Benjamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar and political psychopath

In 2015, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu’s speech before Congress “bullshit.” In the same year, Israeli news commentator and former politician Yossi Sarid declared that Benjamin Netanyahu “is a psychopath.”Sarid was certainly on the right path, for Netanyahu obviously knows that he is perpetuating lies.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

If you don’t think that Benjamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar, then think again. This man has been lying to the West since he became a politician. In chapter 6 of his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists, Netanyahu wrote unapologetically:

“The best estimates at this time place Iran between three and five years away from possessing the prerequisites required for the independent production of nuclear weapons.

“After this time, the Iranian Islamic republic will have the ability to construct atomic weapons without the importation of materials or technology from abroad…The first phase of construction and electrical work will be completed within three to four years.”[1]

Did you catch that? According to Netanyahu’s calculation, Iran should have acquired nuclear weapons by 2000. It’s been more than fifteen years and Iran still doesn’t have nuclear weapons. What’s so interesting is that the intelligence community has universally declared that Iran dropped its nuclear programs a long time ago.[2]

But Israel, of course, was not prepared to deal with that fact because the regime wanted to perpetuate the hoax that Iran was working towards the development of nuclear bombs. When the Israeli regime realized that virtually every serious politician knew that Iran dropped its nuclear program, the same regime rejected the report which was produced by the intelligence community. Defense Minister Ehud Barack said then,

“It is apparently true that in 2003 Iran stopped pursuing its military nuclear program for a certain period of time. But in our estimation, since then it is apparently continuing with its program to produce a nuclear weapon.”[3]

Well, that estimate has been completely false, and the Israeli regime knew pretty well that they were cooking things up. In 2013, the Israeli regime cooked up some evidence saying that Iran already had a nuclear bomb![4] When the United States and much of the world ignored that categorical lie, the regime quietly stopped the propaganda and moved on to other lies.

Netanyahu’s Fighting Terrorism was hailed as a political breakthrough by the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Detroit News, etc. To this very day, none of these Zionist outlets has ever apologized for their abject blunder.

Netanyahu has recently concocted a number of lies over the past few days. Iran, he has said, is “indefinitely more dangerous” than North Korea! Why? Well, Iran wants to “dominate the world.”[5] He added:

“The one potent force in militant Islam that has emerged is Iran. And it is devouring one nation after the other. It is doing so either by direct conflict, or more usually by using proxies.”[6]

This man obviously thinks that the entire world is blind and that no one has been able to keep a record of what’s happening in the Middle East. When was the last time Iran invaded another country? Do a little history. The answer may surprise you.

In 2015, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu’s speech before Congress “bullshit.”[7] In the same year, Israeli news commentator and former politician Yossi Sarid declared that Benjamin Netanyahu “is a psychopath.”[8]

Sarid was certainly on the right path here, for Netanyahu obviously knows that he is perpetuating lies. Much of the world hasn’t been paying him much attention with respect to Iran, and that certainly is a major defeat for the Israeli regime.

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  1. Agents of Zion have an easily recognizable history of behavior involving tricking Americans into fighting their battles and dying for them.

    Moments in history include the Balfour Deed, the attack on the USS Liberty, the threat of Iranian nukes since 1996…and some may argue the WTC towers collapse on 911.

    These events all point to a clear pattern of behavior that includes deceit, treachery, murder, theft, and above all…hypocrisy.

    The most amazing thing to me is the complete absence of shame. Netanyahu for example has no ethics, no morals, and no shame.

    He has no qualms about repeating the same tired lies. The man has no respect for his audience. They are mere cattle to be herded towards his own selfish agenda. This is clearly antisocial behavioral disorder.

    Israeli PMs have a history of criminal psychopathy.

    Recall the Assassins of Folke Bernadotte.
    “The assassins were members of Lehi (Lohamei Herut Israel—Fighters for the Freedom of Israel), better known as the Stern Gang. Its three leaders had decided a week earlier to have Bernadotte killed because they believed he was partial to the Arabs. One of those leaders was Yitzhak Shamir, who in 1983 would become prime minister of Israel.”

    Don’t Israeli citizens fear people like this being in power? What if they turn on their own people? Doesn’t their constant displays of brutality and inhumanity concern them?

    Netanyahu and his companions should be carefully watched wherever he travels. He always has such a large entourage of bodyguards, it is easy for a few to slip away unnoticed.

    Unaccounted for Mossad agents in a foreign country tends to lead to…unpleasantness. At least.

  2. LS…

    Netanyahu is the proto-type Khazarian fraud fake Jew. But he wants to be a true Israelite and a servant of Yahweh / Enlil the fraud Annunaki god of the fake Jews / Israelites ! So nuclear destruction of the world (again) is his main order from the murderous (fake) god he is serving !

  3. Israel is notorious for using fraudulent Certificates of Origin for product in a great number of countries such as Germany. They seem not to be too proud of their country when shekles are involved. Anyway people must think of it this way, any thing coming out of Israhell has Palestinian blood on it. They killed the Palestinians to build that factory. It is the simple truth.

  4. If you looked up the word “liar” you would find satanyahoo’s picture. Yahoo was the name of the golden calf by the way.
    It is amazing how these Israeli psychopaths accuse others of what theys are doing. Iran wants to dominate its neighbors. Guess who who has been doing that with our taxes? Iran has nukes. Guess again who has nukes and who did they steel them from? One more guess who slaughters Semites and then accuses others of being antisemitic because they criticise their psychopathy.
    Nice article Jonas, keep the light of truth shining on the little tribe of psychopaths.

  5. BY now it should be obvious to anyone with more than a couple operating brain cells, just exactly what Satanyahu is. Unfortunately it appears that most Americans have less than that.
    Worse still is israel’s influence in America to the point where 27 states have now banned the BDS movement.
    Time for open rebellion.

    • This from Wikipedia on the origin of the word Boycott from Irish history

      “Charles Stewart Parnell’s leader of the Irish Home Rule Party made the following speech in Ennis, Co. Clare on 19 September 1880. He asked the crowd, “What do you do with a tenant who bids for a farm from which his neighbour has been evicted?” The crowd responded, “kill him,” “shoot him.” Parnell replied:

      “I wish to point out to you a very much better way – a more Christian and charitable way, which will give the lost man an opportunity of repenting. When a man takes a farm from which another has been evicted, you must shun him on the roadside when you meet him – you must shun him in the streets of the town – you must shun him in the shop – you must shun him on the fair green and in the market place, and even in the place of worship, by leaving him alone, by putting him in moral Coventry, by isolating him from the rest of the country, as if he were the leper of old – you must show him your detestation of the crime he committed.

      This speech set out the Land League’s powerful weapon of social ostracism, which was first used against Charles Boycott, an English land agent whose ostracism by his local community in Ireland gave the English language the verb “to boycott”.” It cost the British Government twenty times the value of the crops to save them.

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