Bishop Williamson on Church Crisis



Tell us a little bit more about your background and why you are a Catholic?

I am a Catholic by the Grace of God because Catholicism is the Truth, and if I keep the Faith until I die I hope to go to Heaven.

What are Catholics to make of the Second Vatican Council?

The Second Vatican Council was a gigantic step forward in the great Apostasy predicted and prophesised toward the end of the world.

Why is there so much confusion in the Church?

Because liberal wolves in sheeps’ clothing have got inside the sheep-fold, and the shepherds can no longer tell a liberal wolf from a Catholic sheep.

What should Catholics make of the direction Francis is pursuing?

Pope Francis shares with his five Conciliar predecessors their rotten liberal principles, only none of them has been so brutal and resolute when it comes to putting them into practice.

Can traditionalists ever get along? Or will it be a fruitless struggle between all the varying camps?

Traditionalists both get along in so far as they have the same Faith, but they do not get along in any other way, nor can they until Almighty God puts His Vicar back on his feet.

Given Pope St. Pius X, Fr. Malachi Martin, Cardinal Biffi and Archbishop Lefebvre all stated the Antichrist was close why do Catholics have such a hard time accepting this declaration?

Pope Pius X who died in 1914 seems to have thought that the Antichrist was already born. He is surely close, just how close only God knows for certain. Surely, more and more Catholics all the time are seeing how close he is.

So many Catholics are falling into despair. What can Catholics do to keep in Faith and preserve unto the end?


Bishop Williamson In Fatima 2017. Sermon – Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart



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  1. Interesting answer, 15 times a day to pray the rosary. Is that a coincidence that Virgin decan is the 15th decan in many cultures systems ? Is the church aware of , or use, the decans or 20 days to make decisions or time events such as Francis Papacy ceremony ? What of the ‘holy” holidays, are they timed also in accordance with anything associated with the 20 days or the 36 decans and their attributes as followed for thousands of years before Catholicism ? Because the term ‘score” is used prolifically and repeatedly in the text, and refers to the number 20, what is the significance of the number 20 ? Please state the churches position on Pius the 12th’s decision to move The Feast of The Queenship of Mary, to Aug 22nd and why he did so. Did the church influence the last carving of the Dendera Zodiac ceiling in 18 bce ? Thanks.

    • Correction, that would be 18 ce. or ad. Further question, as the proper representative of the Maya, did present himself to the pope to inquire as to the return of the Codices that were taken from Guatemala and was rebuffed, has the church reconsidered as to the return of sacred codices to the Maya / If not, what is the importance of these codices to the church ? Is it a coincidence that the papacy of Francis and of the installation of the Jesuit General were both held on the 12th day of the 20 days ? As to the relationship of the 12th day to the 15th decan, is it the churches position, that they know nothing of this ? Thanks.

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