Blockbuster/Exclusive: Deadly US Bio-warfare Exposed


Introduction by Gordon Duff

Jeffrey Silverman is VT’s bureau chief in Georgia, covering the Caucuses and Caspian.  His background is in the US Army’s biological and chemical warfare program but today he is a journalist and educator.

Here are the charges:

  • The US moved into the Republic of Georgia to take over former Soviet bio-weapons facilities, seizing their store of pathogens
  • That the US Navy along with Georgia’s security services operate an illegal facility that tests advanced strains of diseases like swine flu, measles, rabbit fever and plague, killing many and covering it up using private security hit teams
  • Chemical weapons manufactured there are used in Syria and blamed on the Damascus government
  • There is a plan to depopulate the Middle East, using a group of “Armageddon” pathogens, afoot at the Tbilisi lab

VT and Silverman have the plans to the facility and have broad access to personnel there, whistleblowers who have confirmed the real nature of this facility.




  1. I enjoyed listening to Jeffery very much and it’s great to hear him speak the truth about Georgia and about Saakashvili { the next Ukie president-LOL}. I kinda got into an argument with a Georgian man just North of Sochi concerning how the US will screw up Georgia. He was a real pro US kinda a guy and got quite P Off at me. The Russians around us were quite amused, after my wife explained what our argument was about. Spacibo Gordon and Jeffery !

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