NSA Gutted, Turned, Shadowbrokers Destroys US Intel Capability

Editor’s note The press is blaming Russia but the truth is that the NSA thought it was cute to hire hackers, just like on TV.  Problem is, such people aren’t always so friggin’ nice, like on TV.  The NSA has never been part of the real world, a nerd fantasy playground that has long abused its authority.
Now it is proven that the NSA’s spyware is in private hands, being used as ransomware and malware across the internet.
Simultaneously, America’s friends, who have long been spied on by the NSA, are cleaning the spyware out of their systems and have learned a lesson.  Do not trust the United States.  And so it goes…. Gordon
 –…from Sputnik News, Moscow

– First published …  November 14, 2017

The NSA was dealt a severe blow by a massive infiltration that resulted in the theft of cyber-weapons by unidentified hackers, calling into question its value to US national security. And as Matthew Hickey, director of the Hacker House, told Radio Sputnik, this development puts the country’s intelligence capacity in “quite a negative light.”

Radio Sputnik: What perspective did the revelations put the NSA and the entire US intelligence community, Matthew?

Matthew Hickey: To be fair, the current disclosure from the Shadow Brokers and from the article in the New York Times, it puts the intelligence capacity of the United States in quite a negative light, it terms of them developing cyber munitions and implant technology to break into computer systems around the world with what appears to be little regard for collateral damage and the security of the systems they’ve been breaching. It doesn’t paint them in a particularly good light, unfortunately.

Radio Sputnik: And now officials say that the revelations call into question the NSA’s value to national security. Do you believe they could lead to the closure of the agency or just a total transformation and getting the whole thing reformed altogether?

Matthew Hickey: Reforming the intelligence agencies or making changes in the way they operate, I think a lot has come from previous leaks from Snowden and now the Shadow Brokers. A lot of people are calling into question the role of the intelligence agencies when handling information and data around cyber.

I do believe that these leaks, and other leaks before it, certainly lead to an argument about the requirement for us to have intelligence agencies that can access information and computers all around the world, and reviewing the procedures and policies that we have in place with those agencies to ensure that information is not being misused or stolen. It certainly does call for reform, it gives a strong weight to the need for perhaps reforming the agencies or disbanding them and starting new ones.READ MORE: US National Security Agency Reportedly in Jeopardy After Its Cyberweapons Stolen

Radio Sputnik: Many experts believe that the recent wave of ransomware attacks was staged with the use of the leaked NSA codes. Do you think that more is still to come, do you think there’s still somewhere out there in the global audience that infects systems, programs and proxies, and how can this be addressed?

Matthew Hickey: Actually, we’re seeing ransomware and worm-like programs already taking advantage of the NSA cache, and there are certainly other weaknesses in that cache that can be used in a similar way. You know, computer criminals are going to be exploiting this information at least for the foreseeable future while people begin to patch their systems.

And also, they (hackers) have effectively released blueprints on how to build your own cyber-capabilities for espionage purposes, so people will make new versions of these attacks, they will look for new variants… We’ve seen the worst of the initial outbreak, but there’s certainly the potential for more to happen. And as we still don’t yet know all of the information that has been stolen by the Shadow Brokers, there may be further attacks to follow that could be just as damaging.

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  1. The freedom loving artistic persons will always be smarter and more creative than obedient law enforcers.
    So the double edge sword of the ability to peek into our bedrooms is also an ability to peek back.
    Real security is never in an organization or department. It is just out there and intangible. Rigidity is easy to predict, while flowing creativity is not.

  2. What goes around, comes around.
    The NSA is like a second government with its own SWAT teams ready to take out dissidents and libertarians alike. Now the NSA has proven to be the failure it is: over bloated, costly for the amount of intelligence it collects, if it collects any and it’s doubtful there is any intelligence inside the NSA besides. Like the TSA, it only harasses Americans and treats them like subjects of some little tin pot dictator like Humpty Trumpty and like the TSA, it has accomplished absolutely nothing. The onlt thing it does is provide paychecks to computer geeks who would other wise be hard pressed to make it in the real world.
    So now the American people are under the very real threat of being victims of massive cyber crime thanks to the intellectual midgets at the NSA. Security? For whom? Certainly not for the American people.
    The time has come for congress to get its act together and slash funding for the NSA along with shutting off funding entirely for the TSA and DHS.
    Otherwise more Americans will suffer at the hands of these incompetent idiots.

  3. Maybe NSA should turn its “intelligence” on the phony fake shows created with the on-going fear porn campaigns. Starting with the murder of JFK to present, the bitch-slaps are getting tedious, and someone needs to take a frying pan upside these abusers’ heads.
    Does anyone remember the faked snooze story about the kid that was flying in a balloon? The mass hysteria media was all over that . . . until they realized, the little boy was hiding in the attic, and daddy dearest and his wife conspired that fraudulent story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balloon_boy_hoax
    The NSA is another one of them double-speak agencies created to convince that spying on private citizens is constitutional, and o’tay. And yet, they won’t expose the real perps, who create these “fake trial balloon” snooze stories. They float all the fear porn Hindinbergs the masses can handle. Oh, the humanity! NSA needs to pull up their big boy pants, stop the illegal gang stalking of private citizens, and concentrate on the real perps. Here’s a question for the masses . . . does anyone wonder why the pastor in the unincorporated area outside of San Antonio wasn’t tending to his flock that fateful day? Why was he AWOL from his church on the day of the “alleged” most terrible mass shooting?!? Apparently, Pastor Pomeroy never missed a beat. But on that fateful day, his flock was un-pastured? The shooter wore a mask, and yet they could I.D. him? Yeah, pastors are all on the up and up . . . {rolling my eyes AND shaking my head}. Ask Jim Jones . . . he wasn’t street rat crazy in the least, or David Koresh.
    With the erosion of U.S. and state Constitutional Civil Rights . . . done in a shadow broker manner . . . what’s the point? The legal system is corrupt. Who created the “Motion for Summary Judgment” and let that seep in to the legal system and become the death nail in cases? There went the 7th Amendment. The 4th Amendment gone . . . thank you back scatter body scanners that shoot enough radiation in you that they can see your entire skeletal system. I’m sure the experts say it’s safe, because they’re going around checking the rads?!? They bust a farmer for selling raw milk, but let the radiation scanners fester. Geez, ask the “Ring Worm Children” what happened to them in Israhell when Sephardic children were tested in the late ’50’s. They were using them for todaze technology. What? They weren’t? Gunning for the 2nd . . . and NOW . . . Our precious 1st Amendment is on the chopping block . . . campus protests where saying anything about “boycotting Israhell” is verboten. Ironically, college/university campuses receive a $hit ton of federal monies, and isn’t the 1st Amendment a federal mandate? But, the foreign government of Israhell is more important than my Constitution, my pledge, my flag — that I pledged allegiance to?!? Ironically, it was the Jews who “boycotted” Germany and German products decades ago. Apparently what’s good for the goose, step, isn’t good for the gander?!? Dancing Israhelli’s . . . ain’t nothing. Bring on the dancing Stasi. Thank you NSA . . . National Stasi Association? Oops. Did I say that?!? I’m sure the weird calls and other forms of oddities will rise in my private life. Good grief. I’m waiting to see the ripple affects from this comment. Add this comment to the “We have files on you” . . . as if I give a shlt?!?
    “Cain don’t know the answer . . . he keeps a sword by his side.” (Al Jarreau, “Have You Seen The Child?”
    Schild und Schwert der Partei <——-Stasi motto. Look at their coat of arms. OY VEY!

  4. Alan, It’s not just the pilots. USNI is reporting a severe retention problem with it’s officer (I interjected a note about them not even recognizing that NCO’s exiist!). The final letter written by Bergdahl to his mother before his capture is very revealing. All they can get now is the incompetent, and the desperate, but that has been the case for many years now.

  5. What a load. NSA blaming their problems on Hackers, Snowden, Putin etc. They are as wimpy as Hillary. The real problem confronting the NSA is their own people who can no longer stand the massive crimes against humanity and individuals. Enough! It’s similar to all the military pilots who are getting out of the services as fast as they can because they have awakened to the fact that their real mission is to murder as many civilians as possible in select areas.

    • The last sentence is correct, but you need to add . . .
      “. . . their real mission is to murder as many civilians as possible in select areas, for the Babylonian/Talmudist/Khazar/Bolshevik/Zionist hell-on-earth death cults.”

  6. The NSA will continue. It may limp for awhile, or change it’s name to some other sham front. They are not giving up their budget, rather just the opposite. The taxpayer will cover them Wall St bail out style.

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