TRUTH JIHAD: A second (and third) opinion on Harvey Weinstein and the Jewish-Christian “culture wars”

Two Americans from Jewish backgrounds offer different perspectives on Harvey Weinstein, Zionism, and what constitutes prejudice and bigotry.

Henry Herskovitz is the one on the left
Joel Simpson

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First hour: Were Peter Myers and I “pursuing racism” in last week’s show Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace: A major event in the culture war? If so, I didn’t mean to be. But that was Joel Simpson’s first reaction. He wrote to a listener who had plugged the show:

“There are Jews in organized crime, Jews who abuse their families, Jewish murderers, just as there are violators in every other ethnicity. But if you think you’re ‘onto’ something, I must warn you that this is a form of racism you and Kevin are pursuing and is very odious to us Jews. Again I’ll say: any moral judgment of an ethnic group—a group people belong to be birth and not choice—is a form of racism. I have no objection to making moral judgments of Zionists or any other ideological group. But trying to derive some sort of insight here about the turpitude of Jews is as wrongheaded as trying to do it with Italians or Irish or any other ethnic group. Every group has its stereotypes, and if we’re evolved thinkers we eschew them. We realize that we don’t know anything about the moral character of a person simply by knowing that person’s ethnicity. I’ve learned this over and over in my life, since I was not free of prejudices either.”

I thought we were doing ideological/cultural/religious critique. Just as it’s fine to discuss the way Muslims in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Egypt (or Christians in Russia) view issues of “gay rights” and sexual morality in general through the prism of their religious/ideological worldview, it is perfectly legitimate to do the same kind of analysis on Jewish-dominated Hollywood. Isn’t it? Tune in, listen to what Joel has to say, and decide for yourself.

Joel Simpson has “had careers in college teaching, jazz piano and music software” but is happiest now as a professional photographer. He also has a good eye for truth (as opposed to “public myth.”) Check out my earlier interview with him, on deep state issues, HERE.

Second hour: Henry Herskovitz of Deir Yassin Remembered offers a third opinion on the controversy. Henry hails from a Jewish background, but no longer considers himself a member of the tribe. Henry is well known in Ann Arbor, Michigan for picketing his local synagogue every Saturday in protest against the Palestinian genocide. Recently a local attorney, Jessica Lieberman, was convicted and sentenced for stealing one of Henry’s group’s protest signs.


  1. “I must warn you that this is a form of racism and is very odious to us Jews”.

    “Racism” again?

    What race? Semite? Eastern Mediterranean? Levantine? Is Mr. Simpson still crying about “Antisemitism? ” if so, he should give it a break — it’s been overdone. No-one any longer believes Jews are a distinct race. Nor do they believe that a Rothschild or Kushner should be a member of a protected race, like the endangered Andaman Islanders, Kikuyus, or Yanamamos — Jews are flourishing. They don’t need protection.

    American Jews like Mr. Simpson are mostly Just “European White”, although there are some Blacks, Indians, Central Asian, North African, Ethiopian, Slavic, Persian, Turkish, and Mediterranean members of thus supposedly distinct “Race” as well. There are likely many more variants. Apparently there are even a few thousand Chinese Jews, though as I understand it they are mostly Uighurs. This mix does not in any way describe a “Race”. The same genetic variety is not seen in say African Americans or Hispanics. It certainly does not describe the Eastern Mediterranean Arab “Semite” race which they self-identify with.

    Mr. Simpson looks racially “White” to me — perhaps from England like Lady Diana Simpson or from Scotland like the gardener on The Simpsons, or an American with bloodlines from several White Western genealogies. Statistically, he is probably primarily Eastern European, though there is no telling — he could just as easily be Western European, or a combination of the two. A popular geneology site describes his bloodline thus:

    “The family name Simpson is one of the most notable of the ancient Anglo/Saxon race. This founding race of England, a fair skinned people led by the Saxon General/Commanders Hengist and Horsa, settled in Kent from about the year 400 AD”.

    In short, this endless chastisement by Jews — particularly the use of the “racism” slur by White Jews against other Whites — is what is “Odious”.

    Mr. Simpson: You aren’t of a distinct “Race”. You’re just “White”. Get over it.

  2. As with many phenomina of nature, analysis of Existance or First Cause comes back to a binomial explanation.

    Kabbalah, Pantheism, Atheism, Dualism and so on all come down to “Emanation” – the unfolding and enfolding priniciple. The creative principle unfolds and then enfolds into the new reality – the world is god. A subset is that we are minigods and of course the Chosen People are greater mingods as YHWH was a demierge who inseminated the daughters of Isreal. Classic Dualism and Gnosis – with good spirit trapped in evil matter. This still begs the question of First Cause. Modern Zionists conveniently forget that Judea was not Israel and Israel has dispersed to all corners of the earth, with many acceding to the Tyranny of Logos and becoming Christians. The Chosen People have been chosen by the Sanhedron and corraled by the Rabbis into believing in the Hateful Pharasaic Talmudic Creed which is their prison and poison. The Truth shall set you free.

    Catholics believe in a Benovalent and Loving extant Creator God – God is Good and Love is Life. Creation is a reflection of that. “Image and Likeness of God” are words that spring to mind.

    The contrast between these two concepts is stark and obvious – one is for Life and Love, the other is a Cult of Death and Hate.

  3. If I say , “The best pasta in New York”, who do people think of ? If I say, “Green Beer”, who do people think of ? If I say, “Pretentious Queen’s with a penchant for territorial acquisition”, ? “Champagne” ?
    “A guy who is good with money and movies, but is a sexual deviant” ? “Wild West” ? “Touchdown celebration” ? “Jesus appearing in the toast” ?
    The point is, that reputations are not assigned, they are learned. The teacher is the holder and distributer.
    Race has nothing to do with it. Culture is the thing that promotes likeness in behavior. I recognize many cultures and origins. But I only see 4 races of humanity. Thermostat wire, BRYW.

    • Always trying to link the horrible racist Judaism(Phariseeism): a religion for only ONE TRIBE of people, based on self-worship and deceiving God at every opportunity, with Christianity: A vehement rejection of the demonically corrupted Judaism, with all inclusive acceptance for the peoples of the earth…

      …even the Pharisees, if they discard their hateful ways and accept Christ.

      “Blackish-White” or “Nightish-Day” makes about as much sense.

  4. Madison, Wi:

    “Shaarei Shamayim (Gates of Heaven) has been the name of two Jewish congregations in Madison, Wisconsin. The first, dating to the 19th century but no longer in existence, built what is now the eighth-oldest synagogue building still standing in the United States.”

    Rothschild, WI:

    “In 1917 the following persons petition for the incorporation of the Village of Rothschild, Fred Palm, Waiter Kersemier, M. Varo, E. F. Schmidt, Leo Abel and W. F. Hewitt.”

    Perhaps this is not the easiest state to live in and discuss the evils of Zionism…

    …especially Madison. A denizen of Marxists.

    Keep up the good work, Dr. Barrett.

    • “Gates of Heaven”?

      I thought Jews didn’t believe in an afterlife…?

      An attempt to make Judaism(Phariseeism) palatable to Christians?

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