Planetary Situation Update: True Cosmos Chart Published


On Sunday, it is our day to be grateful for all of the things that Live and Love, including Our Planet – Ann Diener

We have officially taken back the Planet from the Queen of England. The advertisement below was published in the Life Connection Magazine, November 2017 issue.

Among the elite, the rule was that you have to have it published and publicly available and in print for it to be accepted. The Chart was published on VT, and now as the wobble of the planet is being corrected with our Negative correctly placed and no longer available for sale, the Earth’s magnetic core, is working well in conjunction of the Sun and Moon, we finally have the in-print issue available in California. I have been working God to insure our success and to understand the Cosmos as well as those here and in our Galaxy, as well as in Infinite Source for many years. The below Chart was published in the Life Connection, because of the QE rules, VT also published the chart long ago and I have updated it periodically as well as insured the long term success of our Planet. It has been a perilous journey.

We as humans should never be limited by the elite. Yet understanding each other has been our biggest challenge. I have gone far out sometimes to understand our origins. This morning I was thinking about the Zeta race. When I was 19, I went to a newsstand in Oceanside, CA that was blended with a Rastafari store. When I saw the books, the guy behind the counter said they were about Ancient Egypt. I could not understand the writing at all.  I have to find those books some where. they were very hard to understand when attesting to read them in any fashion, so I set out to understand their meaning  through experience. I love the Zetas race who I have found to be the Black race. They are positive and optimistic, Love beings on the Planet.  it is interesting, there is something to the Pyramids in Egypt that reflect their on their arrival on our planet from Venus I suspect.

I am opening this up for a topic of contemplation. When the Zetas arrived they seemed to use the Pyramids in more of a square fashion. It’s like the tops of them were cut off and later caped with the pyramid form at the top. It would be more like a square landing spot at the top.

This connects back to the days of Egyptian Pharaohs (when you look at the wikipedia link, you will see a differnce, I am concerned some of them may have been photoshopped on this link here it is like they have even wanted to eliminate the blackness of the people who were the pharaohs and off-worlders back then, who were more advanced than we perceive. The interesting thing about the statues, when you look at them the features are those of black people who were very advanced at the time and could be also called the Zeta race. When you connect this with the program Stargate, the Egyptian race containing the Black Individuals was very dark with it’s Baal character. Baal I found to be a white, brother in a cave a long time ago when the white aliens came. This was back about 20,000 years ago, so their concept of the name Baal in Stargate I suspect is fraudulent, unless they really defeated him as separate entity and only used our energy through watching the program. I suspect the Stargate  may have been used to conceal those who are possibly arriving below our surface, as referred to by Corey Goode?

Considering the way our planet has treated black people, it is actually astonishing if the Sufis were the ones that attacking the Zetas back almost 4,860 years ago. So when you look Sufis, who they are, another off-world race, that is sometimes cunning, and then why were they changed in the 1300 AD? Why was their name changed to represent something else. Sufis are currently considered mystical and magical.

So how do they relate with the long-haired race of men with brown skin that seem to represent the Sufi race, possibly in conjunction with a fraudulently sought out/promised methane fuel cell that relates to the Draconian war in 2001?

Another question for this morning is the sub-surface population that has been possibly slowly working trough a secretive island in the South Pacific? Were they trying to steal our “primitive” planet with their “beauteous” sub-surface race as spoken about in Corey Goode’s work? Are they also using the Stargate? The interesting thing is that they were not present below the surface when who I will call the Trogs, Troglodites, who are the Planet’s crystal keepers. The crystals in ring around the core of the earth are getting charged by the Sun. I suspect they were hoping to build a “master race” on the Planet and that was their “master plan” once the surface population was eliminated.

We are currently settling issues on the Planet to address those who have had little access to God and Nature through our Sun and Positive due to dogma. That is the significance of the Chart. I am not sure where those subsurface individuals belong? My concern is they were left here by Ashtar after the Draconian war. The Federation has changed and we are working on our planet, integrating our races, even some hostile ones.

Just for the fun on a Sunday, here is what I worked on a long time ago, Refuting the Laws of the Elders of the Temple of Zion. Did they want these refuted? My guess is no, and they may be connected the sub-surface population who did not value freedom, independence and truth as can be seen from them continuing to remain in hiding. Should they even be on the Planet? Were they expecting us to win our Sovereignty?

Who is this “beautiful” race that may have been hoping to take the place of humanity? I suspect they see us and even other lower developed races on this planet as being unable to survive harmoniously. We are making progress. I also too wonder if this group fraudulently purchased the planet from a criminal cabal? We object to that sale

Here is My Refutation of the Laws of the Elders of the Temple of Zion – God’s laws will stand for this Planet and it’s nice to publish something old on a Sunday. I did this back in 2014:

After studying humanity for many years, finally the core has emerged. The basic premise that has been promoted by the elite is that humans are bad at the core and must be controlled. This has been their justification for not honoring the Universal Right of Sovereignty. There are many potentials as to why and who benefits but, it is clear that control has financial and intrinsic benefits for those in power. One suspicion is that once humans reach a level of awareness where they are aware that they are being secretly controlled and manipulated and reach that evolutionary point where it is known in reality that the people can live in a peaceful, evolved society, they whoever they are – elites- push humanity back with war or action that kills most of us, and ultimately we have no long term recollection of what has happened. It’s like in the process the elites create illegal incidents along the way and once it reaches the point where many people see the lies of those in “leadership” positions, then they create some big event to prevent them from being toppled and preventing society from reaching a higher level.

If you look at society from a perspective of the chakras in the body, the first chakra or energy center is that of security. Once security has been mastered the rest of the energy centers can be mastered. Without this mastery, the remaining are unable to be mastered. Currently our society has been unwilling to allow the mastery of the first chakra, so we are still considered a level 0 society. Once we master security, we can live without war and meet our basic needs, we will have evolved to a Level 1 society. There is no need for humanity to be pushed back again. The core issue at the push back is the perception of ourselves and the lack of ability for humans to recognize their right to sovereignty as a human universal right despite the facade of “badness” that “needs to be controlled” by the elite who use these facades to achieve false security.

Security is actually created through the strength found at the core of each and every human. Through living within the Universal Law of Sovereignty – not to harm another- peace is easily achieved because the law is easily followed. It is also easy to see the strength and solid foundation that humans can create.

In the coming pages you will read a response to the translated version of the “Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Each line has been examined and transformed into a human based one. Their premise is important because it is at the core of false perception about humanity being bad-negative- that has potentially led to these Elders to violate the Universal Law of Sovereignty to maintain control because of a need for “security.” Perhaps the only security they seek to maintain is their own. This may be why the original text is so opposite to the core of real truth of humanity, that people are at their core, good and aspire to peace and freedom.

I will be posting these as they are finished, so you can enjoy them as I write. If you would like to read the original translated text of the Protocols, you can find it here:

1. Basic Doctrine
Putting aside fine phrases we shall speak of the significance of each thought by comparisons, deductions and understanding, we shall shed light on core facts.
We are putting together the protocols for humanity – all people who reside on this earth from a feeling sense as to what truth is in the heart of hearts – core essence of humanity.
It must be noted here that there are far more good people than bad, that all people long to be thought of as good, good enough and loved. More people do good works each day than bad and that is why society has survived this long. The people who do bad things stand out more because everyone is shocked and surprised by the bad, that is another way you know it is infrequent. Even criminals usually long to be good because they often confess and want to get caught so they leave behind traces of their crimes, this is called evidence.
Most people do not like to stand out, speak out or lead a crowd, that is why they are easily manipulated because it is uncomfortable for them to speak out, speak in public and they tend to “follow the crowd.” People can be lead by a very small percentage of humanity. Typically leaders hold ideals on how to assist in furthering society or the crowd will begin to question them and revolt, this is why a small group of poor leaders with their own ideals in mind has set out to control dissent and manipulate the people as well as attempt to win other humans through pay offs, atta boys and rewards both political and monetary. Their control has had to remain secret because it violates the laws and will of the people.
Humanity’s awareness can restrain these negatively motivated leaders through honest self-policing, non-violent action and laws being enforced to counter this small percentage of humans who wish to control and manipulate other humans negatively. This is the role of true law enforcement.

In the beginnings of structured society, there was only one law, that all humans were Sovereign and that it was against natural law to violate the sovereignty of another. This means you cannot hurt, manipulate or cheat someone, you cannot kill them or impair them in any way. You can defend your own sovereignty if attacked and it is a violation to attack another. That is the one natural, universal law.

True leaders of society serve by example because they are followed by humanity and their actions will be copied by others. When leaders violate natural law, they are weakened and will not win. They can defend their boundaries and friends, but the moment they violate another’s sovereignty they loose and their society looses. (Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam)
Gold is an illusion. A false currency, as currency has no value other than that which is perceived for trading purposes. In reality the only significance gold is the perceived value placed upon it and what you can create with the gold. If you could create the same from another substance, that would be the “prize.” The only perceived control on gold is scarcity of it. If it was as common as aluminum or sand, then what?

People by nature organize and choose tasks that they are better at to contribute to a group whether that be a group of people stranded on a desert island, a community, city or country. People find roles they are comfortable within that construct, so they can serve others and advance their life’s work.

Most people care to meet their basic needs and base their level of satisfaction with their current leadership on their own abilities to make those basic needs, if a leader honestly cares about those basic needs they will remain in a position of leadership. New leaders bring new visions for potentials and expansion of creation, so new opportunities will arise for those seeking leadership because this is how society advances.

Only if a society seeks to achieve balance between leadership and livelihood for its people, can it survive to prosper in a Universal model of Infinite Source/God/All That Is/Nature.

If you would like more information on my upcoming class, feel free to call 760-945-4943. I am still working on the web link to register and the class will be held in Vista, CA in December and will cost approximately $75 per person. I will keep you updated.

We are also presently dealing with a negative sticky substance and strange green stone material that holds electromagnetic frequency on the planet, these substances appear to have been sprayed/applied on the surface. I have photos of this substance and have taken samples of the soil and water containing these substances.

White Sticky stone builders substance
White, sticky substance that coats plants and ground to reduce its level of awareness. Very difficult to wash off when re-applied by air consistently. Grass remeadiates it. Also plants can contain EMF properties in green stone like substance.
Early on in remediation project.

The green stone substance has been contained with a tree. I am not including a photo at this time.

All war needs to stop immediately.


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