Apostasy Watch: From The “EcuManiac” Mass To The Abomination of Desolation

The Abomination of Desolation is coming. It was not the New Mass. From Luther worship to Maitreya worship.


Apostasy Watch: From The “EcuManiac” Mass To The Abomination of Desolation
By: Eric Gajewski

It is here! The Ecumaniac’s greatest delight. Get your “Mass Coexistence” bumper stickers while you can! “Ecumenical Masses” are already taking place wherein one “version” of a heretic communes with another and celebrates Jesus together… “all in the name of love and coexistence”. What was once touted as fake news all across traditionalist sites is very much already in operation (informally).

We have seen these reports in Europe of such “masses” taking place but don’t look for this new novelty of “worship” to slow down anytime soon. Folks, the Novus Ordo is on a “titanic like” collision with this New Age iceberg coming. This is the ultimate endgame. It is to get whoever will buy into the propaganda, that is, lemmings (apostates), from all religions, to worship the new messiah who shall come onto the scene.

Simply put, since Vatican II, the Novus Ordo, has been “progressing” doctrines and worship to suit the formal New Age Religion of the False Prophet. “By degrees they shall abolish the Faith, even among persons consecrated to God.” Our Lady of LaSalette

Thankfully, how many do you know, have said, “that was the last straw” once the reports of the ecumenical mass broke? Probably at least a few (at least I hope). From the illicit/schismatic New Mass to an even greater “butchering” of the Novus ordites which will supposedly bring “Christians” closer to one another.
From Luther worship to Maitreya worship it all makes sense if you see the endgame.

Mash that together with what Francis will allow at the local level for the VII masses and you are about to witness the “circus” come to your town (if it hasn’t occurred already). The heretics will do anything to loosen the would be faithful from proper doctrine and worship and the majority are still buying Rome’s program. By now you should know that you ought not be in Vatican II buildings lest you commune with these “destroyers of the Faith” and sin against God but let us dig deeper.

The Vatican denies such reports of an Ecumenical Mass being formally in the making but we are not that stupid, are we? Still don’t see where this is going? Let me discuss further how we might just see Maitreya’s Image popping up more frequently in Novus ordo buildings in the next few years.
Don’t believe me? Did you see that recent report of a Buddha and the Blessed Virgin Mary coexisting in one “Catholic Church”?

Does that not call to mind JPII replacing Christ from the altar with Buddha as well?

Maitreya Buddha…is another name he goes by. We have already seen so many tabernacles being pulled off the altar and put somewhere off to the side since Vatican II. This is a perfect setup for replacing Christ with the Abomination of desolation. If the alarms are not going off inside your head already it is time to put down the pop tart and get with the program.



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  1. The plans of the Vatican are as plain as day. A One World Religion, imposed upon the people of the earth, by force if necessary. It has failed. Now the plan is to survive, with the key instrument of money and landholdings as the refuge. So much for ideology. Pious fraud is monetary fraud as soon as money changes hands. Psychologically speaking, convincing people they are not good enough, is psychological abuse. And frankly, the icon of the tortured man is not helping either. The slickness, and self centered depravity necessary to pull it off, is mind boggling. There will be no deals.

  2. If the Creator is creative and likes creating, then it would seem ridiculous to demonstrate repetition and halt all fluidity of adaptation in ceremony. If the heart is the object, then is it the same today as it was years ago, or even a week ? In all practices being considered, how many “drink blood” and are not accused of dark service ?

  3. There is nothing in the world of spiritual practices as flagrant and shallow as a Catholic mass. Copious decadence, repetition, and being on the knees is no invention of good. Tradition of ceremony is what happens when you forget why you are doing it. Normally. Ancient traditions rely on maintaining certain ceremonies by the letter, not because of “that’s the only way it works”, but because they have forgotten and things come back slowly after near complete loss. With Catholicism, they begin there, in abnormal sequence, and even more than that, the elements of their ceremony have many clues as to their dark origins. But the proof, is the result of such. For real priests, there is a tangible and demonstrable result for every ceremony. I have yet to see a credible positive result from any such thing from Christianity. To the contrary, if people tracked it, they would be horrified to see what things are put into motion, and the devastation that follows christian ceremony. Their only tools for retention of followers is coerced obedience, fear and shame. And the stolen book. They spread darkness and disease with each swing of the censer, and nearly the whole of the spiritual world is appalled.

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