Tradcatknight VIDEO Exclusive: The Faithful FEW…

This entertaining video covers the Vatican II apostasy in the Church which is leading souls into a one world religion.


Tradcatknight Exclusive: The Faithful FEW…
By: Eric Gajewski

Ultimately Rome will be destroyed for her sins as recorded in Scripture and covered by the early Church Fathers. Various approved Catholic prophecies are included. The Masons have their men in place all around the world so that they can carry out their agendas and the Vatican is no different. Jesus said FEW in the end would be Faithful. The world is on the verge of apocalyptic events which are beyond description. Keep praying the Rosary…


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TradCatKnight Radio is a quality program bringing you all of the top quests from around the world who are experts in their own specific fields. This program is highly listened to, unique and insightful. In addition I give talks for other radio shows/programs and have been see all over alternative media.

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  1. One World Religion, is a new brand, pretty scary. Just as Catholics invented a Devil to rule all negativity, and the word pagan, to infer derogatory reference to all who are not Catholic, they now want to pair their demise with the rise of a One World Religion. I thought they actually had done that. That is the Catholic claim. We are all Catholics whether we know it or not. We all die according to their rules whether we know it or not. What could possibly come that is worse ? Catholicism actually branded themselves, the One World Religion. One representative, One Savior, One Way, One Path, One Religion. Now to spin it as a bad thing is simply childish denial and quite passive aggressive. All those Bishops and Cardinals and this is what they come up with ?
    Faith is what empowers people to leave the church. They are the strong and 10 % richer.

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