History Never Happened, Who is David Irving?

Who put the hit on Julius Caesar?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

November 2, 2010

Editor’s note:  Yes, the date is right, this article is 7 years old.  Why then has it upset people today, and it has?  Over the past few years, author and historian David Irving has slowed down a bit and moved into the shadows.

At one time, the greatest WW2 researcher of all time, Irving was a pop star type celeb, first historian to ever get that far.  Then he began destroying the fictional historical narratives that our dark overlords depend on so much.  Watch the videos, and read my tired, nearly decade old prose. .. Gordon Duff

Editor’s Note Two: I had the pleasure of video taping four of Irving’s visits to Atlanta, one of them where C-Span was taping, which the AIPAC Lobby nixed the show by backing out, giving C-Span a way out of being tagged for censoring because they claime could not show just Irving’s part of the story without  AIPAC’s.

Of course they could have had a number of stand ins play the Israeli position role, but the goal was to not let Americans see what a solid lecturer that Irving was at the time. This is the same reason why VT has a corporate media blackout in the US, and is rarely publicly attacked. They do not want us to be able to respond and be heard.

My footage is still sitting on the archive shelves waiting to be edited someday, while the David Irving story continues to be a moving one. What he has accomplished through his writing was a gift to us all, and any who have seen him lecture in person will never forget it. He is a walking billboard as to why historical truth is hated so much… Jim W. Dean ]

Was it Osama bin Laden or the Mossad?  Was it the Illuminati or the Council on Foreign Relations?  Did they do it together?  Where was Marc Anthony after 9/11 when we really needed him? 

A sad thing, perhaps beyond comprehension, is that we know more about Julius Caesar than we know about or own recent history.  A few days ago someone sent me a link to a video by David Irving, the British author who professionally debunks everything.

Irving, famous of late for taking on the holocaust, is the “go to guy” on World War II and Germany in particular.  His research is, hands down, the best out there and he loves humiliating others for being duped by writing academic garbage based on secondary sources, too often proven, not just unreliable, but utter fiction.

Irving takes on a lot of targets but his best debunking is Winston Churchill.  Sitting through his book tour lecture from the 1980s, a grainy video, was surprisingly painless.  With the rise of cable television, the new networks have made a cottage industry out of debunking our phony history, shows on military secrets, scandals and cover-ups run for hours each day.  These are humiliating for historians who made their reputations writing “definitive” works based on what we now know to be forgeries, propaganda and disinformation. (optional full length Google Video below)

Irving’s case against Churchill is shocking and, worst of all, nobody has been able to debate him face to face.  His sources are impeccable and his research beyond anything yet seen.  This is a guy who will spend years reading letters, bank statements or travel around the world to get primary documents.  Irving paints Churchill as a villain as great as Hitler, nearly as great as Stalin.

Was World War II started by Churchill, a brilliant but immoral drunk, art forger and scoundrel who took payoffs from foreign intelligence services, banking cabals and anyone else willing to shove an envelope in his pocket?

If so, then everything we know of World War II, of Hitler, of events of the 20th century is, not just a little bit wrong, but outrageously false.

Most damning, to me at least, is learning that Churchill’s History of the Second World Warwas largely fabricated, ghost written by his American editors who made sure the truth never got out.  Though Irving finds Churchill an easy target, it goes much further.  Embarrassingly, the Goebbel’s wartime attacks on Churchill were far more fact and far less propaganda than our “history” teaches.  A nasty thought, “What if Goebbels” was simply telling the truth?”

If the truth seems like outrageous propaganda, what have we allowed to happen to us?  How can there be honest discussion on any subject, politics, religion or where to get decent Chinese food if all research is either “secondary source recycling” or, even worse, simply invented as we are now beginning to learn.

Irving questions the nature of the holocaust, the gas chambers, the “soap and lampshade” stories  and has made some major enemies in the process.  What is particularly dangerous is his detailed analysis of Adolf Hitler as a masterful military strategist and pragmatic political leader.  The immediate response is to stand up screaming, “What the hell is he talking about?”

I can think of dozens of instances that absolutely prove Hitler was an incompetent, insane, brutal and…

Come to think of it, if I go on the internet, I can prove anything.  I can even prove Hitler was Jewish.  The accepted realities, our history as written in books, the history that defined Hitler, Irving implies, was as much history as today’s network news is, well, “fair and balanced.”  What if every “fact” we use to refute Irving’s ideas came from Stalin?

We know so much of what happened.  I am reading the battle diaries from D-Day.  I know there were landings, I know men died, but we don’t know why, only what we were told.

Everything we believe is based on one known fact, that Germans are brutal and insane, a race of criminals, vicious monsters with an inbred need to destroy.  40% of Americans are of German ancestry, of course.

It doesn’t take much research to learn that, in the 19th century, Germany became, not only powerful but the most advanced society on earth, science, philosophy, the arts, public welfare and education, Germany entered the 20th century as the leader of the world.  German colonial policies, when compared to Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal, were typified by decency and humanitarian values.  German citizens had more human rights, by a mile, than their British counterparts.

A century later, Germany is a virtual mirror of mainstream “Midwest” America.  Though politically castrated, Germany is what Americans wish their country was, in many ways at least.  Germany has almost no military, almost no debt and relative freedom with one glaring exception.  German’s have taken “political correctness” to a point that no American could imagine.  Things heard on American television daily are crimes in Germany.

If we aren’t willing to take the leap of faith that history demands, that Germans are monsters, then we are faced with something else.  If Germans are who we know them to be, then we are a nation of liars and cowards, fools willing to follow any road, eat anything put on a plate in front of us.  America could, very possibly, be a country scammed into war in Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan or, just maybe, into two wars with Germany.

But again we leap to our feet, and scream.  Many Americans are willing to consider that World War I was a “Vietnam” experience, phony atrocities and manipulation by a vast international conspiracy.  That information has been “out there” for awhile and more and more are willing to consider it.

However, the “sacred cow” of all time has been World War II.  We aren’t talking Japan.  No question, they attacked the United States.  Germany, on the other hand, was that something else?  We got used to lying to ourselves about the Civil War.  Ask any American, we went to war to free the slaves.  Problem is, the North only freed the slaves years later, when they were losing the war and only slaves in the South.  The Civil War was over economics and bad government, “States Rights,” not slavery.

How different is the truth about World War II?  Should we have never gone to war with Germany and let them destroy Russia?  How many Americans know that Hitler was willing to end the war in 1940 and withdraw his troops?  How many Americans know that World War I could have ended in 1916 with an honorable peace but was pushed on by Balfour and Rothschild?  Oh, you never heard that?

World War II would never have happened, there would have never been communism, no Korea, no Vietnam, no Cold War, no potential for nuclear holocaust.  Whose game are we playing then?

Books By David Irving

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. WWII discussion should be ongoing here at VT. The disinformation is constant, especially in Hollywood. The latest WWII movies have been especially bad. It’s nice to get a reprieve from the lies and distortions.

  2. LS…

    The only comment I can make is that I went to a German Hotel Training school when I was 18 years old. ( Steigenberger Academy Bad Reichenhall Germany) I was the first after war generation (Nachkriegs Kinder) The German people at that time told me that I was a real German and that Hitler would be proud of me because of my blond hair, long posture and Germanic looks… At the same time they told me that our Royal Family were the biggest cowards of the world because they fled the country to get shelter in London during the time Dutch Marines died on the bridges of Rotterdam. (Prinz Bernhard SS Nazi / Operation Paperclip KLM and Prinz Claus SS Nazi and pedophile. So called Queen Maxima daughter of Fascist) In my childhood there was a strong anti German atmosphere in the Netherlands but all the small people were driving Volkswagen and the industrial traitors and Khazarian Mafia ( who were gassed in Treblinka ) Mercedes and big American cars… To make a long story short: I had a fantastic time in Germany and it opened my eyes and my worldview. But the Dutch hypocrites still cry and cry during 4 / 5 may (remembrance day) and the rest of the year they did and do multi million dollar business with the Germans during and after the war… I hope I made my point !

  3. An unwritten rule of the Holocaust Industry is to not debate the subject. Rather they revert to accusing, and sreaming “anti-semite” sort of like the pointed howl Donald Southerland made famous in the movie the The Body Snatchers. As a matter of fact the last scene in the move is a classic example of how the “few” operate, and could very well be the psychological social message of the flick.
    David Irving, like Zundel, Farrisoun, David Cole and others have suffered much without waivering. Are we running out of men like those I just mentioned? Guys willing to sacrifice personal freedom, and money to expose the lies that are crushing us. A good revision website to visit is codoh.com. I find it a fair, and fact driven source of information.

  4. Thank you Gordon Duff for this and many other articles – statements. Nevermind that sometimes I’m cussing and swearing at you in disagreement. What a great service to humanity – you and Veterans Today. Thank you.

  5. “History” such as it is, is replete with these stories, often long, long after the fact. The biggest observation after all of this is that historical events have been steered, skewed, in a certain direction for a very, very long time. Always in the same direction, always by the same group(s). If they did not have actual foreknowledge they had the next best thing. Anyone who got in their way was eliminated, sometimes very publicly as an example (see what we can do! No one can stop us! Resistance is futile!)

  6. The first cut into our believe system is the deepest and it hurts so much that we have worked and bleeded for their lies while being conned from every angel of live. Is it a wonder that some poeple don´t want to hear the truth that they were betrayed their whole life long especially if reached retirement ? And fear for the future of their beloved ones ?The view at the face of Medusa who runs this world not only makes one sick but could also really paralyse.

  7. Gordon is correct that in doing any research one must be very careful to check claims of authors. About 20 years ago when I began to study the failed war on cancer, I came across the name of Otto H. Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. in Germany (1883-1970). I had never heard of him. I found many books and articles which falsely claimed he had won two Nobel Prizes in Medicine. I thought this was great since it is difficult enough to win one solo Nobel Prize let alone two. I checked and checked numerous sources and found these references were wrong. Warburg only earned one solo Nobel Prize in 1931 for the cell respiration work. However he had been seriously NOMINATED for two others: 1926 for the cancer work on animals and again in 1944 for yet different work but prevented by Hitler’s decree. This was documented by an indisputable source by Hans Krebs, M.D. his Nobel Prize winning pupil in a book published about 1980 by Oxford University Press. Warburg was the best of the best and considered the greatest biochemist of the twentieth century. He was given his own lab at an early age and permitted to “walk in the woods” if he chose and no one would say a word! This is the old German system which produced so many great seminal contributions to mankind.

    • Warburg studied under the top chemist in Germany of the day, the top medical doctor in Germany of the day and his own Father was one of the top physicists of the day in Germany Emil Warburg who held the Chair of Physics at Berlin and produced many top physicists of the world. Warburg was determined to solve the cancer problem because his Mother had it. He first studied rats because the metabolic changes happen relatively quickly in a few cell divisions. He invented a new and special machine to measure oxygen pressure in tissues called the Warburg Manometer. Warburg invented the tissue slice technique where real live tissues are used with real blood supplies, not dead tissues in dishes. He did hundreds of experiments with virtually every organ. He found that when he reduced the oxygen by about 30% the cells either died or switched to running primarily on glucose in the absence of oxygen, the old ancient inefficient process which gave life to the lowest living forms before the appearance of oxygen on the planet called fermentation or anerobic glycolysis or the wrong energy supply. These are the animal results he was nominated for the 1926 first Nobel Prize in Cancer for, but unfortunately it was given to a Danish physician Fibiger whose work was later shown to be wrong. It took Warburg another 40 years of extensive and very difficult experiments to prove these results for human cancer by about the 1955-1965 period. Many top researchers like Van Potter at Wisconsin in the U.S. would claim they found a cancer which did not ferment, but Warburg would then prove him WRONG. Warburg was the better scientist. The cancer generals falsely claim cancer is a different disease for every one of the roughly 100+ organs of the human body but Warburg claims cancer is ONE disease for every organ of the body; namely, oxygen deficiency to living cells or respiratory impairment or the wrong energy supply. The wrong energy supply can cause gene mutations and it is these mutations which are falsely claimed by the Cancer Generals to cause cancer when in fact they are the RESULT not the cause as proved by experiments of the genius in Germany Otto H. Warburg M.D., Ph.D. They have it backwards! They also hated Warburg’s guts for remaining in Germany his entire life and are determined to deny him his rightful place as the discoverer of the prime cause of cancer in man; oxygen deficiency to living cells or respiratory impairment or the wrong energy supply. He also showed that chemicals and radiation are secondary causes of cancer which merge into the prime cause oxygen deficiency to living cells or respiratory impairment or the wrong energy supply. The cancer generals have lied about him and his work and are determined to bury it forever. All of them are guilty of scientific misconduct, fraud, medical quackery and crimes against humanity and should be sitting in a jail cell for life. If they knew what they were doing, after squandering upwards of $ 1 trillion on cancer research since 1971 they would not have the dismal statistics today that one person dies every minute mostly from cancer in the U.S. today. They have dismally FAILED. Warburg’s results were and are based on indisputable experiments and facts, not genetic speculations. He is and was right; they are wrong period end of sentence.

  8. The council on foreign relations are the illuminati. The occult. Satanic raping of kids, sacrificing babies. The devil gives them power.

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