolutely nonexistent, save for a single appearance on my radio show some years ago.

As Dr. E. Michael Jones pointed out in his article on this entire business in the December 2014 Culture Wars entitled, “The New New World Order,” the universe seems to revolve around the “Jewish control of narrative” and the demonization and character assassination of anyone offering a dissent from their mantra. Gilad Atzmon reiterates this in his own observations on the JVP assault on Ms. Weir.

The Jewish control of narrative and the demonization of anyone who disputes that ground rule is quite obvious in the JVP chastisement of Ms. Weir for ever being associated with me in any capacity. Why?

It is clear why. I have talked in the public forum repeatedly about subjects considered off limits to these people. These include the provable Jewish Bolshevik KGB link to FDR, Operation Snow, and Pearl Harbor;[4] the Lavon Affair;[5] the Meyer Lansky connection to the Kennedy Assassination;[6] Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 48 years ago;[7] the Pollard and AIPAC spy cases; the PROMIS affair; Jewish power in Central Banking, the Federal Reserve Board and the media; Israel’s connection to 9-11; Israel’s alliance with Saudi Arabia and the United States in covertly supporting Sunni Wahhabic extremists in al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS in Syria and elsewhere;[8] Israel’s dual citizens and front companies who permeate American intelligence, the Transportation Safety Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security; the number of Israeli dual citizens in the United States Congress and throughout the American government and media nexus; and perhaps most significantly of all, the disproportionately Jewish support for the Culturally Marxist agenda of American and Western culture via the Frankfurt School,[9] a point fully acknowledged publicly by no less than the current Vice President of the United States.

Gilad Atzmon argues that the Jewish neo-Marxist left is even more toxically lethal to Palestinian rights and the Western world than its demonic counterpart in the Likudnik Right. I agree. And the Jewish Voice for Peace backstabbing of Alison Weir, much like the nefarious Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed hit on Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference last fall in Iran, proves it.

There are two pivotal questions remaining to be answered. First, in consideration of the issue of Hegelian dialectic and “controlled opposition” in that matrix, how many of these Jewish Peaceniks and Leftists are controlled opposition working for Israeli and American intelligence?  Second, how have the Palestinians and pro-Palestinian peace activists fared in having their interests represented by Jewish leftists and neo-Marxists claiming to represent them in negotiations headed toward a “two-state solution?

The era of “Jewish control of discourse” is ending. Let’s all have fun watching their panicked struggle before merciful and final expiration.

Gareth Porter was officially sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace at a speaking event 5 months before the BuzzFeed-Reza Montazemi-New Horizons Conference Waltz in Iran.  Could it be? Hmmmmm.  . . .

Jonas E. Alexis: You have posited noncontroversial facts here. Haaretz even published an article saying that the Israelis knew very well that the USS Liberty was an American ship,[10] but they bombed it anyway because they wanted to blame the act on Egypt. Phillip F. Nelson, author of Remember the Liberty!,

“quotes a story reported by former U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter, who recounted a conversation between an Israeli pilot and the Israel Air Force war room, which was allegedly picked up by an NSA aircraft and inadvertently cabled to CIA offices around the world:

“Israeli pilot to IDF war room: This is an American ship. Do you still want us to attack?

“IDF war room to Israeli pilot: Yes, follow orders.

“Israeli pilot to IDF war room: But sir, it’s an American ship – I can see the flag!

“IDF war room to Israeli pilot: Never mind; hit it.”[11]

The next time a New World Order puppet tells you that Israel is a great ally to the United States, just respond by saying, “What have you been smoking lately?” E. Michael Jones wrote an entire article on the Gareth Porter issue in 2014. Here are some excerpts from that article.

The one-legged man in “an ass-kicking contest.”

E. Michael Jones: Gareth Porter is every conference organizer’s worst nightmare. Author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare (Charlottesville Virginia: Just World Books, 2014), Porter explained in his book on how the Mossad, through its Iranian proxy, the MEK, fabricated lies about the intent of Iran’s nuclear program.

The book was recently translated into Farsi and was being promoted by the Iranian government, which was avidly seeking an agreement with the United States on its nuclear program, one which would mean the lifting of economic sanctions, which would mean better days for the Iranian economy. It would also mean closer ties to the West, which the Obama administration was planning to exploit, via increased sales of oil and gas to Europe, as part of the economic war that it is currently waging on Russia.

The Anglo-American manipulation of Iran as a way of thwarting Russian ambitions was always known as “the Great Game,” and the high stakes hand that the Obama administration was playing at this moment, which involved a nuclear agreement and an end to economic sanctions, was no exception to the rule.

Gareth Porter was no stranger to the Great Game either. His article on the Mossad disinformation campaign against Iran appeared in Foreign Policy, the flagship journal of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller-funded think tank that had a monopoly on foreign policy from the time FDR destroyed America First in the days immediately following Pearl Harbor until the 2003 Iraq War, when the Neoconservative faction took over American foreign policy and started running it as an adjunct of the Likudnik Party in Israel.

The CFR crowd has been longing to regain control of America’s foreign policy ever since the debacle in Iraq. Now, with the emergence of a new Left-wing Jewish lobby, known as J Street, which proved itself as a viable alternative to AIPAC when it defeated that group’s Iranian sanctions bill in January 2014, it looked as if the former WASP elite allied with the parvenu Left-wing Jews at J Street might pull off a dramatic change of direction in American foreign policy toward Iran, one which has been frozen in a kind of cold war ever since the Iranian Hostage crisis of 1979.

Porter’s book was part of this geopolitical shift in the tectonic plates of the globalist new world order. The shifting of the plates, however, did not mean that the plates ceased to exist. It just meant that they were poised to move into a new configuration. Aware that the new shift would not mean the arrival of the Millennium, or that the Jewish/American Lion was going to lie down with the Iranian lamb, Porter walked a fine line.

Porter knew that he would be lionized by Iranians grateful for a book that would hasten the lifting of economic sanctions, but he didn’t want to be lionized so much that he would be perceived by the CFR crowd as having gone native. As a result, Porter used his invitation to speak at the September 30 to October 1 New Horizons conference in Tehran to wheedle the list of other guests from conference organizer Reza Montazami.

With this information he proceeded to go through the list and single out certain individuals, who in his opinion should be uninvited. For some reason, the brunt of Porter’s wrath fell on Mark Glenn. In an e-mail from Porter to Montazami justifying Glenn’s ouster from the list of speakers, Porter quoted Glenn as saying that:

“Judaism is nobody’s friend, short of those few who profit from it, and they are certainly small in number, as we have already discussed. Whether these people are one of ‘God’s chosen’ who do the bidding of their overlord Rabbis or whether they are one of those lowly Gentile types who were created for the purpose of serving ‘God’s chosen’, it is the same–Judaism is not their friend.

“It works to no one’s real benefit, short of those at the top who are giving the marching orders. It does not belong in the same class with other faiths dedicated to improving the individual and making him or her more pleasing to the one responsible for all creation. It does not make people better, it makes them worse. It is like a highly radioactive element that can bring nothing but sickness and eventual death. It does not bring liberation but rather enslavement.

If Glenn had said “Zionism” instead of “Judaism,” he might have evaded—for a while, at least—the ire of the thought police, but the distinction is ultimately immaterial. Mr. Porter’s claim that he was shocked—shocked!—that someone at a conference in Tehran would say that “Judaism is not their friend” was about as convincing as Claude Rains’ claim that he was shocked to learn that gambling was going on in Rick’s Café Americain.

Why this should upset the organizers of a conference series at which then President Ahmadinejad allegedly (at least in the Jewish controlled press) said that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth is anyone’s guess, but Montazami caved in to Porter’s demands and threw Mark Glenn under the bus. As a way of expressing his gratitude, Porter then denounced the conference as a hotbed of anti-Semites and conspiracy nuts, in language that could have been, and probably was, taken straight out of the ADL’s press release condemning the same conference.[12]

[1] Gareth Porter, Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scarce (Charlottesville: Just World Books, 2014), 15.

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[12] To read the entire article, see E. Michael Jones, “The New World Order,” Culture Wars, December 2014.


  1. I’ve only started into Reed, but here’s another thought. Ezra was reported as translating the Torah from Egyptian hieroglyphics into Hebrew in about 600 BC. So God wrote in Egyptian Hieroglyphs? Anyway, the Phoenicians used the phonics glyphs from that system to write lists for their Ship Manifests and that evolved into the writing of Hebrew. An Ideogrammatic and Radial system of writing evolved into a Linear and Polysyllabic one. A picture tells a thousand words and the interpreter of that picture is enabled with significant Poetic Licence and a tendency to Allegorise. Comparitive Mythology indicates that Human Nature would seem to Gild The Lily with respect to Self Aggrandisement. For example, here in New Zealand/Aotearoa, Maui (who some say may have been MW, a Phoenician) fished The Great Fish of Maui, the whole of both Islands of our country and some hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of land, out of the sea from his canoe. Clearly the Mythology of the Judaics is along the same lines with the aggrandisement of The Tribe and could not be taken seriously if it was not so dangerous to Human Persons, Society and Civilisation on a World Scale.

  2. Historically the Sanhedron got ‘secret instructions” from Moses at the foot of Mt Sinai, according to THEM. That eventually justified the Kabbalah and Babylonian Talmud. These Seventy Elders, likely self appointed Sabbatean Frankists, form a Corral and appoint the Rabbis as ‘Cowboys’ to round up and herd the average Joel Bloggstein into a concentrated and confined mental prison. Ordinary Jewish Person are like cattle and captives of the Gnostic “Elite”, albeit often with somewhat higher material possessions or earthly power, which illusions form the fences of their corral. From the point of view of the Inner Circle Elite, the average Jewish Persons are Goyim, Cattle, as surely as the Gentiles.

    • The irony of course is that most ordinary Jews regard the Gentiles and Christians as Goyim or Cattle.

    • I agree with the irony of the “ordinary” Jew . . . they are blue-pilled just as everyone else. I disagree with Moses colluding with the filthy, dirty Babylonian Kabla-blah-blah. Reason: There is no way that Moses’ tribe wondered around the desert for 40 years trying to “find” the promised land. It wasn’t HIDDEN.
      People had been travelling to and fro for eons, and the paths were well-established. Moses FORBADE killing . . . as in: “Thou shalt not.” I suspect there were people living on the “promised” land and Moses wasn’t about to invade them for it — unlike the pieces of SH1T, lawless, Godless, Zionists. Moses’ peeps lived a nomadic life, more or less, and when Moses died . . . all of a sudden, they “found” it?!?!? Yeah, right. Under Moses’ law they could not kill, invade, take away the land. He died . . . then they spun the story . . . Yeah, we just couldn’t find it. Last time we checked, we put in on the nightstand! Dang, where the heck did I leave my promised land?!?
      It wasn’t lost, hidden, or in a 5th dimension. They wondered around 40 years because Moses was not going to disobey God. When Moses died, that’s when they could find their arse with both hands?!?!?!? LMGAO (laughing my goy arse off). There are many Torah Jews who believe that present day Israhell should never have been.

    • CMP… if you haven’t already, check out Douglas Reed’s the Controversy of Zion. He was the Times of London’s war correspondent in WW1 & 2. You just can’t make up the info he lays out. He takes you from the History of the Levites to Belford affair to the Suez Canal in 1956. Great read.

    • Good post.

      For 2000 years, Jewish Leaders have learned to be “Ghetto Masters”.

      They are experts in keeping their people self-segregated in any host nation, manipulating their minds with fear and loathing.
      This is also why they are so adept at manipulating American blacks and other minorities into their roles as revolutionaries and dissidents.

      Isolate people and tell them the world is against them. When their paranoid behavior generates a public backlash, tell them it is validation.

      And by all means hide the obvious, that the backlash is a REaction to paranoic behavior…

    • I did not say that Moses colluded with the so-called Sanhedron- read what I said carefully. Further, under the leadership of this Sanhedron the tribe immediately started violating the Law of Moses and nullifying the Covenant with God. This carried on with all sorts of Pagan Practices outlined in the Old Testament. In fact, according to kabbalaistic thought YHWH was a Demierge who inseminated the daughters of Israel and put the good spark of life into evil matter – Classic Dualism and Gnosis. This rationale logically leads into the Death Cult that rules the World on the basis of eliminating “good” light trapped in “evil” matter. Of course the self proclaimed elite have more “enlightenment” and can manage that process. The main thing that the so-called “Age of Enlightenment” has demonstrated is that Human Persons are genetically 99.98% Primate. The Cerebral Cortex and Sensory Experience with five senses are definitely overrated, but emphasised as of prime importance in Positive Rationalist and British Empirical Philosophy, as well as Deism and Atheism. Modern genetics and ethnological studies of various species strongly indicates that Instinct is inherited and Powerful. The Tyranny of Logos is the basis of my Faith.

    • Khalid, I’m reading Reed now. Further information that complements my existing thoughts. Thank you.

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