Poll: Biden Would Beat Trump by 11% in Real Election, If Such Were Possible


Sputnik/Moscow: Former VP Joe Biden led with an 11-point margin against President Donald Trump in a poll asking to choose between the two in a hypothetical presidential race today. The poll has further added to the recent speculation over Biden’s possible candidacy in the next election.

If the 2020 US presidential election was held today and former Democratic senator and two-term vice president Joe Biden participated, he would beat current President Donald Trump, a new Morning Consult/Politico survey has shown.

As many as 46 percent of voters said that they would vote for Biden in 2020, against 35 percent of those who said they would vote for Trump.

Independent voters also favored Biden, with 41 percent saying they would vote for the former VP and 26 percent saying they would vote for Trump.

The poll, at the same time, showed that a generic Democratic candidate would perform even better, with 48 percent of voters saying they wanted a Democratic president for the next term and 34 percent saying that would still vote for Trump.

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The results came after Biden, who actually has not made his mind up about whether to run for the presidency in 2020, said that he is “not closing the door.” His remark, however, has contributed to more speculation about his possible participation in the next election.

In 2015, Biden announced he would not run to succeed Barack Obama in 2016. Last week, he said that he “regrets” that he is not president, but added that it was “the right decision” for his family.

Here are five things you may not know about Joe Biden.

  • Biden was elected as a senator in 1972 when he was just 29 years old, becoming the sixth-youngest senator in US history. Despite the fact that a person needs to be at least 30 to become a senator, no laws were broken. By the time he was inducted he already was 30.
  • While Biden attended Syracuse University College of Law in the late 1960s, he and his wife Neilia bought a puppy which they named “Senator.”
  • Biden has experienced several personal tragedies. Several years after he was elected to the Senate, his wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident. His two sons were critically injured but fully recovered. In 2015, his eldest son Beau died from brain cancer.
  • Biden was actually no stranger to presidential campaigns long before 2008. He ran for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination, but withdrew from the race after it was found out that he plagiarized a British politician’s words.
  • Known today as an interesting orator, Biden used to stutter when he was a child. He practiced reading poems out loud in front of a mirror and worked hard to deal with his problem. He then got to a law school where a friend helped him fix it.

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  1. One of the perks which come with the office of President is giving out Medals of Freedom like candy. While many undeserving people have been awarded, especially from Hollywood, can anyone provide any justification for awarding one to Biden? Here are a handful of names of courageous Americans who placed the welfare of others above self:
    The late Roger Bosjoli, B.S.M.E., mechanical engineer who sought to prevent the deaths of the Challenger crew in 1986.
    The late John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., who fought the government lies about safe doses of harmful radiation and exaggerated claims of safety of nuclear power.
    Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. who has fought to expose government lies and corruption in the Cancer Industry.
    Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., who has exposed massive corruption in the Cancer Industry.
    The late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. who proved the efficacy of high dose Vitamin C to cure all childhood viral diseases up to and including polio before 1949 in the face of obstruction by criminal government officials.
    The late Dean Burk, Ph.D. who proved many aspects of the cancer experiments for humans of the genius in Germany Otto H. Warburg, M.D., Ph.D.
    Many more names could be provided.

  2. Biden will have to run for office from his jail cell. There will be millions who will still vote for him. The MSM can portray him as free and noble man living in his humble housing i.e luxury prison for VIPs

  3. Creepy Joe runs interference like a pro. Publicly support Kathleen Kane and her crusade against Pa pedo’s then disappear when they take her out. Publicly support victims of campus rape, then cover for the perps.
    The one thing we know about pedo’s. They are in the very plain sight and gaining trust is their motus operandi. Like pyro’s to arson, they love to be close to their victims, and when found out, it shocks everyone, and they all say, oh my god, we didn’t know. Maybe the stutter was a symptom of past abuse and maybe the creepiness on camera constantly is not so far from truth. Don’t be fooled, because a bill that is sponsored to run interference, is made to fail, so the real ones can’t be brought. Dodd knows a thing or two about that.

    • Oh, and getting back to the Anita Hill affair and the nomination of Thomas (who was not allowed to speak out loud until Scalia “left”) he left himself wiggle by voting no, but overseeing the hearings, that’s how good interference works. He is the “good cop” and the Catholic connection is undeniable. When watching Joe, watch for what apologies and “golly I tried you guys”, is used for. Is shadow.

    • I remember that interview, I believe it was in israel on one of his jollies, VT should have put a link to it just like Bannons Christian zionist comments.

  4. It is sad how we never consider the entire picture. Here we are throwing Biden’s name out as a potential candidate, yet we ignore his lack of moral judgement. Not only his proclivity towards underage girls, but his son’s high position in Ukraine’s energy corportate sphere. Trump is bad enough. If we truly want to do this selection of candidates properly we should have every one of them submit to a polygraph using all available testing methods. If one desires to sling pills at CVS that person will have to submit to a lie detector exam. Here we are placing the lives of today and tomorrow into the hands of someone we don’t really know.

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