Ex-Trump aide Flynn plotted to kidnap Turkish dissident


…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: VT beat the Wall Street Journal on this story, and everybody else really, about Flynn being “in play”, where senior retired generals and top security people have become more aggressive at cashing in on their government service.

Part of what has contributed to this sad state of affairs are the many examples of those before them who have done this with no problems, and raking in the big money. It unfortunately has become a right of passage, where they begin thinking about what they know, or what insider skills they have that can be sold on the open market when they “retire”. Fortunately, not all are of this mindset.

In the old days, retiring top military people would be looking at doubling their retirement income with some part-time work on the side. Then, a half million was the brass ring, accumulated from a variety of sources, such as a half dozen corporate board memberships at $25k a year, and then $50k for them later on.

Then, add in $100k per year from speaking engagements and you are left with lots of time for golf and enjoying a well-earned retirement. A half million per year was lot of money, even in the late 1980’s.

The million-dollar level required more work, like “ongoing” consulting. And then it went into the multi-million range, where retired government people began to feel they should be living at the level of the big industrialists. This had a hugely corrupting influence on the high military command and even security ranks, as they all began thinking about what “services” would be in demand when they left – what kinds of information would be most valuable to have to sell.

And last, you have the evolution of the deferred bribe seduction, where you could earn money on the deferred compensation program, selling information, doing favors while still with the government, but not getting paid until you left. This included Congresscritters also.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words

That is the sad reality of where we are today, with Flynn being so reckless as to bring his son into it. He should have known better. He could have called us so we could say NEVER bring your family into it.

Trump has brought his kids and Kushner in, having some kind of a Neo Joe-Kennedy orgasmic dream. The shoehorning his daughter into a grooming process to run for office is obvious to all. The “seeding” is already in play that she could be president some day.

These are not people that serve, but ones that serve themselves. But that said, they have lots of company in Washington, DC. To all of you stupid political people out there – Your families are off limits as long as you don’t bring them in on the looting. Once you do, they are fair game, and they will beJim W. Dean ]

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Despite the US media piling on anyone that it wants to, Gulen has gotten a free pass…What’s up wid dat?

– First published … November 11, 2017

US President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn was reportedly offered $15 million to help forcibly remove US-based Turkish opposition figure Fethullah Gulen and deliver him to Turkey.

Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., discussed the alleged plot against Gulen with Turkish representatives in December before Flynn was appointed national security adviser, NBC News and The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The alleged plot to remove Gulen was first revealed by the Journal in March 2017, citing former CIA director James Woolsey.

Woolsey told the newspaper that he attended a meeting in a hotel room in New York City last December where Flynn discussed “a covert step in the dead of night to whisk this guy away.”

Friday’s report describes a second meeting the same month involving Flynn at a New York City restaurant. It was at this encounter that the $15 million payment was discussed.

The Turkish government accuses Gulen, who lives in the US state of Pennsylvania, of being behind last year’s failed coup in Turkey.

Flynn was forced to resign after misleading the White House about a meeting with the former Russian ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, before Trump took office in January.

The new report is the latest of a string of allegations facing Flynn, a retired general and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at the Pentagon. The matter is said to have emerged in a US Justice Department investigation into alleged Russian interference in last year’s US presidential election.

Robert Mueller, the Justice Department’s special counsel investigating Russian manipulation of the 2016 US election, has already indicted Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and another senior fundraiser on charges including money laundering.

Mueller is now reported to have gathered sufficient evidence to bring charges against Flynn and his son, which would bring his investigation another leap closer to Trump.

American intelligence agencies claim that Russia interfered last year in the US presidential election to try to help Trump, who was then the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


  1. On one hand families are “off limits” and yet mention is made of post retirement earnings foir earlier favours or information. What about inter generational payoffs? This is so obvious as to be under discussion and analysis.

  2. Great intro for this timely piece. Although I’m not surprised at all about this, not surprised at all.
    Leaves me wondering, if Flynn and son couldn’t succeed in kidnapping Gulen, then what were they to do?
    Makes one think of other scenarios like Gulen getting whacked instead. Being as sloppy and stupid as Flynn is, he would have been caught in no time.
    Meanwhile, Humpty Trumpty continues to fatten his family’s bank account and embarrasses the entire nation. One of the most corrupt and inept administrations ever.
    Can’t wait for the entire White House to self destruct.
    I am ashamed of those who voted for that sorry excuse for a human being.
    Really, people…..have you no idea, no shame or intelligence?
    Make America great again? LOL!
    Make America GAG again.

  3. Im no fan of Erdogan, but for $15 million, I’ll have Gulen delivered hog tied in a pink tutu clutching a rose between his teeth…who do I talk to about this?

    KIDDING! I like to have fun…

    Jim Deans forward was a noteworthy article all by itself…

    But really? 15 million just to help? Isnt that a little pricey?

    • Johnny . Sir Dean ….
      the People in Discussion are USA inc. ” Contractors ” Fishing ” a deal .
      Probably theyre screwing a Couple of million per year per contract so if youre getting plenty of Couple of million Dollars bites then the next interesting sum appears around 15 million ,, ha ha
      Besides this is Consistant of the recent USA Inc. image to the rest of the World , ” USA = the Exporter of Death , What Do YOU want ? Weapons OR Services? ” Bombs or Blackwater , WE got it ALL , USA Inc. is a window Death Solutions . Please bring anything of Value ….

    • Jim, would Flynn really do time or would certain wealthy backers simply buy his way out of jail time?
      We all know, those with connections and wealth serve no jail time no matter what they do.
      I am glad to witness this as it reminds me so much of Water Gate and the results. I remember a bumper sticker: FREE THE WATER GATE 500!
      Next up: Jared Kushner.

  4. Brilliant foreword! A summation is “To the victor, goes the spoils” You wrote: ” It unfortunately has become a right of passage, where they begin thinking about what they know, or what insider skills they have that can be sold on the open market when they “retire”. Fortunately, not all are of this mindset.”
    Open source all of it . . . LMGAO. The only reason they prostitute themselves with their vast secrets, is because they think it’s worth something. Gosh, the scam, the hustle, the “I’ve Got a Secret” is hilarious. I’m going to open an online store . . . I’ll call it “Secrets ‘R U.S.” — I’ll do an UBER-esque business model. Anyone can upload their “secrets” to the source, and for a small membership fee, you can ACCESS it. “Take a Ride” Share.
    The reason why “secrets” are dirty and little is because the ones in the “know” can make a mint, if they play their cards right. The Cardsharps . . .
    It would seem that many of the top brass in the U.S. military should buy a little Brasso . . . and polish themselves off*
    Very tarnished individuals.

    Definition of polish off
    transitive verb
    :to finish off or dispose of rapidly or completely

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