TCK Briefing: Latest False Prophet/Antichrist Message, “Art of Cooperation”

Antipope Francis makes the latest edition of the New Age’s magazine…


TCK Briefing: Latest False Prophet/Antichrist Message, “Art of Cooperation”
By: Eric Gajewski

As I have been mentioning Francis is a true Antipope but he is not the biblical False Prophet as so many Catholics and even Fundamentalists are suggesting. There is another step in this revolutionary process to undermine the Catholic Church and the Papacy. The true False Prophet “Master Jesus” will be one of the ascended Masters of Antichrist Maitreya. These “Masters” will be formally introduced to the world after the USA economic collapse on international TV (DAY OF DECLARATION).

The False Prophet will not want to be called Pope but will assume control over the “Christian” churches after the dominoes begin to fall in Europe. In this briefing I cover the latest as to what the enemy is suggesting and as a Christian you need to know that they are saying. I provide the link to the magazine so you can see with your own eyes.

Art of Cooperation? Cooperation is just another way of saying we need socialism. Let us not fool ourselves. The New World Order will be socialist at first and then progress into all out communism during the Great Tribulation in my humble opinion. They want a legitimate redistribution of wealth and resources across the board.

This will become more apparent after the economic collapse occurs here in the USA (in conjunction with famine, water supply issues). Think it is tough times now? We ain’t seen nothing yet so you better get off grid while you can now. They want to control the food and water supply as best they can so they can dictate who gets to eat or drink in this great “utopia” to come. Kind of like that Mad Max movie I suppose.

In this latest message from the False Prophet he talks about a new science coming. Just wait till the New World Order governments of the world (USA included) say the “aliens” are here! The “new science” is close to being formally introduced by these fallen angles amongst us. The Book of Enoch ring a bell?
They will further “reinterpret” Scripture and say those nasty fundamentalists have got it all wrong. We see how perverted the hijacked Vatican is with regards to their “interpretations” of Scripture already. It is not going to get any better.

Discovery of our divinity. Pope St. Pius X warned that man (in the endtimes under Antichrist) would eventually think themselves to be “god” and goodness are we getting close to that time when the majority sadly do.
No more Christ? Then what?
A new self- realization program will be installed at Rome under the False Prophet wherein all can worship the Beast and His image and speak about how divine man is! The Elder Brothers are once again spoken of in this latest message and this is simply the “demons of the air” who will aide the Antichrist is his seduction of the world.

The Save our Planet propaganda is reinforced.
It is apart of the Agenda 21 program. They will capitalize on the passing of the Planet X system and use it to their further advantage of “redistributing” wealth and resources.

Truly manipulative and deceitful.

They also speak of the “Karma” behind all of the recent natural disasters we have been seeing. No, it is not Karma (new age verbiage) but rather a jealous/just God trying to get the attention of the peoples of the world.



  1. Tremendous prose from our gayjew

    “Trying to discuss logic and reason with a fundie is like having a discussion about integrel calculus with the ships cat.”

    Much truth from heaven above


  2. He’s been zapped. Say “communist” and he barks. Fundies are so mallable. Trying to discuss logic and reason with a fundie is like having a discussion about integrel calculus with the ships cat.

  3. This echoes of desparation and realization. Kind of like when the con artist is about to be busted but he has a few minutes to grab a few more bucks from the deceived. An illegal busker, seeing the uniform out of the corner of his eye, a few minutes away, but heading his way. Pretty intuitive.

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