The Glaring Double Standard of US Foreign Policy


One of the constant themes of the MSM narrative of recent weeks has been the demonisation of Russia Today and the insistence by the US government that it must register as a foreign agent. This is the latest twist in the never-ending ‘Russia did it’ myth that has been pushed down our throats ever since the US election was stolen.

Yes, the US election was stolen, Trump was installed as a result of voting fraud and yes, a foreign power was behind it; however, the foreign power was not Russia, it was Israel.

Blaming Russia fits in nicely with the new Cold War that has been running for several years now, targeting Russian-owned media like RT for ‘revenge’ for their alleged interference in US politics just furthers the Strategy of Tension and ramps up the enmity between the two nations. These are Zionist objectives that benefit the Israeli-Neocon-Kosher Nostra cabal and have no benefit at all for either the US or Russia.

As VT has been pointing out for a long time, the Israeli lobby in the US is immensely powerful, so powerful in fact that it has more control over the nation than any of the branches of the US government, including the Executive one. We can actually point to a specific moment in time when this Israeli influence over the US really took hold and that is 22nd November 1963.

On that fateful day in Dallas, the key opponent to the influence of the Israeli lobby over the US was taken out and while the reasons for the assassination of JFK are myriad, prime among them was his attempts to force the Israeli lobby to register as a Foreign Agent – the precise same thing that Russia Today is being forced into right now. The irony is palpable…

Few people are aware of the Kennedy’s efforts to force the American Zionist Council – the parent body behind AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli lobby to register as a Foreign Agent; the simple reason being that all information pertaining to that matter was classified until as recently as 2008.

This 2009 article by Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP) details the struggle between the Kennedys and the Israel lobby. It is the loss of that struggle that directly lead to the sorry state of affairs the US finds itself in today where the US government is little more than middle management in the grand scheme of things and the real control over the nation is in the hands of the Zionist Israeli-Neocon-Kosher Nostra cabal.

The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby

The lobby’s accolades for the late Ted Kennedy and his support of Israel mask the generally unknown conflicts fought by the senator’s older brothers. It is likely that lessons from the fiercest of all battles, fought behind the scenes by President John F. Kennedy alongside his brother and Attorney General Robert—guided the younger sibling’s political choices. Details of the JFK-RFK duo’s effort to register the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) parent organization, the American Zionist Council (AZC) as an Israeli foreign agent were shrouded in mystery until declassified in mid-2008.

Between 1962 and 1963 Senator J.W. Fulbright uncovered a massive network of financial “conduits” moving funds directed by the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem to Israel lobby startup groups across the United States. Even as JFK attempted to place Israel’s Dimona nuclear weapons program under US inspection, RFK ordered the AZC to openly register and disclose all of its foreign funded lobbying activity in the United States.

The DOJ and AZC fought their secret battle as Fulbright’s hearings disclosed the immense proportions of the Israel lobby effort. Nathan B. Lenvin, a DOJ attorney who had been after AIPAC’s founder Isaiah Kenen since 1951 to continue registering as a foreign agent after he left the employ of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took copious notes of the many meetings, AZC’s offers of limited registration and the DOJ’s counter offers.

But the law enforcement effort ended in tragedy. JFK’s assassination on November 12, 1963 in Dallas meant RFK’s political cover for the prosecution was gone and his days at the DOJ were numbered. He left to run for a New York senate seat. In 1965 the DOJ allowed the AZC to file a highly redacted and non-standardized FARA declaration in secret. The AZC then shut down and transferred lobbying activity to AIPAC, which refused to register.

RFK’s assassination in 1968 was followed a few months later by the quiet death of the 58 year old Nathan Lenvin during a DOJ recruiting trip in Chicago. Low level DOJ officials involved in the AZC registration battle such as Irene Bowman were gently eased out, while high officials willing to defer to the lobby, such as Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach and J. Walter Yeagley, moved on to stellar careers.

As details of the secret DOJ-Israel lobby showdowns continue to emerge, it is hard not to conclude that the younger Kennedy’s renowned accommodation, mastered as a child from within the shadows of his siblings, was as much a survival strategy as the hallmark of an effective politician.



  1. Sorry & sad to say this, but without double standards, the USA has no standards. No morals. No reservation or hesitation at genocide, culturecide, supremacy of numerous stripes and kleptomania.

  2. The double standard has always been there. Once you know the “secret” recipe of how they do it, it’s not a difficult recipe to their Babylonian magick. The problem is, they continue to write the script, and hid the 13 herbs and spy’ces . . . or the 33, or the 66. They love them Ka-blah-blah numbers. The double-standard, the double-speak, the double-citizenship . . . the double-knots. The playing field is based on two realities: Theirs and the rest of the worlds.
    Double, double toil and trouble.
    The murder of a dearly beloved President . . . they even loved him in Dallas! That’s when we were really united as a nation. JFK was tricked into going there. He never thought they would be so brazen . . . oh, but they are. The psyop bitch slap seen on LIVE TV. The off’ing of our President. A made for TV hit.
    Then they offed Robert F. Kennedy . . . and the main ingredient was the “Palestinian.” He was used to light the fire of their witches brew.
    “Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!
    ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”
    And to this very day, Texas continues to suck on the Tel Aviv’s teat, or on Bibi, Inc.’s appendage. What?!? It doesn’t? HEY ABBBBOT . . . governor says that being anti-Israhell is being anti-Texas.
    {Eyes wide open}
    Well, whadda ya know? Today is that SOB/POS’ gov. ‘o Texas birthday. I wonder if Bibi, Inc. is sending him a Nov. 13th birthday present? Maybe a nice big Lone Star of Texas, which magick’ally morphs into the Star of David?!? Abbot can hang it around his neck. I wonder if Abbot’s Stepford Wife will receive a matching bejeweled, bedazzled bauble? They share the same birthday. A double-birthday, both on Nov. 13.

  3. Who benifited when JFK died? Who had motive in spades? We will never see another JFK. It is now impossible. His assasination was truly a tipping point. The murder of his brother Bobby was the wax that sealed that deal.
    An argument can be made to register AIPAC as a foriegn agent. It’s very clear it is. But who will we argue with. Congress? Not likely, when votes favoring Israel’s interest pass with 1 or 2 dissenters or Nays. That is all the evidence we need. Restricting subversive PACs, and over turning Citizens United should be #1, and #1A on the peoples to do list. Can I get a token Yay?
    Off topic but not so much. Who do you think Harvey pissed off? Maybe a Lord’s daughter or 2.

    • That is sadly true . . . we will never see another JFK, which is why they off’d him. We will never see another Jesus/Isa either . . . but through the sacraments we can be part of the body, the mind of Christ. I’m not suggesting JFK was Jesus/Isa . . . far from that. But, boy howdy did that man want to clean the house! Pity all the Babylonian/Talmudists/Khazars/Bolsheviks/Zionists ever want to do is kill persons, places and things . . . and sweep it all under the rug.

  4. IF JFK had not been murdered by the juze, israel would not be in existence to this day. After the attack on the Uu.S.S. Liberty, Kennedy would have leveled tel Aviv and flattened that little turd bowl. Israel would then no longer exist.
    Too bad and too late for America. The zionists have complete control.

    • The Zionist have Complete Control they’ll only Dump the Further Useless USA when they choose which will certainly be reduced to an Impotent power unable to even dream of Revenge , with crappy equipment like the F-35 .
      YOUR Future is being screwed up Now .

  5. I also read that during the 1965 immigration Law change, the Jewish lobby was hard set at changing our laws – which let in 80% European immigrants first – since America’s cultural roots were from Europe. After they changed our immigration laws – which allowed 800,000 per yr. from mainly Europe- we admitted 20 million in a matter of a few + years and continued to add and add and add. This plan was to F.. the US base culture that was educated immigrants which had our same background. Population of the US the day I was born – 1950 -150 million – add say 1 million a year for the older responsible immigration laws and we would have about 220 million people , who could see the American dream come true. Now you have 330 million – The Jews F..d us – just like they F..d Germany and Russia and as many as they can .

    • Garry Compton
      Speaking of Immigration into USA , What about the Immigrants exIDF from Israel . but
      Question = Are these exIDF Sleeper cells for Samson Option OR Trustworthy to American Humanity ?

  6. Haldane and Amelius, good posts.

    JFK’s assassination on November 12, 1963 in Dallas”…typo.

    “As details of the secret DOJ-Israel lobby showdowns continue to emerge, it is hard not to conclude that the younger Kennedy’s renowned accommodation, mastered as a child from within the shadows of his siblings, was as much a survival strategy as the hallmark of an effective politician.”

    Translation: He didn’t want his brains blown out of his skull in a very public display.

  7. Thanks Ian. I didn’t think RT was a Russian government funded platform? When Flynn showed up at their event asking 60,000, I thought they told him that they could only afford 38,000 because they aren’t government funded? I could be wrong. Can they still be forced to register if they’re not funded by a foreign government?

    AIPAC has done nothing good for America. Everything they do is for apartheid Israel. Registering them as foreign agents would hardly be enough. They deserve to be tarred, feathered and deported.

    • Indeed. The sooner the better and take all those in congress who signed the loyalty oath to israel, charged with treason, given a quick three day trial and then hung.

    • “Can they still be forced to register if they’re not funded by a foreign government?”

      If the Israel Lobby wants RT registered, Congress will bend over to make RT register.

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