Top 5 Veterans News: Nov. 09, 2017

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.

  1. Reducing Obesity in Veterans. Obesity in the United States has reached an epidemic level, with 34.9% of Americans obese. The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. is $147 to $210 billion per year, with the cost for people who are obese $1,429 higher than those who aren’t obese. The obesity rate has more than doubled since the 1970s, and it’s even worse for veterans. The obesity rate for U.S. veterans is 80%.
  2. When is Veterans Day, and why is it marked on the same day each year?. Veterans Day is
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    always observed on November 11, regardless of the day of the week on which it falls. This year, it will be marked on Saturday. Though the Veterans Day National Ceremony, like many ceremonies around the nation, is held on Veterans Day itself, many communities may hold Veterans Day parades or other celebrations on surrounding days.

  3. How to Talk to a Veteran. This Veterans Day, the country will pause to honor those that have served in the U.S. military — including more than 2.7 million veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet, as many have noted, fewer than 1 percent of Americans serve in the military today, and they are growing increasingly distinct and isolated from the remaining 99 percent. Most Americans hold the men and women who have fought in these wars in high personal esteem, yet often struggle to connect with this new generation of veterans.
  4. Air Force veterans among those killed in Texas church massacre. As the investigation continues into the mass shooting at a church in South Texas, CBS News is learning more about the victims who were gunned down. Like the 26-year-old killer, some of the dead were U.S. Air Force veterans. Their deaths are in stark contrast to the lives they lived — lives defined by a love for God and serving their country.
  5. House passes bill to expand mental health care for veterans. The House passed legislation on Tuesday to provide mental health care for veterans who would otherwise be ineligible because they received an other-than-honorable discharge from the military. Passage of the measure, which came by voice vote, comes two days after a shooting at a Texas church by a gunman who had a record of mental illness while he served in the Air Force.

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  1. Today the government of Canada Announced that IF ANY “ELITE TROOPS ” got an Injury that Lasted more than 180 days then the Soldiers Benefits Will Be CUT , I mean did You hear of This , it was Blaring on CP24 the Toronto Channel .

    Once Yet Again we see the Zionists Shitting on their footsoldiers who got PTSD Because They themselvesa know that They massacred innocent Iraqis , Libyan citizens and what not.

    here we can see that the zionist American Soldiers are being dumped just like the Soldiers of the Zionist Canadian Soldiers .

    NOTE : the moment you end Killing for “Them ” ” They ” dump YOU . Soldiers of Immoral Armies ENDUp mentallu [email protected] up and Financially Broke . Zionists use Humans like kleenex or condomns , I mean its like they use one Thoroughly going to the Limits & then They dump You by ignoring your health needs , Soldiers in Canada are Homeless too , This Needs to STOP , Professional Valiant Soldiers ( some percent in a majority of psychopaths ) DESERVE An Extensively Detailed Healthcare AND monetary Pension .

    I mean THESE Soldiers Professional , Dedicated & Spent Their Lives as Moral Soldiers & Now When the Soldiers needs the government to live upto their end of the Bargain which was Pension & Healthcare , the government is cheating out Soldiers , IF YOU get seriously injured and Your Recovery is Slow THEN the Government is gonna desert YOU High & Dry , Kabeesh ?

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