VT Was Right, Nuke Cloud Over Europe Tied to Illegal Ukraine Arsenal Explosion


March 25, 2017 nuclear detonation at Ukraine arms depot (time mark 2:00 onward)

Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Sputnik News story, censored in the West, tells of a nuclear cloud over europe, confirmed by the French IRSN (Nuclear Safety Institute). The Guardian called the cloud “harmless.”

Nobody knows where the radioactive cloud comes from despite a planet ringed with radiation tracking satellites and a massive network of monitoring stations that came online in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

The blame game, as with staged Syrian gas attacks, on the victims of course.  What is the truth?  Ukraine has kept nuclear weapons and one cooked off at 2:06 in the video above.

When the story was first on VT, March 25, 2017, YouTube videos hit immediately.  However, aggressive censorship at orders of the Google Jigsaw group headed by Jared Cohen, the man we allege planned and executed the 2014 Ukraine coup, pinched off the story or at least tried to.

Google is the biggest threat to press freedom in world history, mark my words.  Google’s covert policy of supporting regime change and their clandestine military organization, operating in dozens of nations, have long been targeted by VT.

The truth is simple, Ukraine kept nuclear weapons, many of which are dangerous, having been poorly serviced, now unstable and as you can see, with disabled safety mechanisms.  We allege that these weapons have been used against Donesk and even offered for sale to Iran and Saudi Arabia as well.

Below we include the March 2017 story and our Feb 13, 2015 story busting Kiev for using the nukes they so often claim don’t exist. (See Addendum I)

We are currently following more stories involving Ukraine and Georgia using local assets, stories that will soon reveal the use of biological agents and a possible planned use of a genetically targetable biological weapon against Russia as well.

The following is from a Russia Today (banned in US as an agency of a foreign government) story outlining President Putin’s reaction to what he has deemed a biological warfare threat by the US against Russia tied to the collection of genetic material that could be used for weapons research:

“Images are one thing, but do you know that biological material is being collected all over the country, from different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical regions of the Russian Federation? The question is – why is it being done? It’s being done purposefully and professionally. We are a kind of object of great interest,” Putin told the Council.

He never specified who was behind the shady dealings in Russians’ biological samples.

While the Russian president’s claims may sound like the stuff from X-Files, it’s actually grounded in fact.

In July, the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command issued a tender on FedBizOpps, a US government website, seeking to acquire samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from Russians. All samples – 12 of RNA and 27 of synovial fluid –“shall be collected from Russia and must be Caucasian,” the tender said. What exactly was meant by ‘Caucasian’ is open to interpretation. It also wants information on the donor’s sex, age, ethnicity, weight, height and medical history. Notably, the Air Force said, it would not consider tissue samples from Ukraine.

While such samples might be needed for purely medical research purposes, wanting only Russian tissue samples specifically, is what sent speculations into overdrive.

Is the Pentagon working on a biological weapon to target Russians? Perhaps unlikely speculated Franz Klintsevich, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee for Defense and Security, but adding that it’s a scenario that cannot be totally ignored. 

“I’m not saying that it is about preparing a biological war against Russia. But its scenarios, are, no doubt, being worked on. That is to say, in case the need arises,“  Klintsevich wrote on Facebook, referring to Putin’s revelations.

He went on to note that he believes the Russian President’s pronouncement of the practice was for good reason, claiming that although such practices has been well-known, it has taken on a “shameless” scale recently.

We begin, From Sputnik News, November 9, 2017:

Kazakhstan, Russia Refute Claims They’re Source of Nuclear Cloud in Europe

French nuclear safety institute IRSN has reported that a cloud of radioactive pollution over Europe in recent weeks was the result of a nuclear accident in Russia or Kazakhstan.

Kazakh authorities have denied the recent allegations that a nuclear pollution cloud detected in Europe could have resulted from an accident at a nuclear facility in the country.

“A radioactive cloud? We’ve registered nothing like that. We don’t know anything about it. Our monitoring systems have not spotted a nuclear pollution cloud. We’ve had no reports about the issue,” Timur Zhantinkin, deputy head of the radioactive monitoring committee at the Kazakhstan Energy Ministry, told Sputnik Kazakhstan.

The emergencies committee has also denied the information.

“We’ve contacted each of our reginal departments and they haven’t confirmed this information,” committee spokesperson Ruslan Imankulov said.

Sputnik International has reached out to Rosatom, the regulator of the Russian nuclear sector. The company responded, saying that there is nothing to comment on because “everything has already been said.”

Rosatom referred to its earlier statement when the first reports of a nuclear pollution cloud in Europe started to emerge. On October 11, the company denied the claims that the source of the nuclear pollution was likely to be located in the southern Urals, in Russia.

“All energy blocks in every Russian nuclear power plant were working and are currently working under normal conditions and carrying out their scheduled load. No technical problems or safety rules violations have been reported. The radiation environment at all facilities is normal,” the statement read.

Earlier in the day, Reuters reported citing the IRSN that a cloud of radioactive pollution over Europe in September and October could have resulted from an accident south of the Ural mountains and between the Urals and the Volga River, which could indicate Russia or Kazakhstan.

The IRSN has also ruled out an accident in a nuclear reactor, suggesting it was likely to be in a nuclear fuel treatment or center for radioactive medicine. Ruthenium-106 particles were detected in several countries in concentrations not harmful to human health and the environment, according to the report. The particles disappeared from France in mid-October.

[Editor’s note from March 2017: There is always the desire for fetzerian types to find something dramatic but fictional that will encourage readership and inspire conspiracies.  As a non-commercial news organization, VT would like to entertain but has chosen to resist.  Thus, when the opportunity came up, we kept silent on what we saw in Ukraine until Jeff Smith, the real professional, met with other nuclear physicists, and came up with a theory.  

Remember, this is a theory based on very real expertise in nuclear fission/fusion and weapons detection and, moreover, a history of working in nuclear non-proliferation with Russia/Ukraine/Iran and others during this period.

We assert that a nuclear weapon went off in Ukraine and more than one may have “fizzled.”  Our expertise indicates that this is possible and expert observation says at least one device went critical.

Our knowledge, based on CIA and IAEA access at highest security levels gives us the reasons listed below which we assert.  This is not proven but were we to fail to “assert,” it would be worse than not stating what we know.

Either way, we have nothing to gain.  Enjoy the ride… Gordon ]


2.06 into video, nuclear flash and mushroom cloud

…by  Ian Greenhalgh and Jeff Smith

As Jim Dean reported earlier this week, there was a spectacular series of explosions at an ammunition dump in the Ukrainian city of Balakleya, in territory held by the Kiev government.

Powerful explosions at military ammunition depots in Ukraine

The cause of the holocaust has been attributed to sabotage and the finger of blame has been pointed at Russia, however as of yet, no evidence of sabotage or Russian involvement has been forthcoming.

Our sharp-eyed nuclear weapons expert Jeff Smith studied the video footage of the explosions and noticed what we are certain is a nuclear explosion.

The nuclear blast can be seen at 2:17 in this video:


The same blast can be seen from a different angle at 3:54 in the following video:


While we are certain this was a nuclear detonation due to the classic daytime white-out flash bang and shockwave followed by mushroom cloud, we do not know if this was a deliberate detonation or some stored nukes were set off by the other ammunition exploding.

In the still frame below, you can see the plasma rain falling from the rising mushroom cloud, a clear sign this was a nuclear explosion.

Ukraine is supposed to have given up all of it’s nuclear weapons in the 1990s, however we have good reason to believe that Ukraine illegally possessed SS-21 short range tactical nuclear missiles.


OTR-21 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab)

Below are two examples of pieces of SS-21 missile wreckage that has landed near the ammo dump after ‘cooking off’.

Gordon and Jeff reported in January that Tom Countryman had been fired from the US State Dept.:

IAEA Source: Trump Fires Accused Israeli Nuclear Spy, Tom Countryman

We believe that Countryman was covering up Ukraine’s illegal possession of tactical nukes. Perhaps Russia did sabotage this ammunition dump in order to destroy Ukraine’s nukes, if so, it looks like Trump gave Putin the green light on this one.

There is a backstory here as well.  It is said that Iran went to Ukraine after 9/11 and purchased a nuclear capability.  Iran needed “temporary insurance” while its existing nuclear weapons program was years from a successful test, a program the CIA has categorically stated was dismantled in late 2003.

Iran sought, the story goes, the ability to vaporize an American carrier battle group with a Russian/Ukranian 550KT thermonuclear weapon. We had been given evidence of the sale and transfer some years ago, but evidence can be faked. We had also been given evidence that Iran had the devices but sought, by 2007, to rid themselves of the liability of having nuclear weapons.

The rationale for the Bush/Blair sexed-up dossier that led to the attack on Saddam and the murder of Dr. John Kelly was the assertion that Iraq had purchased/stolen 3 South African nukes that disappeared from British custody in Oman in 1990.

If you don’ t know this story, see what you can find “out there.”  If you find nothing, we will dig it up and retell it.


Related article on SSG movements

Trump Lied: Fmr. Ambassador Peter Ford Busts False Flag Gas Attack

Addendum I:

Kiev Missile Nuked Donetsk

By Jeff Smith and Gordon Duff


The video was supplied by Glen Canady.  The analysis done by Jeff Smith, nuclear physicist and nuclear weapons expert, former investigator for the IAEA.

The date is August 2014, location Donetsk.  The evidence indicates a nuclear missile attack, ground to ground, launched by the Kiev government.  No conventional, thermobaric or otherwise, weapon could have done this.

There is clear evidence of a missile.  We waited for someone to act, do something, say something meaningful, then we acted.  We clearly have a nuclear war ongoing in the Ukraine.  From Jeff Smith:

35 to 40 seconds in on the right hand side of the video is the nuke going off. The Yellow Orange flash is from alpha and beta radiation being generated in the atmosphere by the warhead detonation. The Radar proximity fuse detonated the warhead between 1,000 to 3,000 feet in altitude.

The primary then completed full detonation when it hit the ground. The nuke took about three seconds to completely implode. It was probably intended to be detonated at a much higher altitude. Based on the blast size it was 5k or less in size. The time delay in the shock wave velocity will also determine the blast size.

There were two detonations the first produced sounds of a conventional ammo dump being blown up. (The cover for the nuke) The second was a ground launched mini nuke. (A lance missile probably; or a similar type; this is how they are designed to work)

The angle of the yellow streamer will show the direction of launch. The Ukraine has no such weapons so somebody else provided it or sold it to them. These things are not cheap so what was the real targets value and to whom? Someone paid several million dollars to use that weapon. So what or who was the intended high target?

Geiger counters on the ground and chemical soil tests are the only way to prove it. Again this is where the IAEA weapons of mass destruction unit should step in.

If it leaves a crater bigger than 5 feet deep then it was over 2 thousand pounds in size, thus it was not
conventional. Look at old WW2 and Vietnam 1,000 lb bomb blast crater photos for reference.

You need to get a freeze frame of the video from 35 to 40 seconds in. (below)

“If a man reads or hears a criticism of anything in which he has an interest, watch … if he shows concern with any question except ‘is it true?’ he thereby reveals that his own attitude is unscientific. Likewise if … he judges an idea not on its merits but with reference to the author of it; if he criticizes it as ‘heresy’; if he argues that authority must be right because it is authority … The path of truth is paved with critical doubt, and lighted by the spirit of objective inquiry… the majority of people have resented what seems in retrospect to have been purely matter of fact … nothing has aided the persistence of falsehood, and the evils resulting from it, more than the unwillingness of good people to admit the truth … the tendency continues to be shocked by natural comment, and to hold certain things too ‘sacred’ to think about. … How rarely does one meet anyone whose first reaction to anything is to ask: ‘is it true?’ Yet, unless that is a man’s natural reaction, it shows that truth is not uppermost in his mind, and unless it is, true progress is unlikely.”  Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, Why Don’t We Learn from History?, PEN Books, 1944; revised edition, Allen and Unwin, 1972

Frame analysis of nuclear missile impact:

gg_129 gg_130 gg_131 gg_132 gg_133 gg_134 gg_135 gg_136

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Addendum II

Weaponizing viruses’? US Air Force places ad for bio samples from Russians

The US Air Force is looking to acquire samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from Russians, according to a government website used to place tenders. The reason behind the order hasn’t been specified.

The Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command has placed a listing on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking for at least 12 RNA samples from Russian people of a European ancestry, as well as 27 samples of synovial fluid.

Suppliers of the samples must meet a number of requirements.

“All Normal Human Fresh Frozen (FF) Synovial Tissue and Normal Human Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) samples must be Russian / Caucasian origin,” reads the contract’s technical specifications. “All FF Synovial tissue and RNA samples must come from normal donors, who have no musculoskeletal injuries. This shall be confirmed by pathology. All FF synovial tissue must have a weight greater than or at a minimum of 0.25 grams.

“All RNA samples must be frozen. Synovial Tissues and RNA samples can be unmatched, meaning from different donors. All Synovial Tissue and RNA samples must be HIV, HBV, HCV and syphilis negative.”

In addition, information on donors must be provided with the samples, including their sex, age, ethnicity, smoking history, medical history, height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). The samples must be delivered to the Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas, within 10 days after the contractor receives the money.

All samples must “be collected from Russia and must be Caucasian. The Government will not consider tissue samples from Ukraine,” the contract added.

It was not immediately apparent what the Air Force needed the samples for. One reason could be purely medical research. RNA is found in all living cells and is needed to translate genetic information into proteins.

“The more you know about the genetic diversity of people, the more opportunities you have, in particular, to treat and diagnose diseases,” Professor Konstantin Severinov from Rutgers University told RT.

“All people are different from one another. That is, the genetic background and the reasons why genetic differences are responsible for some other differences between people are still not understood and are the subject of active study.”

But Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN commission on biological weapons, noted that the RNA samples can be used to develop viruses.

“New types of biological weapons are being developed. There’s nothing else that could possibly interest the military department. Most likely, they are weaponized viruses,” Nikulin told RT. “The US is trying to develop various types of biological weapons specifically for specific carriers of this gene pool, and Caucasoids are needed since they constitute the majority of the population of our country.

“This is the same focus group for which they are trying to find the samples. It’s necessary for the viruses to act selectively on one or another ethnic group.


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. How come those that always pick up alleged radiation from Russia are European scientists and meteorologists? Does that mean that Irani or Pakistani scientists or Chinese or Russian meteorologists or whoever in the circle of 1000 miles of “nuclear” spill are idiots? Does that mean that no matter where the “accident” occurs radioactive winds always blow towards Europe or NATO?

  2. There is precedence for targeting a select group with bological weapons. I don’t recall the year, or the S. African doctor’s name, but he was prosecuted for developing a bio-agent designed to attack black S. Africans. There has never been a weapon designed but not used. This is only my opinion. If anyone can name one I am interested in hearing about it.

    • Specifically within the US in collaboration with the US Army and Catholic Church, small pox blankets specifically targeted Native Americans. Imagine how it has grown from there. Even just years ago, multiple doctors coordinating to sterilize black women in the south were caught and charged. To covertly do things such as this are the dreams of the insane and nightmares of the populace.

    • Bioweapon targeting semitic Arabs has been created by Israel. In the event of its use Israel would also lose semitic Jews but that would be a calculated and acceptable loss. Because the semitic Jews of Northern Africa and Arabia are not the ruling stratum in Israel. The Jews-Semites are considered racially inferior by the Jews whose genetic make-up is either European or Turko-Asian [Khazars]. The European Jews have created and rule Israel. The information on the Israeli genocidal bioweapon was made public years ago by the London’s venerable newspaper – The Times.

    • 1 – @ David Odell [a Jew ? a Judaizer ?] – Submit proofs that, as you claim, the Catholic Church targeted the American natives with ‘smallpox blankets’ in order to exterminate them.
      The practice of deliberately infecting the natives with mortal diseases originated with the Protestants of Britain. The judaizing Protestants rejected Christ’s words that God is love for all people and went back to the genocidal teachings and behavior of Jews. The Church taught for 1500 years that the New Testament supersedes the Old Testament. The Protestants turned back to Christ and went back to the Old Testament, which preached extermination of people who are not Chosen and Elected, as the teaching authority. When the new Israelites of Protestant covenant entered the new promised land of America they were to wipe out “the Canaanites” living there.
      Is the Jews and the American Protestants-judaizers who are responsible for acts of genocide against the American natives. The America was the new Canaan for the new Chosen and Elected people as the Protestants saw themselves [Americans are the Chosen people : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/3588017/Americans-are-the-chosen-people.html ]
      What should the Chosen People of God do ? Deuteronomy, chapter 7 : ” And you shall destroy all the peoples that the LORD your God will give over to you, your eye shall not pity them..”.
      Deuteronomy ch. 20 : “But in the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God gives you for an for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes..”

    • 2 – @ David Odell – John Winthrop, the Governor of the Massachusetts Colony, said to his new-Israelite people : “we shall find that the God of Israel is among us, but if we deal falsely with our God… we be consumed out of the good land whither we are going.”
      William Bradford, the Governor of the Plymouth colony, called the plague : ““the good hand of God,” which “favored our beginnings” by “sweeping away great multitudes of the natives … that he might make room for us.”
      One of the commandments of God is about lying, about bearing false witness. The lies you spread will be counted against you. You can convince me that you do not bear false witness by giving proofs from the Catholic theology that the people of various lands across the World are to be viewed on the level of the ancient Canaanites and that they may be killed at pleasure and at will. Please quote from the documents of the Catholic Church, give evidence of Catholics deliberately giving blankets infected with smallpox to the American Indians. Or admit that you deliberately spread lies about and hate towards the Catholics.
      People like you inadvertently prove that it is the Catholic Church which is right, I have to thank people like you that I started to study history and learned forbidden history.


    This may be dated – published in late 1998, but clarifies much in layman’s language of just what this program may be about insofar as Zionists are concerned: From The Journal of Historical Review, Nov. – Dec. 1998 (Vol. 17, No. 6), pages 24-25.


    Do the Zionists infiltrators of the US imagine the Zionist/Khazarian hordes are safe by ignoring Ukraine citizens from this Russia test? After all isn’t the Ukraine the region where they originated? By choosing to target Russians they have put a considerable cross-section of Israel’s population in the loop of a probable Zionist conspiracy.
    It almost seems a re-ignition of Israel’s mooted biological bomb (see above) to solve the Palestinian/Arab question.
    Heaven forbid the results should fall into the hands of anti-semites because then the fox won’t find his way out of the hen house due to a flying and suffocating mass of feathers and bodies of soon-to-be Kentucky Fried (KF) or Khazarian Fried chickens. Who would have ever thought the Fox and Chickens were one and the same; or to explain it in the vernacular – wolves in sheep’s clothing. No telling who’s who anymore unless you are a Zionist and then of course, everyone else is immaterial. In the end, it comes down to a question of Zionist ‘Zoonosis’ where the lower breed of animals they represent, seek to perfect a disease that normally exists only in minds of animals of their ilk that can infect humans. The matter is then somewhat complicated even for this rabid anti-Russian/anti-US clique. I say that and recall when you-know-who bought up all the grain of the Ukraine to make … alcohol, and caused millions to die of famine. That was animal!

  4. Mixed several stories in one article. Well, i can’t say for sure, but last time it is popular to find nuclear explosions. I suppose it was just a big boom of a great concentration of explosive. Different “mothers and fathers of all bombs” can produce the same nuke-like mushrooms. I’m not a nuclear physicist, but i don’t think that Nuke shell or bomb nuclear detonation may be initiated by a zippo/Cricket lighter. Maybe if crashed by ordinary explosions and the radiation materials dispersed – then you may use Geiger counters. Secondly, i doubt Ukraine has any nukes after USSR (Russia took all nukes from all republics). It is too serious thing not to mention. And even if to imagine that smth was left – i’m sure it would have been sold long time ago. This is Ukraine. To use it in Donbas? It is silly, ’cause there will be everything clear: who launched, who suffered, what the bomb it was.

  5. The idea, is the last step, in a long ago hatched methodology. First is the cattle. Then the houses, and the land, then finally and in one swoop, the seeds are controlled by a few. Any servant or worker who has spent time working closely in the homes of the wealthy will agree on one very important observation. The ultra rich, get very bored and spend money on all kinds of bizarre ideas. This is precisely why ancient cultures knew to never allow extreme wealth in any society. That source of prevention has failed, and now the only hope is compassion or the intelligence to think it through. It would be the first time, if those things prevented what comes. The warning have been for ages, but are lost in the myriad of false warnings and wars for profit. Meanwhile, the diabolical end game was in process. Welcome to the Planet of the Apes.

  6. Dissection of the primal seed, is Pandora’s box, and the giddy lab coats that would make such a weapon, are not likely to be compassionate or even provoked in deeper thought while doing so. There are many good reasons to believe test trials have taken place. But even without tangible evidence, if examining human behavior and capabilities, it is nearly impossible to consider they haven’t. Insects would be the preferred delivery vehicle as all can be explained away by invasive species, and mutating viruses. Consider that the Eugenics movement used to be as popular as white supremacy, and folks were largely unaware of the sheer numbers until Trump empowered them. But the Eugenics crowd are not so easily baited into daylight, as the profoundly dark imaginations of their agenda do not need or welcome public input or approval. Thus, the only prevention, is similar to methods used to prevent nuclear proliferation. The materials and equipment necessary would have to be overseen by a regulatory body of unquestioning dedication to the public good of all. Calculate those odds to find the answer. AI is not even on the radar as a threat, because genetic alteration cannot be put back into the box.

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